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SA Chapter Manager's Report - 31 Jan 2018

AILA SA wishes you all a Happy New Year and we look forward to working with our members in 2018. With the upcoming State election and the Adelaide Contemporary Design Competition recent announcements, AILA SA will continue to build a strong voice for the Landscape Architecture profession as opportunities arise through these unique platforms. We will continue to keep you updated on our advocacy work with DPTI on the new Planning System and the Department of Health and Ageing to progress work on the Healthy Parks Healthy People Public Open Space Action Plan. Members are always encouraged to get in touch to assist with providing expert advice and support as this work is being undertaken.

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SA Chapter Manager's Report - 14 Feb 2018

AILA SA hostedthe first Advocacy Roundtable last Wednesday to develop a response to the Review of the State Public Health Plan South Australia: A better Place to Live. Click here to read The Plan. Our submission is being developed this week ready for submission on Friday 16th February. If you have any comments to include in this response, please get in touch via Thanks to all the members who are involved with strengthening our advocacy platform for the SA Chapter. We couldn’t do it without the expert contributions of our members.

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SA President's Message - 28 February 2018

It's February already, and speaking to some members, the year is most certainly under way. The same can be said for AILA SA, the Executive and SAILA FRESH who have already been busy leading key initiatives engaging with Adelaide Uni, the Department of Health and our members. Below is a summary of these exciting initiatives.Thanks to Janelle Arbon for presenting at The University of Adelaide O’Week lecture on Wednesday 21 February to showcase the landscape architecture profession and inspire future generations of landscape architects in SA. Thanks also to Rebecca Connelly and Daryl Tian who spoke about the role of AILA and SAILA Fresh membership in connecting students to the profession through a unique program of events and initiatives.

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President's Message 14 March 2018


While the last few weeks have seen the progressive cluttering of local street with mug shots and placards, this weekend looms as a significant moment in shaping the future directions for our State. Over the past few months, each party has begun to make announcements and policy positions on a range of social, cultural, economic and environmental matters that will affect our quality of life in South Australia for the coming years. This year’s election will see the traditional two parties of Labor and Liberal challenged by the emergence of SA Best and the importance of the minor parties in the likely formation of government.

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President's Message 28 March 2018

Last week saw the state leadership batten pass from the Labor Party to the Liberal Party for the first time in 16 years. Thank you to the outgoing Labor Party and the support of numerous Government Agencies who we have enjoyed working with in leading important change in the better planning, design and management of our cities, towns and suburbs, as well as our natural landscapes. Congratulations to Steven Marshall and the Liberal Party in forming Government and we look forward to new opportunities to work together to continue to raise the quality of life for all within South Australia.

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President's Message 10 April 2018

It has been another busy few weeks for AILA SA as we try steer our input into post-election planning reform, exciting new health initiatives, green infrastructure, reconciliation, new head of school at Adelaide University and engagement in the national strategic plan, as well as the 2018 State Awards program. To keep members informed of our work, as well as to encourage your interest and input, below is a summary of some key aspects.

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SAILA Fresh Message 20 April 2018

SAILA Fresh has started 2018 with enthusiasm and success! Our first two events for the year, Folio Friday hosted by WAX Design Studio and ‘Be and Ace at Playspace’ hosted by Gary Doody of Active Recreation Solutions at the University of Adelaide attracted great numbers of students and graduates, with some new faces amongst the group which is always good to see.

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State Manager Message - 8 May 2018


Last month we said farewell our long term AILA SA Major State Partner - Active Recreation Solutions (ARS). On behalf of the AILA SA Executive we would like to thank Gary Doody and the team at ARS for their commitment over the last four years, supporting the growth of the SA Chapter, in particular SAILA Fresh. The work of the Chapter would not be possible without our amazing partners. Thank you to Active Recreation Solutions!

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State Manager Message - 21 May 2018


Over the last few weeks Ben Willsmore and I have met with Kirsteen Mackay – SA Government Architect (ODASA), Sally Smith – General Manager, Planning and Development (DPTI) and Matt Davis – State Planning Commissioner to discuss the state of play for several issues relating to planning reform, continuing to advocate for the role of the Landscape Architecture in shaping our communities in SA. AILA SA is providing support and expertise to help shape the new planning system and we will continue to review how our members can best add value to the ongoing consultation, with a focus this year on the Planning and Design Code development.

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