National Policy Statements

AILA has a strong advocacy voice to assist it to achieve its vision and mission.

AILA’s position statements articulate and clarify AILA’s position on a number of relevant and topical issues and have been developed to help communicate these to the public, the media and our members alike.


Published 2019

Connection to Country Position Statement

Connection to Country Position Statement Case Studies


Published 2018

Future Street Position Statement


Published 2017

Adaptation to the Changing Climate: Building Resilience


Published 2016

Healthy Communities - Healthy Living Landscape solutions_v1_published 11/16

Active Travel_v1_published 11/16

Landscape Architects and Bushfires_v1_published 11/16 (graphic version being finalised)

The Critical Role of Landscape Architects in Local Government_v1_published 11/16 (graphic version being finalised)

Green Walls and Roofs _v1_published 04/16

Cooling Cities _v1_published 04/16

Designing for an Ageing Population _v1_published 04/16

Public Transport _v1_published 04/16

Light Rail Transit _v1_published 04/16

IFLA Asia Pacific Region’s Landscape Charter



Green Infrastructure- 2012



School Landscapes- Sept 2010

Public Art and Landscape- Nov 2010

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