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News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 20 December 2017

Happy festive season to all! We hope the run up to Christmas is not too hectic and wish you all a well earned break after a busy and productive year.

AILA Victoria Christmas Party

On Tuesday 5 December, it was AILA Victoria’s Christmas Party at Pilgrim Bar on the Yarra River. What a fantastic evening it was! It was so great to see over 70 members, partners and ‘Friends of AILA’ there to celebrate AILA Victoria’s achievements for 2017 and a great opportunity for us to thank you for all your efforts and contributions throughout the year. We would like to thank Metro Trees for sponsoring this event and donating six wonderful trees as door prizes! A big thank you also to ACO, Glascott, WE-EF and ASPECT Personnel for donating the other door prizes. We also had some beautiful notebooks to give away from Austral.

AILA Victoria staff also attended the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) end of year functions. We look forward to continuing our work with allied organisations in 2018.

AILA Membership renewals

AILA Vic chapter has been working hard on 2017 AILA Victoria Membership renewals.
We are very pleased to say that the number of people who have not renewed is minimal. Once again the AILA Victoria retention rate is very high for a membership based organisation. If however, you are one of the very few left yet to renew, please get in touch with the Chapter office ( 0401 811 976 or ) or National office ( 02 6248 9970 or ) as soon as possible, to avoid suspension of your membership.

‘Commoning ‘– AILA Victoria Cultivate Committee event

Last week, on Monday 11 December, the AILA Victoria Cultivate committee hosted an event called ‘ Commoning’ at the new MPavilion. This event explored potential intersections of landscape architecture and deliberative development.

The event was a huge success with around 75 people attending. These included AILA members, RMIT faculty, students from all of the Universities and the public. Kate Dundas was an amazing MC and the panel was excellent. The MPavilion folks orchestrated sound, music, etc. perfectly. Foreground would like to run an article on this event so this will be shared with everyone once that is ready.

AILA Victoria Christmas Shutdown Period

AILA Victoria wishes you and your families a very Merry Christmas and New Year! AILA Victoria will be closed from Thursday 22nd December and reopening on Wednesday 3rd January. Thank you to our loyal partners for their support throughout 2017.

We would also love to thank our immediate past AILA Victoria Executive for their amazing work and the new AILA Victorian Executive who have made a fantastic start in their new roles.



News from Victorian Chapter 4 December 2017

Last Thursday AILA partnered with the Australian Water Association holding a very successful seminar titled ‘blue meets green’. This was very well attended with around 90 people attending to listen to representatives from AILA, AWA, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, and Stormwater Victoria highlight why and how planners, landscape architects, engineers and water retailers can pursue a blue/green infrastructure agenda for Melbourne. The event was generously sponsored by URBIS, ACO and City West Water and I wish to thank all the sponsors once again.

Building a collaborative vision and understanding of how blue/green infrastructure can help develop a city that supports water in the urban landscape for increased greening, biodiversity and storm water management sees the city as a “sponge”. This term was mentioned at a Maroondah City Council’s Water Sensitive City Group meeting last week where the Upper Stony Creek transformation project in Sunshine North was presented; This is a $13M project that aims to naturalise a 1.2km concrete section of the Stony Creek. The sponge reference is really apt in terms what blue/green infrastructure seeks to do by integrating water back into the urban landscape.

We have seen major flooding causing big misfortunes for people in Victoria again and no doubt after all the rain from the weekend, Melbourne’s waterways and Port Philip Bay will again be inundated with rubbish and pollution from the city. If ‘sponging’ the city can slow water down in the landscape to mitigate the devastating impacts of flooding, while cleaning storm water and allowing it to reinvigorate the urban landscape, all levels of government need to assist to deliver this across our cities.

AILA and Engineers Australia conducted the Living Cities Workshop in February 2016 where an alliance of over 25 organisations signed up to The Living Cities Alliance forming the following objectives:

  1. National Living Cities Fund.
  2. Living Infrastructure as an Asset Class.
  3. Local Government Green Infrastructure package.
  4. National Green Streets and ‘Grey to Green’ Pilot Program.
  5. Minimum SITES Ratings for Federally Funded Projects.

The integration of water and trees to establish an urban ecological framework that ensures the ongoing liveability of cities into the climate change century will require a partnership approach that elevates urban landscapes within the management of cities. This five point plan supports ongoing advocacy and cross disciplinary and service dialogue that seeks to establish resilient urban landscape.

To this end the Victorian Chapter of AILA will ensure that advocacy on this issue is central in discussions and submissions on new city infrastructure like Fishermans Bend Draft Framework Plan, open for submissions till 15 December 2017 and the Federal Governments Infrastructure Priority List. As mentioned in the forward of this document, “The Priority List has become the reference point for the most important infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years...a source of informed analysis on our most pressing infrastructure needs, and to determine which projects should be prioritised for state and federal funding…we have achieved something other Western nations have long sought to achieve – an objective and evidence based list of the projects that will deliver the best long-term outcomes for all infrastructure users.”

These projects will significantly change and improve (mostly) transport infrastructure across Australia but there appears to be no commitment to the important role of blue/green infrastructure as part of these major projects that will enable the creation of resilient urban landscape, as envisioned by the above alliance. This needs to change and I hope all landscape architects push for integrated blue/green outcomes with all projects.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at AILA’s end of year event on Tuesday 5 December at the Pilgrim Bar from 6pm.


Adrian Gray
AILA Victorian State President





News from Victorian Chapter 21 November 2017


Dear Membership,

Having just returned from the 2017 IFLA Asia Pacific Regional Congress in Bangkok, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some snippets of what was a fabulous opportunity to hear and meet people in our profession from around the globe. Hosted by TALA (Thai Association of Landscape Architects) and Chaired by P Landscapes (PLA) it was the first such convergence to focus on the work and practices of Landscape Architects within the Southeast Asian region.

In a region that contains more than half of the world’s “Megacities”, where better to situate a conference addressing market-driven economic pressures,climate change, unprecedented urban population shifts, food security, and dwindling reserves for accessible public open spaces than the hyper-density of Bangkok?

There was an exceptionally diverse range of research and projects presented from Thailand, Korea, India, Burma, the USA, UK and Australia that all demonstrated how Landscape architects are situated in a unique position able to bring design intelligence to a host of development issues that require an appreciation of ecological, social, technical, and economic factors.

Speakers responded to the topic of Blue Green and Culture – landscapes that unify our profession globally. Locally in Bangkok, Directors of Shma Landscapes Yossapon Boonsom and Prapan Napawongdee spoke of their work through non-profit Friends of the River trying to engage communities that will be affected by the controversial government initiative to ‘revitalise’ Bangkok city’s interface with the Chao Prahya River, advocating a more planned approach to those affected by change and a compassionate relationship with the river ‘mae nam’ (mother water) in better understanding floods.

Pok Kobkongsanti's energetic and honest account of a practice in Bangkok creating beautiful and highly considered projects in sometimes challenging contexts of developer driven condominiums, he maintained a very optimistic and sincere appreciation of the power of landscape architecture.

Dr. Dilip Da Cunha from Harvard GSD questioned the very boundaries of blue & green, an arbitrary line between wet and land, urging us reconsider the reality we live in and asks us to consider the metapractice that includes the ephemeral cycle of water. Professor Anurada Mathur’s expansion on rethinking our perception of boundaries and of states of reality, in particular water. Again a sophisticated layering of the idea of wetness and asking us to reconsider our coastlines in an ‘ocean of rain’.

Highlighting that in an era of globalization, anthropogenic climate change, social and cultural fragmentation, and staggering loss of biodiversity, the relationship between humans and landscapes blue and green (and everything in between) is elusive and rapidly changing. Professor Niall Kirkwood of Harvard GSD encouraged us to consider not just blue and green ecosystems, but in the epoch of the Anthropocene to review sites as 'brownfields' and ecologies as ‘alternate natures’.

Presenting work from a practicum he ran with students in Ulsan, Korea Niall put forward the fifthstage of Industrial Revolution as Hyundai’s car manufacturing port in Ulsan transitions to its next use as robotics and AI 3D printing technologies allow the decentralisation of car manufacturing and the repurposing of the port.

From mega projects such as those presented by Mary Bowman from Gustaphson Landscape Architects - beautiful icons with careful collaborations with engineers to deal with issues such as water treatment in large scale meaningful ways to the delicate regeneration projects such as ‘The Metro – forest Project’ presented by Tawatchai Kobkaikit of TK Studio Design demonstrate regenerative landscapes.

Kate Cullity's poetic recount of the last 30 years of landscape architecture in Australia and TCL’s role in this through deep appreciation and philosophy on beauty, care, fire, and rebirth, and her recognition of the importance to promote indigenous cultures as living cultural heritage contrasted with Yoonjin Park’s Director of PARKKIM provocative discussion on the role of the park with historic roots in European leisure in context of 'Asian landscapes'.

Professor Sun Oo the President of Myanmar Architects spoke on therich cultural heritage of Bagan an ancient city in the Mandalay region of Burma, and the need for sensitive planning that respects history while also supporting tourism. He invited all landscape architects to please be involved and assist in this masterplanning project. Landscape architecture as a profession does not yet exist in Burma and our expertise is required for such the significant site.

I felt an undercurrent of the presentations and panel discussions was the limitations we face, particularly in political and economical spheres, and the frustration in attempting to affect far-reaching change. Professor SueAnne Ware of University of Newcastle spoke of radical hope and design activism in the face of climate change and injustice, highlighting our power as Landscape Architects and citizens for political influence. She spoke of her memorial project Siev X after the refugee boat disaster that occurred in Australian waters, as an example of Landscape Architecture’s ability to influence social change and improve awareness of social injustice.

