National Committes and Working Groups

Nine national committees have been established to develop and advise on strategies, policies and activities of the Institute. All committees report to the AILA Board. The committees include:


National Honours Committee 

Recognition and awarding of members.

The role of the National Honours Committee is to make recommendations to the National Council on matters regarding recognition and awarding of members, both internationally and externally.

  • Adrian Pilton (NSW)
  • Jane Easthope (ACT)
  • Adrian Gray (VIC)
  • Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard  
  • Amy Grey (QLD)
  • Anna Chauvel (WA)
  • Tilly Caddy (WA)
  • Shahana McKenzie (AILA CEO)

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National Membership Committee

The National Membership Committee’s role is to review current policy regarding AILA membership, and to develop strategies to improve membership growth and benefits. The committee’s work includes reviewing membership fees and categories, as well as providing advice and recommendations on the future direction of AILA membership and registration.

  • Ashley Sheldrick (VIC)
  • Angus Bruce
  • Gay Williamson (ACT)
  • Darren Atkinson (VIC)
  • Nick Pearson (SA)
  • Rose Halsmith (WA)

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National CPD Committee

The National Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee ensures landscape architects are provided with appropriate CPD to enable them to maintain competencies required for ongoing registration and for the practice of landscape architecture through all stages of their professional career. AILA is charged with developing a National CPD Strategy and Policy for the content, delivery and reporting of CPD to AILA members.

  • Sally Bolton (SA)
  • Shahreen Alford (NSW)
  • Greg Stephens (VIC)
  • David Hatherly (QLD)
  • Melanie Bradley (WA)
  • Shaun Walsh
  • Shahana McKenzie (ACT)
  • Nick Ison (NSW)



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Finance, Risk Management & Audit Committee

The Finance, Risk Management and Audit Committee increases the Institute’s financial management transparency and accountability. Objectives include establishing a new system and process for budget management and implementation, reviewing the draft annual financial report and annual budget, and considering the appropriateness of the accounting principles and policies adopted. The committee is also developing a financial investment strategy, reviewing significant financial and reporting issues and sharing audit results.

  • Penny Spiers, Chair
  • Catherine Horner (AILA Finance Manager)
  • Linda Corkery
  • Shahana McKenzie


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National Practice Committee

The National Practice Committee’s role is to review AILA’s current policy and practice support and to develop strategies to improve the support, services and benefits that AILA provides to those in private practice.

  • Angus Bruce (NSW)
  • Darren Atkinson (VIC)
  • James Hayter (SA)
  • Stephen Pate (QLD)
  • Daniel Bennett (SA)
  • Matthew McFall (VIC)
  • Shahana McKenzie (ACT)

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National Advocacy Committee

The National Advocacy Committee strives to clarify and articulate AILA’s advocacy voice to assist it to achieve its vision and mission. This committee advises National Council on matters of policy and its implementation to advance AILA members as leaders in sustaining people and place through design, planning, policy and management.

  • Andrew Mackenzie (ACT)
  • Catherine Keirnan (ACT)
  • Wes Mortenson (QLD)
  • Craig Lovering (SA)
  • Linda Corkery
  • Bruce Echberg (VIC)
  • James Grant (NSW)
  • Malcolm Snow (ACT)
  • Shahana McKenzie (ACT)
  • Barbara Schaffer

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National Education Committee

The purpose of the National Education Committee is to advise National Council on matters of policy and its implementation with regard to matters of Landscape Architecture Education, Accreditation and Research.

  • Graham Fletcher (UC)
  • Gillian Lawson (QUT)
  • David Jones (Deakin)
  • Simon Kilbane (UTS)
  • Bridget Keane (RMIT)
  • Gini Lee (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Peter Haack (VIC)
  • Shannon Satherley (Chair)
  • Ella Gauci-Seddon (VIC)
  • Joe Harvey (NSW)
  • Tanya Court (Uni of Adelaide)
  • Catherine Evans (UNSW)
  • Julie Marler (NSW)
  • Shaun Walsh
  • Christopher Vernon (UWA)

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