National Policy Statements

AILA has a strong advocacy voice to assist it to achieve its vision and mission.

AILA’s position statements articulate and clarify AILA’s position on a number of relevant and topical issues and have been developed to help communicate these to the public, the media and our members alike.


Published 2017

Adaptation to the Changing Climate: Building Resilience


Published 2016

Healthy Communities - Healthy Living Landscape solutions_v1_published 11/16

Active Travel_v1_published 11/16

Landscape Architects and Bushfires_v1_published 11/16 (graphic version being finalised)

The Critical Role of Landscape Architects in Local Government_v1_published 11/16 (graphic version being finalised)

Green Walls and Roofs _v1_published 04/16

Cooling Cities _v1_published 04/16

Designing for an Ageing Population _v1_published 04/16

Public Transport _v1_published 04/16

Light Rail Transit _v1_published 04/16

IFLA Asia Pacific Region’s Landscape Charter



Green Infrastructure- 2012



School Landscapes- Sept 2010

Public Art and Landscape- Nov 2010

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