For more information on the keynote speakers, please refer:


Eleanor (Elly) Russell

AILA Victoria Treasurer




News from Victorian Chapter 8 November 2017

It was great being in Sydney for last month’s Festival and to experience the launch of Future Street. AILA national and state teams should be congratulated for a well organised Festival program. What was even more pleasing was attending the National Awards night alongside another 300 people and celebrating Victorian projects and individuals who won at a national level. The VIC Chapter would like to congratulate GLAS, Oculus, Urban Initiatives, Tract Consultants, City of Melbourne, Joshua Zeunert and TCL for their well-deserved wins. The full list of national winners can be viewed in this week’s e-news.

Another highlight was the one-day workshop where I got the opportunity to meet other State Presidents. We each had the opportunity to present an overview of State achievements from the past 12 months. I was able to highlight how Victoria led the Caring for Country policy development, the many submissions to State Government strategies, and the positive response to the Living Cities seminar held in November 2016 and reaching over 1000 members in our state.

In terms of going forward, I mentioned the need to further develop partnerships with other peak bodies with a focus on embedding long term resilient outcomes as sought by the Living City Alliance and objectives. Collaborative design is the key and with this in mind, I invite all members to attend the upcoming seminar titled Blue Meets Green which is a collaboration between AILA and the Australian Water Association. The design of integrated greening and water infrastructure needs to be done on a metropolitan level to ensure that the whole of Melbourne can achieve a consistent canopy of 30% in the coming decades. The 30% figure is the benchmark to ensure liveability and landscape architects are the key in making this happen.

I encourage members to attend the next VIC Executive meeting scheduled for Wednesday 15 November, 5:30pm. We will also be joined by new AILA CEO, Tim Arnold. Finally mark in your diary, Tuesday 5 December 2017 from 6:30pm for our end of year function at Pilgrim on the Yarra River below Federation Square. This is a ticketed event so book early.




Adrian Gray, AILA Victorian President





News from Victorian Chapter 24 October 2017

By the time you read this, the 4th Festival of Landscape Architecture - The 3rd City - will have wrapped up. For those Victorian members that made the journey north, I hope you found the program to be insightful, challenging and entertaining.

Ahead of the conference sessions, I toured a string of contemporary projects along the western edge of the CBD, from the ambitious Barangaroo Reserve to the petite Balfour Street Park. My urban ramble revealed that Sydney has been seriously investing in its public realm. But what of the forces that shaped it? The Barangaroo precinct is the result of extraordinary political interference and shady decision-making. The overall loss of public benefit compared to the original competition-winning design will haunt the city for generations. Conversely, the redevelopment of the former Carlton United Brewery into the Central Park precinct has been handled more deftly, resulting in more fine-grained streets and spaces, and the well-used and generously-sized ‘Chippendale Green’.

I reflect on the forces that shaped Melbourne’s own Carlton United Brewery redevelopment. Some parts will leave a positive legacy while others are rapidly evolving into our own metropolitan nightmare.

The fate of our cities is in our hands. To that end, I look forward to representing you, championing the skills of our profession and advocating for the public benefit in my new role as Vice President.



Mark Skiba, AILA Victorian Vice-President



News from Victorian Chapter 4 October 2017


The new Victorian State Executive had its first meeting at TCL’s office last month. This was followed by a Dinner with Influencers with national AILA sponsor, Austral Brickworks. The new Executive and key member guests were able to exchange ideas on how the partnership between AILA and Brickworks can work together to drive innovation. Our sponsors are crucial in terms of how AILA can advocate on behalf of our members while at the same time, design(ers) must drive products to align with contemporary ideas around city building. Brickworks welcomes member input and feedback so don't hesitate contacting local representatives Nick Thexton or Natalie Colussa.

Another key AILA partnership is with the University of Melbourne (UoM) and the RMIT University Hub. Last week the third in a series of public talks saw Professor Gini Lee, the Elizabeth Murdoch Chair of Landscape Architecture at UoM, discuss her long involvement in engaging with Aboriginal communities in South Australia and Western Australia. Professor Lee presented her ideas around cultural flow and the relationship that Aboriginal people have with the land and their modes of habitation. She also explained how landscape architects can partner with Aboriginal communities through design that supports their cultural understanding of space. AILA is proud to support this series of public talks and I highly recommend members attend in the future.

The Victorian Chapter is also partnering with the Australian Water Association (AWA) next month to hold a joint event acknowledging the release of the Victorian Integrated Water Management Framework by DELWP. The aim will be to highlight green/blue infrastructure in ensuring liveability through this century. The DELWP will explain the new framework and AILA and AWA representatives will discuss the importance of collaboration between landscape architects and the water industry in shaping the future liveability of Melbourne. Lock yourself in for this evening event on Thursday 30 November and check out AILA VIC social media channels and e-news for more details. Hope to see you there.

Finally, next week on the Thursday before the Festival kicks off in Sydney, I will attending a National Board meeting with other State Presidents and State Chapter Managers. I will report back on this meeting and I hope to see you at the opening of the Festival on Friday 13th.

Adrian Gray, AILA Victorian President

News from Victorian Chapter 19 September 2017


As the new AILA Victoria Executive begins planning for the next two years ahead, we're excited to see the many events and activities happening around Australia that rely on the support of our valued membership. Many of our members will be preparing to head up to Sydney for the International Festival of Landscape Architecture: The 3rd City. The festival is a great chance for landscape architects to catch up and talk about current issues facing our industry. its only a few weeks away, so get your tickets!


Regular executive meetings have begun to keep the Victorian Chapter running smoothly and so it is a good time for members to consider how they would like to contribute to the various committees. In particular we would like to hear from student and graduate members to join the AILA Vic Fresh committee to keep what is already a vibrant and successful group going. There is also a space for people to contribute towards the Events/Awards committee, so if you are good at planning events, we want to hear from you!

Lastly, it is with great sadness that we would like to pass on our condolences to the friends and family of Dr Marieluise Jonas who passed away recently.Marieluise was Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at RMIT University and made a significant contribution to the profession, both in her teaching and published works. Our thoughts are with the RMIT staff and students and all that were close to her.


Dan Nunan, AILA Victorian Secretary


News from Victorian Chapter 5 September 2017

A big hello to the Victorian membership from the new Executive: Mark Skiba, Elly Russell, Michael Ford, Dan Nunan and myself. We are very excited and honoured to form the new AILA Victorian Chapter Executive Committee for the next two years. We would like to especially thank Emma Appleton, Mary Papaioannou, Pru Smith and Dean Thornton for their great work over the last two years. The new Executive looks forward to continuing the strategic positioning of Landscape Architecture within the built environment, in line with the following objectives as set out in the AILA National Strategy 2015-2020:

1. Growing membership
2. Building profile of the profession
3. Advocating to Government
4. Ensuring a sustainable AILA

The new Executive has already met to discuss and determine some key drivers to focus on and ones that will support the national strategy during our term. We look forward to the first Chapter meeting next week where we will engage with the various sub-committee Chairs about advocacy for the remainder of this year, begin planning the 2018 Events program and discuss increasing engagement with the Victorian membership. As a first step, we would like to encourage members to attend future Chapter meetings that are centrally held in the city. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 20 September, 5.30pm and more details are available through our Chapter office. Alternatively, please connect with us at any time via as the Committee is interested in members’ feedback and comments.

As the newly elected President, I look forward to ensuring that Landscape Architects continuingly contribute to and provide direction for State and Local governments, build engagement with other Design professionals and Academics and positively impact how our cities are shaped through urban landscapes. There is a big focus on the role that Green Infrastructure and Integrated Design has in making cities resilient while supporting the health and well-being of people. Landscape Architects have a key role in this endeavor and a great example of this is The Living Cities Workshop and Alliance developed in 2016. AILA and Engineers Australia partnered to push the agenda nationally and politically to affect positive change in our cities and regions and to promote sustainability.

Adrian Gray, AILA Victoria President

News from Victorian Chapter 8 August 2017

This is a huge week for AILA Victoria! We are excited to welcome a new AILA Victoria Executive and say goodbye and a massive thank you to the outgoing AILA Victoria Executive! What an action packed and productive two years it has been for Emma Appleton (President), Mary Papaioannou (Vice – President), Pru Smith (Secretary) and Dean Thornton (Treasurer).

We will announce the new AILA Victoria Executive on Wednesday August 9 at the 2017 AILA Victoria Annual Chapter Meeting. Please stay tuned for this announcement and wrap up of the event. We will also be celebrating AILA Victoria reaching the historic milestone of 1,000 members!

AILA Victoria Awards Media coverage Update

So far - 


Foreground – Recapping the 2017 AILA Awards

Green Magazine

Landscape Australia

Architecture & Design

Outdoor Design Source

The Real Estate Conversation

AILA website

Gardening Australia magazine – article coming soon!

All Award winner details have been posted on AILA Victoria Facebook (@ailavic) and Instagram (aila.victoria) pages by category.

All related articles and coverage have and will continue to be shared or posted on all AILA Vic social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@AILAVIC).

