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Careers in Landscape Architecture (PDF)

Landscape Architecture in Australia (PDF)

youtube resources

Australian landscape architecture (The Passionate Profession)

Graphic presentation about the breadth of Landscape Architecture
About Landscape Architecture
Showcasing Melbourne Landscape Architects

I want to be a Landscape Architect (UK site)

A job description by an American landscape architect
Landscape Architecture in South Carolina, USA

The profession

What is landscape architecture?
Defining landscape architecture
Landscape Architecture in Australia
Australian Landscape Principles
Green Infrastructure
 The Australian Landscape Charter
Current salaries - based on surveys of members
Some profiles of Australian Landscape Architects
Australian Significant Landscapes
Australian sites - a project database
Other sources
The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA): Career page
UK landscape institute: be a landscape architect
Current jobs in australia
The employment situation in Australlia

University programs in Australia

please note that an accredited university degree is one of the required criteria for AILA recognition


AILA: Climate change and environment
Sustainable Materials
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