JMD Design: Bungarribee Masterplan, NSW


In March 2013, JMD design formed a collaborative team and commenced working with the Western Sydney Parkland Trust (WSPT) on the development of a Masterplan for the Bungarribee Precinct and a Concept Plan for the initial stages of the Project. The Precinct is the first ‘super park’ to be delivered by the WSPT and is 240Ha, larger than Centennial Park (189Ha).

Bungarribee has a unique landscape setting, made up of a number of different physical, environmental and cultural layers. JMD design undertook rigorous site analysis to understand the underlying compositional elements that make up the site and identify existing key constraints and possible opportunities. The aim was to create a coherent and legible parkland promoting a variety of uses that caters to a wide range of anticipated visitors from the local and wider communities.

The guiding document Western Sydney Parklands Plan of Management 2020 informed the preparation of the Masterplan and proposed the following:

  • provision of new vehicular and pedestrian access;
  • provision of key recreational facilities;
  • creation of a tourism hub along the Great Western Highway; and
  • provision of wetlands and the expansion of existing environmental zones.

The project received an AILA NSW Planning Award in 2014.


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