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ACT Presidents Message - 25 June 2017

The winter solstice is past but the long cold nights are still with us, so warm yourselves with your colleagues at the annual chapter meeting on Wednesday 12th July from 5:30 til 6:30 pm at the National Office. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 3 April 2017

Our success in raising the profile of our profession in the ACT, is evidenced by the many approaches from Members of the Legislative Assembly seeking our views and contributions. Currently AILA is represented by Deb Mathews on the Active Travel Forum and Gweneth Leigh on the upcoming Preventative Health Forum, in Minister Meegan Fitzharris’ portfolios. Read more.

ACT Presidents Message - 21 March 2017

The response by Capital Metro to Andrew MacKenzie’s Canberra Times letter, provided the whole community with much more information on the proposed landscape of Northbourne Avenue. This soft advocacy has been effective and there may be other issues we need to approach this way. One such topic is play. Read more.

ACT Presidents Message - 6 March 2017

It is time for the Annual President’s Lunch again and we are hoping to lock in a key international speaker to talk about the value of data in designing cities. Please keep Monday 20 March free in your calendars and we will be in touch shortly to confirm the time and date. More details to come soon. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 19 December 2016

The last newsletter for 2016 - our fiftieth birthday year almost over! Thanks to Andrew McKenzie (Chapter Secretary) for hosting our end of year celebration at twilight bowling in Turner last Friday and congratulations to Rhys Probert recipient of the ACT Chapter UC Student Prize. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 10 October 2016

The Festival is only 3 weeks away and the main conference hall has sold out! there are still some tickets left for the James O’Fairfax Theatre where the conference is being live-streamed. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 27 September 2016 

Congratulations to our new five member National Board, and many thanks to our outgoing members Malcolm Snow and Suzanne Moulis. You can thank Malcolm in person at this Friday’s ACT spring event. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 15 September 2016 

Our 50thyear is a time for reflection, none more so than last week with the commemorative celebration of the life of Alastair Swayn the renowned Canberra architect, plus the news of Glen Wilson’s death. Both a loss to our community of elders. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 29 August 2016

The 50th birthday celebration last Thursday 25th August at the Ralph Wilson Theatre in Gorman House, was another successful event curated by Grace Bodman. The party (complete with balloons) was replicated simultaneously around Australia. The entertaining short film, commissioned for the 50th anniversary captured some delightful moments and wise words from present day luminaries. Read more.

 ACT Presidents Message - 15 August 2016

I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Annual Chapter Meeting preceding our 50thanniversary party. If you have not yet done so, please go to the web for details and register here. Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 1 August 2016

Only a few weeks until AILA’s 50th birthday party celebrations, around the country we will be celebrating in the same way on the same day. See you at Gorman House Theatrette at 6pm on Thursday 25th August 2016! Read more

ACT Presidents Message - 18 July 2016 

What a great night the ACT awards were on 8 July! The entries displayed on easels, a venue with views of city lights, delicious food, and lots of people. Read more

ACT President's Message - 8 June 2016

Dust off the tuxedo and get your VIP guests lined up to attend the 2016 ACT Awards cocktail party. It is being held in one of Canberra’s hottest new venues, the Burbury Hotel in Barton, on 8 July 2016 at 6:30pm. Read more

ACT President's Message - 23 May 2016

I am reminded by our Eurovision song by Dami Im – Sounds of silence – with no contact from members and an embarrassingly poor turnout to our excellent CPD activities. Read more.


ACT President's Message - 9 May 2016

At last the autumn break we have been waiting for, the ACT’s parks and gardens, bush and farmland finally get a drink! Read more


ACT President's Message - 27 April 2016

Your Executive has been implementing the strategy that members contributed to that was endorsed by National Council. Read more


ACT President's Message - 12 April 2016

Now the nights are longer there is more time for AILA’s after hours events - why not join in our social /CPD events in April and May! Have a look at the list below and make your calendar appointments. Read more

ACT President's Message - 7 March 2016

The Mt Ainslie competition winning design by Sue Barnsley and Jane Irwin was announced last Wednesday by Minister for Territory and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris and National Capital Authority CEO Malcolm Snow. Read more


ACT President's Message - 15 February 2016

Last week was a busy one in the life of our Institute, Carly Porreca joined our ACT Executive Committee as Treasurer, and the top three firms with entries to the Mt Ainslie design competition were in town to present to the jury, chaired by Adam Nitschke from Parks Victoria. Read more

ACT President's Message - 2 February 2016

The outstanding achievement by our National Office in curating the national Living Cities Workshop this month at Parliament House, is right ‘on trend’ in re-imagining our urban environments. Read more.