Lighting the Landscape – this Thursday – 6pm @ Flagstaff Gardens

Join us this Thursday 10 August for Lighting the Landscape – An evening with Robert Shook, Director, Schuler Shook. This is an exciting opportunity to hear Robert share his sound experience in architectural lighting design here and in the US. Drawing upon his consultancy's successes on two landmark projects in Chicago - the Millennium Park and The Riverwalk - Robert will discuss the importance of lighting in landscape and urban design. This is a great opportunity to learn and hear the benefits achieved when there is great emphasis on a well-developed integration of lighting with the overall design concept.Register here

What is Affordable Housing – AILA/ PIA/AIA members only event – Tuesday 29 August, 5.30pm @VPA

Many facets of our built environment industry influence living affordability: from the type of materials used in building; to the overall cost of rent or the purchase price of a property; or the living costs associated with travel expenses to work and the amenities associated with daily life. This joint members-only seminar will discuss these issues and includes a range of guest speakers with varying expertise from the public and private sectors including Stefan Preuss from OVGA, Sean Hogan from ISPT and Sophie Dyring from Schored Projects to provide an insight into what really goes into making communities affordable and what we could be doing better”. Read more




AILA Victoria Executive


Felicity and Martha

AILA Victoria




News from Victorian Chapter 26 July 2017

The 2017 AILA Victoria and Landscape Architecture Awards has been a huge focus for the Vic Chapter over the last few weeks. What a massive Awards it was!

The exhibition of all award entries opened on Wednesday 19 July and ran through until Sunday 23 July. The Awards celebration and announcement of winners was last Friday 21 July.

It all took place at Testing Grounds behind the Arts Centre, Melbourne which is an incredible space for creative practices encompassing art, performance and design. Testing Grounds is a public art space with foot traffic so members of the public were encouraged could have a look at all of the beautiful project submissions. The award entries were exhibited in the black box which opened up on to the rest of the site. The entries were also exhibited on large panels that hung around the site.

The Awards ceremony was extremely well attended by around 220 people! There were fire pits and dramatic lighting which added to the ‘Dark Mofo’ feel of the event. The MC for the evening was Kate Dundas of 3000acres and co-host of 3RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse who did a fantastic job and kept everyone’s spirits high! AILA Victoria was also delighted to have Linda Corkery, AILA National President, attend as a guest and as a presenter.

In 2017, AILA Victoria saw 36 award entries submitted across 12 categories with 15 Awards being awarded. Awards of Excellence and Landscape Architecture Awards were named in the following categories - Parks and Open Space, Play Spaces, Infrastructure, Land Management, Urban Design, Landscape Planning, Research, Policy & Communications, Community Contribution, Small Projects, Gardens and Future Leaders.

Have a look at the Award Winners booklet.

Media coverage so far!

There has already been some great media coverage since the event.

Foregroundnewsletter arriving in your inbox tomorrow!

Green Magazine

Landscape Australia

Architecture & Design

Gardening Australia magazine – article coming soon!

We will update everyone on media coverage again in the next enews and also share on Facebook (@ailavic), Twitter (@AILAVIC) and Instagram (aila.victoria) !

Thank you!!

A huge thank you to the following people. Without you the Awards program would not have been such a success.

Awards Committee – especially Dan Nunan (Awards Chair), Flynn Hart and Nirvana Hrustanovic from Pollen Studio. They worked with Vic Chapter closely to put together an amazing exhibition and event. They were responsible for the collating, design, printing and installation of all of the award entries that made up the exhibition. Dan was a fantastic Chair who made sure that everything ran smoothly. Thank you to Natarsha Lamb who helped out on the night as well.

Awards Jury – Adam Nitschke (Chair), Felix Hemingway, Cassandra Chilton, Bronwen Hamilton, Shelley Penn (guest juror Architect), Jerry De Gryse (Tasmanian juror) and Cassandra Chilton.

AILA Victoria Partnersall of our valued National - WE-EF LIGHTING, Austral , Street Furniture Australia, ACO, Lawn Solutions and Intergrain. State - Fleming’s Nurseries, PlayRope, Fleetwood Urban, City of Melbourne and Glascott. Award - ASPECT Studios and Taylor Cullity Lethlean - TCL


Drew Echberg Photographerfor his stunning photos of the event. They can be viewed here

Testing GroundsArie, Trent, Joe for all of their logistical and technical help and the team that looked after the guests on the night.

Firecracker CateringCassie Lucas and her team who provided exceptional food again!

We look forward to doing it all again next year!

AILA Victoria Executive


Flick and Martha

AILA Victoria



News from Victorian Chapter 11 July 2017

Last week, Your Digital Presence: Surviving the Device Age event was held at the City of Melbourne Bowls Club, Flagstaff Gardens. People came along to listen to Andrew McKenzie from Foreground talk about how to build a healthy and vibrant digital presence, while avoiding the pitfalls and professional risks associated with the fast-paced digital environment. Adrian Trimmer from Fleetwood Urban also spoke about the new partnership between AILA Victoria and his organisation that has just commenced. Those that attended provided great feedback that it was interesting and useful. We look forward to having more events at the Bowls club and working a lot more with Fleetwood Urban!

AILA Victoria warmly welcomes two Major Partners - Fleetwood Urban and PlayRope.

PlayRope Playground Equipment’s mission is to create more stable, efficient & informed solutions to play environments. And to kick-start the new FY, the Playrope team is offering AILA members a complementary one hour workshop for your next play project! Their expertise and extensive supplier access can help guide & build your future play concepts.

AILA VIC ​ would like to introduce new state sponsor, Fleetwood Urban​ - a national open-space engineering consultancy firm with in-house manufacturing + construction capacity. Click link for more details. Roger Joyce, Director of Fleetwood Urban states that "through our strategic alliance with AILA in 2017/18, we will be delivering technical webinars, seminars, workshops, technical resources and a unique approach to structural engineering consulting that the landscape architecture discipline has not seen before."

Vic Awards and Exhibition

The 2017 Vic Landscape Architecture Awards Exhibition and Awards are next week. The exhibition starts on Wednesday 19 July and the Awards celebration is on Friday 21 July!

Just a reminder of what to expect -

It is all happening at Testing Grounds which is an incredible space for creative practices encompassing art, performance and design. This exciting venue, behind the Melbourne Arts Centre, is made up of indoor (large cubes) and outdoor spaces that can be explored on the night where all of the award entries will be exhibited. The venue is complete with fire pits, large heaters, dramatic lighting and fantastic catering by Firecracker providing a ‘Dark Mofo’ feel.

We are delighted to announce that Kate Dundas of 3000acres and co-host of 3RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse is the MC for the evening.

Join us for a celebration of the entries, winners of the 2017 Victorian Landscape Architecture Awards and the landscape architecture profession in Victoria! Please contact the Vic Chapter at or 0401 811 976 if you require an invoice. Book tickets here


AILA Victoria Chapter


News from Victorian Chapter 27 June 2017


This week, we wanted to tell you a bit about the 2017 Victorian Landscape Architecture Awards event on Friday July 21. Tickets to the event are now available here

AILA Victoria and the AILA Victoria Awards Committee are very excited about this event as it will be truly unique! It is all happening at Testing Grounds which is an incredible space for creative practices encompassing art, performance and design.

This exciting venue, behind the Melbourne Arts Centre, is made up of indoor (large cubes) and outdoor spaces that can be explored on the night where all of the award entries will be exhibited. The venue is complete with fire pits, large heaters, dramatic lighting and fantastic catering by Firecracker providing a ‘Dark Mofo’ feel.

We are delighted to announce that Kate Dundas of 3000acres and co-host of 3RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse is the MC for the evening.

Join us for a celebration of the entries, winners of the 2017 Victorian Landscape Architecture Awards and the landscape architecture profession in Victoria! Please contact the Vic Chapter at or 0401 811 976 if you require an invoice. Register now

Check out these photos of the Testing Grounds


Hong Kong Business Design Week Advisory Panel

AILA was invited by Creative Victoria to participate in this panel. The Business of Design Week Advisory Panel will play an important role in shaping, guiding and informing Victoria's participation at this year's Business of Design Week (BoDW) in December, and Melbourne’s bid to be BoDW partner city in 2018. I attended a meeting on Thursday 22 June at Creative Victoria on behalf of AILA which was very interesting. Stay tuned.

Melbourne’s Backyard Ideas Competition


The Melbourne's Backyard Ideas Competition is being organised by Melbourne's Backyard, participants in the Committee for Melbourne's Future Focus Group program for 2016/2017. The competition brief, which includes the design context, judging criteria and prize is now outlined on the webpage at and submissions must be received by 16 July 2017. The competition is also being promoted through Instagram @melbournesbackyard.


Your Digital Presence: Surviving the Device Age – Thursday July 6

Finally, there is still time to register for this exciting presentation by Mat Ward from Fore-ground. This will be held at the City of Melbourne Bowls Club , Flagstaff Gardens. Come along to discover the high-level principles of how to build a healthy and vibrant digital presence, while avoiding the pitfalls and professional risks associated with the fast-paced digital environment. Register here

Felicity McGahan - AILA Victoria Membership & Engagement Manager



News from Victorian Chapter 15 June 2017

It is an extremely busy and exciting time for AILA Victoria!

The 2017 Victoria and Tasmania Landscape Architecture Awards jury day took place on Wednesday 14 June at the Multicultural Hub in Melbourne. There were 38 entries over 11 categories for Victoria and eight entries over six categories for Tasmania to be judged. We had an excellent jury - Adam Nitschke (Chair), Bronwen Hamilton, Cassandra Chilton, Felix Hemingway, Shelley Penn and Jerry de Gryse – and a very productive, interesting day!
An exhibition of all Victorian award entries will open on Monday July 17 and close on Saturday 22 July. All winners will be announced at the 2017 Victoria Awards event (cocktail party) on Friday July 21. The exhibition and awards event will be at Testing Grounds which is behind the Arts Centre,Melbourne. Save the Date – registration opens very soon.

We have an exciting event coming up on
Thursday 6 July called Your Digital Presence: Surviving the Device Age presented by Mat Ward from Fore-ground. This will be held at the City of Melbourne Bowls Club , Flagstaff Gardens. Come along to discover the high-level principles of how to build a healthy and vibrant digital presence, while avoiding the pitfalls and professional risks associated with the fast-paced digital environment. You will learn how to effectively use social media to tell and present your ‘design stories’ when targeting peers, clients and the wider community. Read more and register! 

