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May 2006 : The 2006  IFLAer Conference Session Papers 

the conference papers also available as hard copy booklet: ISBN 0 909947 12 0
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Key Forum Speakers - Papers (pdfs)

Space, Time - and Culture.
Landscape architecture as an agent of accultureation in the postmodern world

Catherin Bull

Moral rights in landscape projects

Graham Fletcher (refereed Paper)

The Smell of Memory: Sensorial Mnemonics

Jacky Bowring (refereed Paper)



Modernity + Transformation:
framing the park in contemporary chinese cities

Mary Padua

Eternally teething? Environmental protection
and the landscape architect in Australia

Andrew Saniga (refereed Paper)

East Darling Harbour
present + past + future

Jane Irwin (extended abstract only)



Session Speakers - Papers (pdfs)

Time, Dereliction and Beauty:
An Argument for 'Landscapes of Contempt'

Helen Armstrong

Urban Design Framework Plan
a good idea, bad outcome?

Alan Chapman

Anzac Cove
A landscape frozen in time or forever changing?

Mark Fuller

Time as a Catalyst

David Metcalf

The Bush Capital
A Complex Urbanising Landscape

Andrew MacKenzie and Guy Barnett
(refereed Paper)

Wilderness and garden:
Vegetation change in a cemetery landscape

Katrina Simon
(refereed Paper)

Landscape, Time, Media,
Conventions, Blue Mountains.

Nicole Porter
(refereed Paper)


The Changing Design Canvas of our Cities

Ian Dryden and Damon La'Rance

Los Angeles Waterfront Regeneration

Jacinta McCann


Networks Not Lines:
Toward a long term cultural realm
in the landscape architectural project.

John Mongard

Peripatetic Measure:
a methodology for founding temporal sites

Ian Weir

Auckland WaterPark

Matthew Bradbury
(refereed Paper)

Memory Slips: Speculations in
Australian Anti-Memorial Designs

SueAnne Ware
(refereed Paper)


International Speakers - Biographies (pdfs)


Kongjian Yu

Doctor of Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Dean and Professor, the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University. & President, Turenscape


Astrid S Haryati

Assistant Landscape Architect to the Mayor of Chicago


Sean Chiao

an urban designer and architect, EDAW Asia.


Kathryn Gustafson

International Practice, Europe - USA


Martha Fajardo

IFLA President
Private Practice Colombia