ACT President's Message - 16 December 2015

This last newsletter for 2015 means that your Executive Committee has been holding the reigns for almost half a year! Thank you for your ongoing support and contributions. Read more


ACT President's Message - 7 December 2015

The advocacy and engagement with our public sector colleagues in the ACT Government’s Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) and Environment and Planning Directorate (EPD) is continuing and a meeting with the Office of Minister Rattenbury (TAMS) is advancing the issues raised at the Presidents lunch in October. Read more



ACT President's Message - 23 November 2015

The ACT is adopting a regional approach, inclusive of SE NSW, in the membership services and social events. Read more


ACT President's Message - 9 November 2015

The focus for this Newsletter is working more closely within our region and achieving quality outcomes. Read more



ACT President's Message - 27 October 2015

The Festival of landscape architecture “This Public Life” held in mid October was an enjoyable and informative event. Read more


ACT President's Message - 1 October 2015

Spring is well underway with fantastic longer days and warmer weather! Read more


ACT President's Message - 14 September 2015

Our September ACT Chapter meeting is on this Thursday come along with your lunch and share your ideas. The Agenda will be circulated prior, with the highlight items for your contribution. Read more



ACT President's Message - 31 August 2015

The following activities are of particular note: TAMS half-day workshop Tuesday 25 August – report by Suzanne Moulis. Read more



ACT President's Message - 17 August 2015

Last Thursday at the ACT Chapter meeting (first with the new Executive for 2015/16), we shared updates over lunch about the work at the national level and started planning future ACT events. Read more


ACT President's Message - 4 August 2015

This month the ACT Annual General Meeting elected a new ACT Chapter Executive and then we met to agree who would hold the roles to serve you. Read more


ACT President's Message - 6 July 2015

This is my last e newsletter as ACT Chapter President. It has been 18 months of great change at AILA both locally and nationally. Read more.



ACT President's Message - 22 June 2015

I would like to thank everyone involved in the Soils Workshop run by SESL on Tuesday at the GAD. A special thanks goes to Barbara Payne for putting the idea into play and sticking with it. We all appreciate the effort that goes into pulling these events together. Read More.



ACT President's Message - 09 June 2015

Since my last newsletter we have completed our local Registration interviews. I am pleased to say that two of the interviewees Barbara Payne and Blanka Sparovec were successful and are now Registered Landscape Architects. Read more.



ACT President's Message - 12 May 2015

If you didn’t get to our chapter meeting on Friday, here is a very brief summary of some key discussions. Since the last chapter meeting, AILA ACT has organised or been involved in the following events. Read more.



ACT President's Message - 27 April 2015

I would like to welcome all of our newest student, graduate and LA members to our e-news. This fortnightly newsletter will be your window into AILA events both here in Canberra and elsewhere and gives you updates on issues and areas interest. Read more



ACT President's Message - 13 April 2015

The AILA Fresh twilight drinks on Friday evening was a great success with both current students, recent and not so recent graduates coming along to meet each other (some for the first time) and find out more about AILA Fresh. Read more



Participate in DESIGN Canberra

DESIGN Canberra, the most significant design event in the ACT, is currently calling for expressions of interest for participating creatives. This year the festival will be running over two weekends, from 21 to 29 November 2015. Read more



Revised Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning and Development Strategy Submission

Response from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (ACT Chapter). Read response

ACT President's Message - 30 March 2015

The breakfast held on Wednesday morning at the National Office was well attended with some old and new friends and members enjoying a sumptuous breakfast discussing many of the issues which are on topic in the ACT at the moment. Read more


ACT President's Message - 16 March 2015

Over the last few weeks we have been very busy organising some CPD events, attending workshops and this week, preparing the AILA submission to the revised LDA plans for the Yarralumla Brickworks development. Read more



ACT President's Message - 16 February 2015

The year has got off a busy start for the AILA executive team. The new national budgeting policies have been fully implemented now. These policies have simplified our budgeting processes and allow for ease in planning chapter expenditure and events. Read more

What CPD Events Would You Like?

We have a few thousand dollars available to spend on one or two CPD technical one day workshops for AILA members by 30 June 2015. We think that this money could be used to heavily subsidise the cost of attending specially arranged workshops for AILA members. Read more.

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