Felicity McGahan - AILA Victoria Membership & Engagement Manager



News from Victoria Chapter 30 May 2017

The AILA Victoria Connection to Country Committee has been newly formed and aims to explore and advocate for a new level of engagement with Indigenous cultures in Australian professional practice. A core value of this committee is to undertake a rigorous level of engagement with relevant Indigenous community representatives.

Recently AILA Victoria C2C Committee members presented a Draft Reconciliation Action Plan and other supporting documents to the AILA Board, who acknowledged the great deal of positive work invested by this Committee. This submission to the Board constituted a significant step towards the profession making a positive contribution to the reconciliation processes and has elevated the need for the development of this conversation at the National level.

Most recently, the Board has endorsed the formation of an AILA National C2C Committee, with representatives from each state and territory. The Victorian representation will be shared by Anne-Marie Pisani, Jill Orr Young and Skye Haldane for the first two year term.

Keep an eye out for notices from AILA National regarding upcoming opportunities to get involved!

1,000 Members Celebration + 2017 Annual Chapter Meeting - 21 June

AILA Victoria has now reached over 1000 members making us the largest state chapter. We will be celebrating this significant achievement at the Annual Chapter Meeting on Wednesday 21 June 2017 at Development Victoria’s new offices. The evening will feature Skye Haldane, from City of Melbourne, who will talk about her trip to Finland. Nature Play at Royal Park by City of Melbourne won the national Australia’s Best Playground competition that was partnered with Lappset. We will also be welcoming in the new State Executive and the latest group of registered landscape architects, followed by networking and drinks. Register here

2017 AILA Victoria Awards – Save the Date – July 21

The 2017 Victoria Landscape Architecture Awards are now closed and will be judged in June. An exhibition of all 39 award entries will open on June 7 at Testing Grounds with the Awards event being held there on Friday 21 July. All details to follow soon.

Connection to Country Event in July

Keep your eye out for an upcoming event in July to be co-hosted by AILA Victoria’s Connection to Country and Cultivate Committees. Featuring a panel of Indigenous speakers, the session will introduce a new thread in the chapter’s ongoing discussion around engagement with Indigenous cultures.

National Reconciliation week

Also this week is National Reconciliation week and here are a number of events that you can participate in. Check out the Reconciliation Australia website.

If you are interested in joining the Victorian C2C committee or would like to find out more, please contact the AILA Victoria chapter office at


Anne-Marie Pisani, AILA, Connection to Country Committee Chair



New from Victorian Chapter 15 May 2017


As previously communicated, nominations are now open to join the next AILA Victorian Executive. Please seriously consider nominating as we rely on these volunteers to keep AILA running smoothly and ensuring it represents its members. Personally I have enjoyed my part as Treasurer on the Executive and look forward to handing over the reins to the next enthusiastic member.
Award entries have now closed for the 2017 Victorian AILA Awards. We are very pleased with the response, receiving a total of 39 entries which is an increase from 2016. Look out for future communications regarding the Awards Exhibition and Event.
The Annual Chapter Meeting will be held on 21 June. Please save the date and watch out for future information regarding time and location.


Chapter Office Changes


We are delighted to announce that Martha Delfas has joined the state chapter office in the role of Victorian Events & Development Manager.
Martha has significant experience in managing events, securing and managing sponsorships and communications. She has just moved back to Melbourne from Sydney.Martha joined the team last week and will be working 3 days a week alongside Felicity whose role is now Victorian Membership and Engagement Manager, also working 3 days a week.
Between Felicity and Martha, the chapter office is in good hands.

Position Statement, Climate, Risk and Resilience – Endorsed!


In 2016, a number of AILA Victoria members worked on a draft Policy Statement – Climate, Risk and Resilience. This was submitted to the AILA National Advocacy committee for endorsement and we are very happy to announce that this has happened! Please click here to read.

Reminder - Fitness and Play Tour with Tract – Thursday 18 May


Brought to you by Lappset, join AILA on a fascinating tour of various fitness stations and play spaces at Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale. Simon Vive from Tract Consultants will talk about the existing and continuing designs of these spaces and Harri from Lappset will talk about product specifications and design for manufacture. Bus departs from Federation Square at 2.30pm and returns by 5.30pm for some discussion and drinks at Beer DeLuxe. Register Now



News from Victoria Chapter 1 May 2017

Nominate for AILA Victoria Executive

At the Annual General Meeting on 21 June 2017, the current AILA Victoria Executive will hand over to a new Executive to lead the chapter over the next two years. For those interested in being part of the Executive, nominations are now open! If you are:

  • passionate about the future of landscape architecture and advocating on behalf of the profession,
  • keen to engage with, and champion the different sectors where landscape architects contribute - private practice, public agency and academia
  • interested in meeting leaders of allied professions and Government,
  • keen to curate and contribute to an interesting and diverse events program for members, and
  • have particular topics which you want to raise and progress for the profession, please put yourself forward.

Why nominate for the Executive?

It is a great privilege to work with the Committees, the Chapter Office, the National AILA team, as well as fabulous sponsors. It is also a lot of fun, developing and then delivering a State Strategy, and working together to drive forward agendas that matter – in our case, the ‘Connection to Country’ strategy and Reconciliation Action Plan. It is also satisfying to have AILA submissions and influence State agendas – see Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year plan and its recognition of the importance of green infrastructure! So please tap people on the shoulder who you think may be interested in these voluntary roles. It would be great to have a broad cross-section of the profession to be represented and contributing.

In terms of time commitment, the office bearers all meet twice a month, once at the monthly meeting and once in between to ensure momentum on projects. In addition, Executive members are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, as well as meetings with key sponsors. The strategic direction of AILA’s activities is shaped and led by the Executive, but there is great support from the Chapter office. There will also be a handover period with the current Executive sitting alongside the new for a period of time to ensure continuity and knowledge transfer.

For Nomination for Victoria State Executive form please see here:

For the AILA Conduct of State Chapters Policy - sections 5.0 Election of State Chapter Executive and 8.0 Role Descriptions of State Chapter Executives , please see here:

Thank you to Kate!

I would like to formally thank Kate Western, who was our Events coordinator at the Chapter Office for the last two years. Under Flick’s leadership, Kate has run some of our most successful events, including ‘Connection to Country’, the Yarra River Keepers, the amazing Awards parties, to name a few. Kate has a great new job at the City of Boroondara and we wish her the very best in her future career.

With Kate’s departure, Flick will now be the Membership & Engagement Manager, focusing on the Executive, Chapter Committees, membership, awards (jury, entries), advocacy and industry engagement. A new role ‘Events & Development Manager’ will focus on seeking and managing sponsorship, event management and communications management. We will announce as soon as the position has been recruited! Exciting times ahead!


Emma Appleton

AILA Victoria President



News from Victoria Chapter 18 April 2017

Since the 2016 AILA Victoria Chapter Meeting, 70 new members have been welcomed which is a tremendous result and with this growth across all categories of membership our overall number is now 992. 

This continues to make Victoria the biggest chapter of  AILA which has been a long-term goal of the Executive. Congratulations to everyone who has prompted, encouraged and assisted meeting this target. With continued focus and support of membership initiatives we aim to reach a milestone of 1,000 members in the very near future and to celebrate this milestone we offer free membership to the 1,000th person to join AILA Victoria.

The renewal rate of AILA Members in Victoria is very high which is encouraging and with the continued offering of CPD and social events we’re confident of maintaining the current membership and continued growth.

We look forward to meeting the new members at future AILA events and encourage them to become involved in their Institute particularly at a State level.

In summary we report the following:

Growth of Membership and Registration

In 2016 and 2017 so far AILA Victoria has welcomed 32 Registered Landscape Architect members.
Two full days of registration interviews took place on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th May 2017 and was kindly hosted by Brickworks Design studio in Richmond.

Celebrate Fellowship

The membership grade of Fellowship is an honour that the Institute may bestow upon persons who are or who are eligible to be registered members of the Institute and is made in recognition of distinguished service to the Institute and/or the profession in Australia.

AILA Victoria has 31 Fellows. Their continued support and contribution to AILA Victoria is appreciated.
We encourage members to nominate peers for Fellowship status. Please click here for criteria and the nomination form

We encourage all members to support the ongoing drive and encourage non-members to join their professional body. Thanks again to everyone who has assisted over the past year. It’s been a team effort and the result has been outstanding.

Darren Atkinson , FAILA , Membership Committee Chair


News from Victoria Chapter 3 April 2017


AILA membership is drawn from a variety of areas including one person private practices, multi-disciplinary multi nationals, as well as local and state government departments and agencies. The PSLA is the Public Sector Landscape Architect committee was established to represent the views and interests of Registered Landscape Architects working in the Public Sector in Victoria.

2017 is set to be an exciting year with some great policies and strategies including the Plan Melbourne Refresh, Victoria’s 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy, and Resilient Melbourne to leverage off in order to develop city and community changing outcomes.

As landscape architects working in the public sector we have great opportunities to continue influence and add value to many of these projects. The PSLA is now entering a new phase, and is seeking new active members and a potential revamp of its terms of reference. If you are interested in becoming an active member of the PSLA please contact

Green Industries Forum

Felicity, AILA Victoria manager, attended a Green Industries Forum organised by Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV) on Thursday 30 March as part of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in Fitzroy. This forum was an excellent chance for AILA to form closer relationships with likeminded people and industries such as Landscaping Victoria, Horticulture Innovation Australia and Encouraging Women in Horticulture. Green Advocate and Creative Director of the 202020 Vision campaign, Ben Peacock, spoke the campaign as well as why creating 20% more green spaces in our urban areas by the year 2020 is so important. AILA is already a committed supporter of the 202020 Vision.

