Submissions to Government

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) champions quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities and greater environmental stewardship.

Our work aims to assist federal government agencies by promoting policy solutions to create better design, planning and management outcomes for the natural and built environment.


This work includes responses and submissions to discussion papers, draft legislation and parliamentary inquiries.

Submissions include:



AILA hosted the November 2018 Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities and called for the federal government to develop a National Green Infrastructure Strategy.



AILA's Submission for the Inquiry into the Australian Government's Role in the Development of Cities

AILA's Review of Climate Change Policies

AILA's response to the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program Draft Guidelines



AILA's Smart Cities Plan

Federal Election Campaign - AILA's Election Responder

Living Cities Workshop Report



AILA Infrastructure Australia Submission

Senate Inquiry into Stormwater management

Working Towards a National Clean Air Agreement Discussion Paper




Productivity Commission Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation

Murray Darling Basin Plan



Draft National Urban Policy

National Sustainable Population Strategy



National Building Energy Standard-Setting, Assessment and Rating Framework


State- or territory-based submissions are undertaken by each of the chapters. See:


ACT Advocacy

NSW Advocacy 

NT Advocacy

QLD Advocacy

SA Advocacy 

TAS Advocacy 

VIC Advocacy 

WA Advocacy

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