WE-EF LIGHTING Black Book - An Idea is Like Magic

Last Thursday, over 100 landscape architects and lighting designers came together for the launch of the WE-EF LIGHTING Black Book at Transit Rooftop Bar, Fed Square. The theme - An Idea is Like Magic. The launch of the Black Book was truly a magical experience. The Black Book was unveiled and guests had a chance to discuss and have their copy signed. We will be sharing images about the event soon! Thank you to WE-EF for a fantastic event.


Cath Olive - Public Sector Committee chair




News from Victoria Chapter 20 March 2017

What a couple of weeks it has been and there is so much to look forward to in AILA Victoria!

AILA is extremely proud to be an Industry Partner of 2017 Melbourne Design Week Thursday March 16 – Sunday March 26. Melbourne Design Week is an annual design program linking creativity with business and community. Check out the whole program here

AILA Victoria supports the Victorian Government’s intention to protect the suburban backyard and looks forward to more details being released on the proposed planning changes. Read more here.

Don’t miss out on this! On behalf of WE-EF LIGHTING, AILA Victoria invites you to a truly magical experience - An Idea is like magic – WE-EF Black Book Launch @ Transit Rooftop Bar on Thursday March 30 from 6pm. Join the creative minds of the Melbourne landscape architecture and lighting design communities to celebrate the arrival of this magical book. We invite you to bring colleagues from your practice. Please RSVP ASAP to or 0401 811 976 with the names of who will be attending. Check out the invitation here

The 2017 Victoria Landscape Architecture Awards have opened! The 2017 Awards opened on Wednesday 15 March and close on Monday 1 May. There are some exciting new categories including Play Spaces, Community Contribution, Small Projects and Landscape Planning. The AILA Victoria Future Leaders Award has also been reintroduced to the program. Click here for all info and how to enter.

The last executive message celebrated the successful Premier event AILA Victoria presents Thomas Woltz in Feb . Megan Backhouse from The Age has written a fantastic piece about his presentation and work at Thank you again to Fleming's and RMIT for making this event possible.

On Wed March 8 the first Celebrity Lawn Series supported by Lawn Solutions was held at MPavilion Docklands. Over 20 attendees learnt about the journey of the 2015 MPavilion from Queen Victoria Gardens to the Docklands. Presentations by Campbell Morris, MALA Studios , Adrian Lee ,Places Victoria and Steve Cole, Lawn Solutions gave insight into the design, development and challenges of the site from these three fascinating perspectives.

Melbourne Water is developing a new urban cooling program to help manage the heat and climate challenges facing the Melbourne region. As part of stakeholder engagement they help a number of focus group workshops in mid-March. AILA members were in attendance and discussed living (green) infrastructure and water sensitive urban design programs and projects (current and future) that seek to improve the liveability, water management and resilience of the city.

Felicity McGahan - AILA Victoria Chapter Manager


News from Victoria Chapter 6 March 2017


Wow...March already! We can hardly believe it.

A big hello from the AILA Fresh committee!
AILA Fresh is the committee for LA students and recent graduates. We provide opportunities for students and grads to develop and support them through their studies and in the transition from university into the profession. Our aim is to create a community within which this group can meet their peers, network with more experienced professionals, build their knowledge and skills, and be exposed to current issues relating to landscape architecture. We hope that this gives the newest members in our profession a good starting base within which they feel that they are supported and that they have somewhere to turn when they need help or have questions.

AILA Fresh is run by students and grads, for students and grads. In exciting news we have expanded our committee, which now includes: Myself - Ella Gauci-Seddon, Neha Juddo, Heather Stevenson, Shelley Black, Martin Woodbine, Thomas Black, Castiel Shepp, Griet Vanhaverbeke, Nathan Collins (previous AILA Fresh chair)

With this new committee we have lots of exciting new ideas and projects, some of which are already underway!

Last Friday we hosted the first of our new event series - Fresh Fridays! Fresh Fridays are casual after work drinks that will be held of the first Friday of every month. They will create a space for meeting new people, exchanging ideas and informal learning. The events will alternate between being held at a pub or bar, and being held at landscape architecture studios around Melbourne. This will give students and grads the opportunity to see a variety of offices and to have a chat with people in those offices in a relaxed environment. The first Fresh Friday, which was held at Loop Bar, was a great success with lots of new faces. Around 40 people came throughout the evening. It was particularly excellent to see so many new connections being made and old friends getting a chance to catch up and talk shop! We hope to see you all at Fresh Fridays over the coming months. If you would like to hold a Fresh Friday at your office we would love to hear from you.

Over the next little while keep your eye out for our logo design competition, mentorship program, more Fresh Fridays and other exciting events!

To stay connected with AILA Fresh you can:
Like us on Facebook -
Follow us on Instagram - @vfresh_aila
Email us -

Women's Planning Network - 2017 International Women's Day Breakfast
The PIA International Women’s Day breakfast was held on Thursday March 2 at Parliament House. It was a fantastic event that showcased some amazing women within planning, landscape architecture and architecture. Dr Helen Holst of Launch Housing spoke about the challenges around homelessness, urging everyone in the built environment profession to do their bit to end homelessness. Helen’s speech was a powerful reminder that homelessness is an issue for all of us, and that our professions puts us in a position to make real change. The strength of all the amazing women (and men!) in the room was palpable! Congratulation Jessica Noonan - the winner of the 2017 Female Achiever of the Year (FAY) Award.

AILA Victoria Presented Thomas Woltz
On Tuesday 28 February, New York landscape architect ,Thomas Woltz presented to a 100-strong crowd at RMIT’s Storey Hall. Thank you to Fleming’s Nurseries and RMIT for being fantastic partners in this Premier event. Media interest was attracted by The Age and Foreground and this coverage will be shared very soon. Thomas’s presentation of his projects was incredibly inspiring and we were very proud to host him here in Melbourne.

Upcoming – Wednesday 8 March – Celebrity Lawn Series, MPavilion Docklands
Register now for this exciting event.
Come along and hear about the relocation of the 2015 MPavilion from Queen Victoria Gardens to the Docklands. Presenters feature Campbell Morris from MALA landscape architecture, Adrian Lee from Places Victoria and Steve Cole from Lawn Solutions. Each giving their perspective as landscape architect, client and turf supplier on this recent transformation of MPavilion Docklands.

Ella Gauci – Seddon – Victoria AILA Fresh Chair



News from Victoria Chapter - 20 February 2017


This year the call-to-action has been continuing to improve the resilience of our urban environments, so our cities can withstand and adapt better to the shocks and stresses that come with rapid urbanisation, population growth and a changing climate.

The Australian Built Environment Council (ASBEC) Resilience Task Group, where I am representing AILA, is currently planning its resilience priorities for 2017 post-release of the Resilience Fact Sheets. I have also joined forces with a number of AILA members in the development of a draft AILA Position Statement - ‘Adapting to a Changing Climate: Building Resilience’ which will be released shortly for member comment.

On the 8 February I attended the 'Creating liveable and resilient cities by working with nature' panel-session where a number of Chief Resilience Officers from the 100 Resilient Cities program discussed the key role of urban biodiversity in strengthening the resilience of cities globally. If you want to learn more about how to make our cities 'climate ready' take a look at the Australian Government's Climate Ready Cities policy information brief prepared by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF). Resilience and adaptation strategies (such as WSUD and the use of green infrastructure) are something that Landscape architects play a key role in and it is important that we show leadership in this space.

The next few weeks are great for professional development. Tickets are selling fast for Thomas Woltz on Tuesday 28 February at RMIT Storey Hall. Take a look at this article sent through from his New York office to give you a preview. Click here to read. Register here now before it’s too late!

AILA has secured a table at the sold out PIA 2017 International Women's Day Breakfast on Thursday 2 March. If you would like a seat on the table there a couple of seats left. Tickets are $70 including GST. Please contact AILA VIC or 0401 811 976 if you would like to join us!

WE-EF are inviting creative minds of the Melbourne landscape architecture and lighting design communities to celebrate the arrival of the WE-EF LIGHTING Black Book. The Black Book translates WE-EF’s product ideas into visual language and is WE-EF Australia/New Zealand's latest and arguably most unexpected publication. If you would like to join the WE-EF Black Book Launch on Thursday 30 March 2017, please get in touch with AILA VIC at by 6 March 2017.

Also as part of the AILA CPD events there is the
Celebrity Lawn Series: Docklands Park on Wednesday 6 pm March 8 which will include a site visit, educational talk and refreshments at the trailblazing turf project - Docklands Park. Register here!

Pru Smith - AILA Victoria Secretary





News from Victoria Chapter - 6 February 2017



The Environment Committee of AILA Victoria is an engaged and interesting group of landscape architects, keen to contribute, from a landscape architecture perspective, to environmental issues affecting Victoria, and more broadly, Australia. We do so by preparing submissions and organising events. The committee meets on the second Wednesday morning of each month, at 8 am, at the Treasury Café, near Parliament Station in Melbourne. New members are always welcome. The breakfasts at Treasury Café are worth the early start to the day.

When drafting submissions, the committee draws on the policies of AILA and the expertise of its members. Such submissions might be in response to discussion papers and draft policies, strategies, regulations, and guidelines proposed by federal, state, municipal or statutory authorities and other organisations with a broad landscape remit. We aim to draw attention to the special role that landscape architects can have in protecting the environmental values of urban, suburban and rural landscapes. In 2016, the committee was quite busy. You can see our submissions here.

In October 2016 two members of the committee helped organise the Living Cities Event. This event was a great success, attended by over 60 people. Facilitated by Prof Rob Adams, a panel comprising Peter Seamer (CEO Victorian Planning Authority), Jill Garner (Victorian Government Architect), Sally Capp (Victorian Executive Director of the Property Council), Wes Fleming (director, Fleming’s Nurseries), Adrian Gray (manager of urban design at Brimbank Council), Tim O’Loan (Practice Lead - Design and Planning at AECOM), and Emma Appleton (AILA Victorian President), discussed green infrastructure and its implementation.

If you would like to join us, please email me at


Women at the helm of built environment professions

The Victorian Executive Officers & Presidents of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Planning Institute and Australian Institute of Architects met up to discuss our continuing combined activities that we will work together on in 2017. We took this opportunity to recognise the fact that women hold all of these positions. The February issue of Planning News has included a feature article with more information

AILA Victoria presents Thomas Woltz - Tuesday 28 February 

AILA Victoria is very excited to present Thomas Woltz, the well-known landscape architects from New York to deliver a lecture at Storey Hall on Tuesday February 28.

He will present on a number of significant public realm projects with which he has been involved in the United States and elsewhere – a great opportunity for Australian landscape architects to benchmark our own work against that of our international peers. Tickets are selling fast so register now!

Celebrity Lawn Series – Wednesday 8 March

Celebrity Lawn Series is a new CPD series which includes a site visit, educational talk and refreshments at a trailblazing turf project. This is an excellent opportunity to gain CPD points while checking out Docklands Park recent transformation designed by Melbourne landscape architecture firm MALA. Tickets can be purchased here.

Meredith Dobbie – AILA Victoria Environment committee chair




News from Victoria Chapter – 23 January 2017



A warm welcome back to everyone from AILA Victoria! We hope that you had a fun and relaxing time with family and friends.

We are off to a flying start already with the first piece of advocacy work submitted in January.

This was a response to the Draft Integrated Water Management Framework and was prepared by the AILA Victoria Environment Committee. You can view here

In December 2016, AILA Victoria also provided a response to the Safe and Accessible Victorian Waterways Discussion Paper prepared by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. This can be viewed here.

Contribute to AILA’s Advocacy work – Have your say


In May 2016, AILA Victoria reviewed the Draft Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations and submitted a response outlining key issues and making recommendations to the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning. See the letter here. Since then, all submissions have been considered and DELWP now invites comments on the proposed amendments by 8 March 2016.  Please contact if you would like to contribute to this piece of work.


Thomas Woltz lecture in Melbourne!


At the end of February 2017 AILA Victoria will be hosting New York based landscape architect Thomas Woltz, whose work is well known many of you. Thomas will deliver a lecture (dates to be confirmed soon) presenting a number of significant public realm projects with which he has been involved in the United States and elsewhere – a great opportunity for us as Australian landscape architects to benchmark our own work against that of our international peers. Read more about Thomas and his practice.  

Other events to look out for
Trust for Nature and Bush Heritage Australia annual Celebrating Women in Conservation Breakfast takes place on Thursday 2nd March. See here for ticketing information. 

Mary Papaioannou

AILA Victoria Vice-President



News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 19 December 2016


The Regional Committee aims to facilitate educational and professional support for regional Landscape Architects across Victoria while nurturing a strong and recognisable presence for the profession by leading AILA in providing stewardship for the natural landscape and enhancing the livability of regional and rural settlements in Victoria.

During the year an AILA National Council meeting was held in Geelong 17 March 2016 at the Deakin University waterfront campus. Following the meeting regional members joined the National Council for a drink and discussion.

In July Felix Hemingway participated in an AILA assessment of the Deakin University Masters of Landscape Architecture course. Deakin is the only university committed by its constitution to keep a strong regional context. Ongoing work has been committed by Regional AILA members and of course Melbourne based members.

In 2017 two larger events are being planned by the regional group. The main event is a seminar in Wodonga looking at Landscape Architecture in the regions. There are all sorts of interesting components to this seminar and it will be very participative. Keep an eye out for it. This event is understandably gaining interest from New South Wales and Canberra Landscape Architects.

The other event in planning involves “hands on” sessions in Dry Stone Walling with internationally qualified Dry Stone Wallers. This will be a chance to get dirty, learn new skills and gain insight into this ancient craft. 


AILA Victoria Christmas Party


Last Monday evening (12th December) was AILA Victoria’s Christmas Party at Pilgrim Bar, along the Yarra River and near Federation Square. What a fantastic evening it was! It was so great to see so many of you there to celebrate AILA Victoria’s achievements for 2016 and a great opportunity for us to thank you for all your efforts and contributions throughout the year. We hope you all had a brilliant evening and enjoyed a drink or two along the river! We would also love to thank Hardie Deck for being a proud partner of the Christmas party.





AILA Victoria provided a submission in response to the Safe and Accessible Victorian Waterways Discussion Paper prepared by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. This was prepared by members of the AILA Vic Environment and Public Sector committees and it can be viewed here.


AILA Victoria Christmas Shutdown Period


AILA Victoria wishes you and your families a very Merry Christmas and New Year! AILA Victoria will be closed from Thursday 22nd December and reopening on Monday 9th January. Thank you to our loyal partners Fleming's Nursery, WE-EF Lighting and City of Melbourne for their support throughout 2016. We would also love to thank our Victorian executive who have guided and supported the chapter office throughout the year.


Felix Hemingway
AILA Victoria Regional Committee chair




News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 5 December 2016


Happy festive season to all our members and sponsors. I hope the run up to Christmas is not too hectic and all look forward to the end of a busy year.

AILA Vic chapter has been working hard on 2016 AILA Victoria Membership renewals.
I am very pleased to say that the number of people who have not renewed is quite minimal.
In 2016/2017 the AILA Victoria retention rate is extremely high for a membership based organisation– over 95% which is brilliant. If however, you are one of the very few left yet to renew, please get in touch with the Chapter office or National office as soon as possible, to avoid suspension of your membership.

Advocacy activities continue to expand and our influence widens. 

The City of Melbourne has invited AILA to nominate a representative for their external reference group on the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review.
Several members and our Chapter office manager recently attended an Arden Vision workshop conducted by the Victorian Planning Authority, with invitees from PIA, AIA and other government agencies and departments. It was encouraging to hear speakers such as Jill Garner, Victorian Government Architect, espousing the virtues of green infrastructure and along with the AILA members present, call for a more integrated response to the challenges and opportunities of how water is dealt with in this urban renewal precinct.

There are currently two documents out for comment that may be of interest to members.
draft Integrated Water Management Framework. Feedback can be provided to by 13 January 2017. 
Safe and Accessible Victorian Waterways discussion paper - feedback being sought until 14 December 2016.



Please get in touch with the Chapter office if you wish to contribute to an AILA response to these papers. Our Public Sector, Advocacy and Environment Committees would be interested in your contribution.

Finally, the executive look forward to seeing many of you at the AILA Christmas Party on Monday 12 December at Pilgrim Bar. RSVP to Felicity at the Chapter office if you have not yet done so. 

Dean Thornton



Advocacy Committee


The AILA Victoria Advocacy Committee aims to promote and support Landscape Architecture practice. We undertake state-based advocacy work to assist, inform and influence government agencies and allied professions to ensure that Landscape Architects play a principal role in the design, planning and management of the natural and built environment. The committee has coordinated and prepared a number of member led submissions on various topical projects over the past year, including Fishermans Bend, Plan Melbourne Refresh, Nightingale Apartments and the Better Apartments Discussion Paper. You can find some of our recent submissions on the Victoria Advocacy page - insert link on the AILA website.

A focus of the committee for the year ahead will be the '50 Future Spaces for Victoria' project. The committee also plans to focus on how we can continue to engage and interest AILA members in advocacy issues and how we might better utilise the resources and knowledge base of the broader AILA membership.

If you would like to be involved in our conversations, we are currently looking for more members to join the committee. Please email Brenton Beggs or Gemma Ashley if you are interested. We generally meet together once a month in the CBD and welcome any new members keen to assist and contribute.

Living Cities

Last week AILA VIC hosted the sequel event to Canberra’s Living Cities Workshop at the new AECOM facilities. The event attracted a massive turnout from our most esteemed professionals in the built environment. Speakers and guest panellists included Peter Seamer, CEO Victorian Planning Authority; Jill Garner, Victorian Government Architect; Sally Capp, Victorian Executive Director, Property Council; Wes Fleming, Director, Fleming’s Nurseries; Adrian Gray, Manger Urban Design Brimbank Council; Tim O’Loan, Practice Lead - Design and Planning, AECOM; and Emma Appleton AILA Victorian President. The panel was expertly facilitated by Prof Rob Adams, Director City Design and Projects at the City of Melbourne who led a robust discussion on green infrastructure and its implementation.

The take home message for the night was that green infrastructure is critical to the liveability of our cities, and pathways need to be sought to ensure its funding and implementation. Increasing tree canopies, water sensitive urban design approaches, and utilising public space efficiently leads to higher quality and more adaptive urban environments. Climate change presents risks but also opportunities to prioritise and encourage the adoption of green infrastructure as an asset to our community, economy and built environment. Thanks to our sponsors Lawn Solutions Australia and the support received from AECOM and Fleming’s Nurseries the night was one to be repeated.


AILA Fresh Studio Tours

The highly anticipated AILA Fresh Studio’s tour was held last week. It brought together over 20 students with professionals from a wide range of landscape architecture studios including McGregor Coxall, Aspect, Enlocus, Urban Initiatives, Oculus and Hansen Partnership. 

Each studio presented key projects which demonstrated aspects of approach, representation, problem solving faced at key moments in the design process. The sessions allowed students the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the challenges and motivations which drive each professional to push the limits to make good work happen. Thanks to all studios involved for providing students with valuable advice and insight into professional practice.


WE-EF Sustainable Lighting Seminar

Join WE-EF for this exciting event on Thursday 1 December, 5pm at WE-EF Offices, 6/13 Downard Street, Braeside, Victoria. Inspired by the AILA National Festival 2016 Not In My Backyard, WE-EF would like to invite Victorian landscape architects to learn about environmental aspects of lighting.
There will be a series of short talks, which includes how lighting works and what you should know about lighting for public spaces. Other topics will be dark skies and how lighting impacts the environment; and then taking a brief look at Life Cycle Assessment and how lighting manufacturers like WE-EF can contribute to improved sustainability of lighting installations. You can register to attend here.


AILA Victoria Christmas Party
The AILA Victoria Christmas Party is a great opportunity for members to come together to celebrate the achievements of AILA Victoria in 2016 as well as reflecting on the past 50 years of AILA. It will be held on Monday 12th December at Pilgrim Bar at 6pm with canapes. This event is free to members, however you do need to register in advance to secure your place at the party.

- Gemma Ashley, Advocacy Committee Co-Chair



News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 8 November 2016


Living Cities AILA Victoria

All spaces have been filled to attend the AILA Victoria 'Living Cities' event this Thursday, where we will hear from key decision and policy makers and influences about the role of green infrastructure in the growth of Melbourne and Victoria. With Infrastructure Victoria including it as a key aspect of their 30 year plan, we are seeking commitments as well as further understanding of the barriers we may need to overcome to truly deliver the green infrastructure required for a liveable city.

AILA Festival

What a festival it was in Canberra! Victorian landscape architects from private practice, public agency and the academy joined the 600-big crowd to consider the anthropocene, described by creative director, Richard Weller as 'profoundly frightening, deeply uncertain and incredibly optimistic'.

An amazing four days + of events, exhibitions, and inspiration pulled together by the AILA national and chapter offices from across the country.

We heard an urgent call for us to not only continue to make a difference in terms of protecting and improving natural and living systems in each and every project, (and in our daily lives), but also to increase our agency, voice and skills to rally others to consider the urgent needs of the earth and its people. The importance of collaborations with scientists, embracing technologies which inform our design processes, and engaging in projects of scale were key messages. 'Stay with the trouble!'

Victoria also scooped a number of AILA National Awards as part of the new awards program. Congratulations to all who were shortlisted and those who won! See the list of who won here.

Membership renewals

Your AILA Membership renewal is now overdue. Please contact Flick or Kate urgently at the Vic chapter on 0401 811 976 or if you are having trouble renewing and we will assist!

Emma Appleton - AILA Victoria President 



News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 26 October 2016


This newsletter is the first in a series featuring AILA Victoria Chapter Committees and acknowledging their commitment and valued work.

Cultivate Committee

Cultivate aims to engage AILA with emerging landscape theory and design topics by providing forums for conversation and collaboration. In the year ahead, Cultivate hopes to build upon the ambitious work of AILA Victoria’s recent Connection to Country symposium, interrogate the urban design implications of Melbourne’s housing affordability crisis, identify avenues for collaboration with the city’s local universities and explore intersections of landscape and film. If you are interested in joining our conversations or would like to be notified of our upcoming meetings and events, please contact co-chairs Jen Lynch and Emily Wong through the Vic Chapter at

Modeling Practice: Emerging Landscape Practice in Melbourne

On Thursday 13 October, AILA launched its Night Networking series at LOOP Bar. Hosted by the AILA Cultivate Committee and supported by the City of Melbourne, ‘Modeling Practice’ framed an inspiring discussion between four of Melbourne’s emerging landscape practices: Bush Projects (Bonnie Grant and Sarah Hicks), Pollen Studio (Dan Nunan), MALA Studio (Cam Morris with Joe Morgan-Paylor) and AKAS Landscape Architecture (Anthony Sharples and Alistair Kirkpatrick). Each practice presented itself in the form of a manifesto, outlining the key theories, questions, techniques, mentors, precedents and principles that inspire their work. Presentations and a panel discussion following surfaced the diversity of the practices as well as a series of common themes, including the importance of collaboration, risk-taking and boundary-pushing. What a brilliant turn out with 50 – 70 people attending!

An excellent, strong start to Night Networking.

AILA Victoria presents ‘Living Cities’

Join us on Thursday, 10 November, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at AECOM to discuss the role of green infrastructure (or ‘living infrastructure’) in the sustainable growth of Victoria. This exciting event will feature leaders from government and the development and design industries who will present their approaches to delivering ‘Living Cities’.

Speakers include: Peter Seamer, CEO, Victorian Planning Authority; Sally Capp, CEO of the Property Council; Paul Younis, CEO Brimbank City Council; and Jill Garner, Victorian Government Architect. The speakers will discuss the planning, design and financing of green infrastructure, the challenges involved in its delivery, and change required to make green infrastructure support sustainable growth.

This event follows on from AILA National’s discussions with industry and professional bodies as outlined in the Living Cities Workshop Report a response to the Federal Government’s initiatives.

Working with Water, the Good, the Bad and the Stormy

Last Thursday night, AILA held a Landscape Technical CPD session entitled ‘Working with Water, the Good, the Bad and the Stormy’. Landscape Technical CPD sessions provide a forum for the presentation and exhibition of industry information in an educational and inspiring format. The event included presentations by three speakers, including: Gary Bukowski (ACO), who presented on surface drainage management; Martin Reeves (OUTLINES), who presented the award winning Gum Scrub Creek project, a large new built ecology in Melbourne’s south-east growth corridor; and Michael Koungras (Austral), who spoke to us on permeable paving systems. This event was brought to AILA Victoria by ACO and Austral.

National Urban Design Awards 2016

AILA is a supporting peak body of the National Urban Design Awards. The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) organized a great event held on Thursday, 13 October at 452 Flinders Street, Melbourne. The standard of Urban Design project entries from across Australia was excellent. Dean and Felicity attended the cocktail party and presentation and it was a good opportunity to mix with around 100 other design professionals.

Have a look at the gallery of winners here.


Jennifer Lynch

News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 11 October 2016

This October there are a number of opportunities to brush-up on professional development.

The AILA Cultivate Committee hosting ‘Modeling Practice’ at LOOP Bar at 6pm, Thursday 13 October.

Four Melbourne-based design practices will discuss the ongoing conversation in their practice between precedent and experiment, repetition and mutation, ideas and application.
This event is the launch of AILA Victoria’s Night Networks Series which will happen every two months.

There is also theWorking with Water, the Good, the Bad and the Stormy‘ Landscape Technical CPD session at 6pm on Thursday 20 October at Brickworks Studio in Richmond. The event will feature a presentation by Martin Reeves of Outlines on the AILA award winning Gum Scrub Creek project which is a large new built ecology constructed at Officer. The evening will also include other presenters from providing technical information on various surface drainage and permeable paving systems.

Victoria's 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy


Infrastructure Victoria has released its draft 30-year Infrastructure Strategy, with the final strategy due to parliament by end 2016. We are pleased to note that green infrastructure features prominently in the draft Strategy. This is directly in line with AILA Victoria’s June submission (in response to their earlier options paper) where we advocated for the recognition and prioritisation of green infrastructure and called for a state-wide Green Infrastructure Plan. It is therefore very pleasing to see that that the draft Strategy has referenced many of the discussion points made in our submission, and that there is a recommendation to ‘increase the amount and quality of green infrastructure in urban settings’ and to ‘ to produce a green infrastructure plan in partnership with local government‘. This is a great outcome and emphasizes the importance of our advocacy efforts in ensuring landscape architects have a voice in the issues that impact our cities and places.

We encourage members to review the draft Strategy and complete the survey. Also if you wish to get involved in preparing a submission for AILA please contact Felicity at


Living Cities

While on the topic of green infrastructure, AILA Victoria are currently planning a Living Cities event in November. This follows on from the National Living Cities forum which took place in Canberra in February.
AILA led discussions with industry and professional bodies associated with green infrastructure planning and has been instrumental in the development of the Living Cities Workshop Report, a response to the Federal Government’s initiatives. You can read the Living Cities Workshop Report hereFollowing on from this, we are now planning to host an event in Melbourne to continue the conversation locally.

Fishermans Bend Recast Vision

The Fishermans Bend Ministerial Advisory Committee has now released the final recast vision for Fishermans Bend, including the 10 Strategic Directions and the vision for each precinct to 2050. AILA is encouraged by its commitments to sustainability and liveability although more detail is needed to fully understand how these will be implemented.

Pru Smith



News from the AILA Victoria Chapter - 28 September 2016

AILA Victoria congratulate AILA’s new National Board, and look forward to working with them to further progress the organisation and landscape architecture in general.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM was held on September 15 at Places Victoria. Annual reports from the President, Treasurer and all Committees were presented, outlining achievements to date and forward plans. See here for overview – this is also summarised in AILA’s Annual report along with all the other states. We also welcomed 20 new registered landscape architects, including four Senior Entry applicants. Congratulations!
Thanks to Pru Smith, AILA Victoria Secretary, Committee Chairs and Georgie Greenland, Kate Western and Felicity McGahan for organising the event.

Melbourne Metro Rail Inquiry / Advisory Committee (IAC)
On September 19, Jon Shinkfield, previous Past President of AILA Victoria, represented AILA at the Melbourne Metro IAC, an independent panel appointed by the Minister to review and consider the environmental effects of the project. Jon advocated for landscape architects to be integral to the design teams for Melbourne Metro, from the earliest stage of the project, so as to achieve the best contextual outcomes (and not just fix up the impacts of functional engineering solutions). He emphasised the need for trees to be in ground, not containerized, to enable optimum growth and to achieve positive impacts for the city. Jon also reinforced the need to have on-going expert peer review through the OVGA’s Victorian Design Review Panel to ensure the high ambitions of the project are delivered. Thanks Jon, for representing AILA and to David Dreadon, Meredith Dobbie and Pru Smith for working with Jon to prepare the submission.

Better Apartment submission
On September 19, AILA Victoria submitted their response to the draft Apartment Design Standards. You can read that here.Thank you to Mark Skiba for drafting the submission, with input from Emma Appleton, David Dreadon, Craig Czarny, Dean Thornton, Claire Martin, Ron Jones, Mark Jacques, Mary Papaioannou, Brenton Beggs and Gemma Ashley. AILA’s previous submission was obviously responded to in the drafting of the Standards, but AILA still advocates for the standards to go further if Melbourne wants to retain its liveable city status.

AILA Victoria’s Night Network launch
On Thursday October 13, the Night Network series will be launched, with ‘Modeling Practice’, run by the Cultivate Committee. This will be at LOOP Bar, Meyers Place from 6pm. Every second month on the second Thursday of the month, an AILA Victoria event will take place at a venue in the CBD, either as a formal conversation with key speakers, or an informal gathering. Come along to the launch and hear from four emerging practices.

My Park Rules
On 13 September, Oculus visited Baden Powell College to present the final design panels from the My Park Rules Competition.
AILA Victoria is looking forward to working with Baden Powell College and Oculus on making the most of all of the work that went in to this competition entry.
More to come on this………

Emma Appleton


News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 13 September 2016

This week is an important week in the Victorian Chapter Calendar with the Annual General Meeting 2016 being held on Thursday starting at 5.30pm at Places Victoria, 710 Collins Street. As always, all members are welcome to attend the meeting where the Annual Report will be presented by the Executive Committee together with the Chairs of all other Victorian Chapter Committees. Certificates will also be presented to those members who were successful in the most recent round of Registration Applications.

The Victorian Government is seeking feedback on the Climate Change Adaption Plan Directions Paper [IP2] which will set out climate change adaptation action across the state for the next four years, from 2017. This second adaption plan builds on the first, which is currently in effect, and on the vast amount of adaptation action already taking place throughout the State. This includes action by coastal communities to develop regional plans, and by local governments to develop urban forest strategies and climate-proof local infrastructure. Consultation ends on the 23 September 2016. Please contact AILA Vic if you want to get involved in the preparation of a submission. 

We are pleased to advise that The Greening the West sub-committee dealing with powerline guidelines has invited AILA to attend an important meeting with Jemena, Powercor and Energy Safe Victoria to discuss the impact of increasingly onerous guidelines on the delivery of effective street tree plantings. We will keep membership updated on progress. In other news, we encourage landscape architects seeking Government consultancy work that they investigate if they need to be listed on the Construction Supplier Register which is a pre-qualification scheme for building and construction industry consultants and contractors. We understand it is used by State Government and by arrangement by some local Governments, hospitals and other approved Government and non-Government organisations. 

We also remind all members that Jon Shinkflield will make a presentation on behalf of AILA Victoria at the Melbourne Metro Rail Public Hearing on Monday 19th September at Mercure Treasury Gardens, Ground Floor, 13 Spring Street, Melbourne at 10am. As this is a public hearing, interested members are welcome to attend.

Mary Papaioannou

AILA Victoria Vice President



News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 29 August 2016


The Victorian Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM) is to be held on Thursday 15 September from 5.30 to 6.30pm at Places Victoria, 710 Collins Street, Docklands.  All members are invited to attend the AGM but must RSVP by Wednesday 14th September to Kate Western in the chapter office or via our event page hereThe Executive will be presenting a summary of the 2015-2016 year as well as presenting new Registered Landscape Architects with their Certificates.

AILA’s 50th Birthday celebration was held simultaneously around the country last Thursday night. A feature of the night was the screening of the AILA film, which you can see here. Also an impromptu and moving speech from AILA Fellow Jim Sinatra was widely appreciated. Thanks to our sponsors Lappset and Austral Bricks for their contribution to the evening. 

Last week also featured a highly successful and sold out joint event with AILA, PIA and AIA, titled Getting Around Town; Melbourne’s Transport Future. Presenters included AILA member Tim O’Loan from Aecom; Timothy Papandreou, Director of the Office of Innovation at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA); and Robert Moore, Project Executive, Melbourne Metro Rail. 

This Thursday afternoon September 1st , we have the WE-EF Lighting Tour in Mornington; which is another sold out event. A bus will be travelling from the NGV in the CBD to Mornington and from there a tour will take place around Mornington, through the laneways towards the Mornington harbour precinct and finish with dinner. Sure to be a great evening.

Finally, the work of our Connection to Country Victorian Committee continues with a national draft Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and a draft Connection to Country Position Statement about to be sent to AILA National for consideration. Big thanks to the Committee, Anne-Marie Pisani and Mary Papaioannou for their tremendous efforts with this work.

Dean Thornton - AILA Victoria Treasurer 




News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 16 August 2016


Following the success of the recent AILA Victoria Awards, (link to winners here and photos of the night here in case you missed this), we are pleased to report that the efforts of the Vic Chapter Office and Executive to broaden our audience continue to be richly rewarded! You will find links to a variety of media coverage of the winning projects below.

Architecture Australia Australian Design Review Architecture & Design

Outdoor Design Source

The Border Mail

Latrobe Valley Express

Bendigo Advertiser


You can also listen to Emma Appleton, AILA Victoria Chapter President and Jury Chair, speaking on ABC Goulburn Murray radio the morning after the Awards. Emma, was interviewed alongside the Mayor of Wodonga about Junction Place, Winner of the Civic Landscape Award of Excellence, by ASPECT Studios and City of Wodonga.


The Chapter’s advocacy work continues, and contributions from members are welcomed.

Protecting the Yarra


Led by the Environment Committee, AILA Vic made a submission on the “Protecting the Yarra (Birrarung) Discussion Paper”. It was a great opportunity to draw on some of the thinking and discussion generated by the “Yarra Riverkeeper” event run earlier this year. Find a link to the submission here.

50 Year Water Strategy


On August 23rd, Meredith Dobbie, Environment Committee Chair, will represent AILA at the 50-year Urban Water Strategy Stakeholder Workshop to be held by Yarra Valley Water.

Melbourne Metro


On September 19th, Jon Shinkfield will represent AILA at the Melbourne Metro Rail Project – EES Inquiry and Advisory Committee Panel Hearing.

Draft Better Apartments Standards


The Better Apartments project is a joint initiative of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA). In 2015, AILA VIC made a submission on the Better Apartments Discussion Paper (Find a link to that submission here). The Victorian Government has now released the Better Apartment Draft Design Standards and is inviting community and stakeholder feedback to inform design guidelines that will be introduced later this year. AILA Vic is seeking interested members to work on the preparation of a submission on the Draft Standards. If you think you can help, please contact Felicity McGahan at the Chapter Office to get involved. Or visit read the draft design standards and have your say. Public consultation on the draft design standards is open until 5pm,19 September 2016.


Mary Papaioannou - Vice President 




News from AILA Victoria Chapter - 2 August 2016

On the evening of Thursday 28 July, AILA Victoria had their 2016 AILA Victoria Landscape Architecture Awards ceremony. This year AILA Victoria had 33 entries and 13 Awards were received across eight different categories. This year’s Awards were given to the following categories Urban Design, Civic Landscape, Parks and Open Spaces, Tourism, Research, Policy and Communications, Infrastructure and Communities.

The Awards ceremony was an outstanding success for the chapter with over 200 members and non-members attending. A huge thank you to the MC for the evening, Professor Gini Lee, the Awards Committee Chair, Dan Nunan, the AILA Victoria Awards Committee, AILA Victoria President and Jury Chair, Emma Appleton, the Jury Committee, Ron Jones, Felix Hemingway, Adam Nitschke, Tony Styant-Browne, Susan Small, the Florist, Lilac and the Cat, the photographer, Drew Echberg and last but not least, the venue, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne.

Our Awards exhibition has also been a success with many students and members of the public visiting on a daily basis. The exhibition opened on Monday 25th July at 9am and has closed today, the exhibition had all 33 entries displayed around the Dulux Gallery at the Melbourne School of Design which was a fantastic opportunity for the public to get familiar with Landscape Architecture and the entrants projects.

Over the next few weeks we will post all the photos that were taken from the Awards ceremony evening by Drew Echberg so keep your eyes peeled on our social media networks. Like us here on Facebook and send us a tweet on Twitter. If you love the photographs from the Awards ceremony, please feel free to get in contact with Drew Echberg here.

Below is a list of all the media coverage the 2016 AILA Victoria Landscape Architecture Awards ceremony received. Feel free to comment, like and/or share any of this coverage with your colleagues and friends!

Architecture Australia
Australian Design Review
Architecture Media
The Border Mail
AILA website

Felicity McGahan 
AILA Victoria Chapter Manager


Kate Western

AILA Victoria Admin and Event Assistant





News from AILA Victoria Chapter Executive - 19 July 2016

2016 Stormwater Victoria Excellence Awards

Last Thursday 14 July I attended the Gala dinner for the 2016 Stormwater Victoria Excellence Awards as a guest on behalf of AILA. It was great to see landscape architects in the project teams of many of the award winning projects including GbLA Landscape Architects Pty Ltd, Brimbank Council and Aspect Studios respectively for:

Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design - Warralily/Armstrong Creek Wetland and Creek System, stages 2A and 2F

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