WA Chapter

Welcome to AILA's WA Chapter. We have many active members across the private sector, local and state government. If you would like to know more about our Institute, please contact wa@aila.org.au.

We also have a very active group of student and graduate landscape architects. They congregate under the banner of wAILA FRESH.

Their committee is

Tilly Caddy (Co-Chair)

Shadra Cooper (Co-Chair)

Rebecca McGregor (Secretary)

Diana Avery (Treasurer)

Kat Stewart (Student Rep)

Sean Tyler (Student Rep)

Michael Memeo

Leela Day

You can contact them at wailafreshcommittee@gmail.com

Contact AILA's WA Chapter

General enquiries: 0499 112 752



Postal address: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (WA Chapter)
PO Box 8162, Fremantle WA 6160


WA Chapter Manager: Harsha Quartermaine

President: Nathan Greenhill

Vice Presidents: Jeremy Wilks

Secretary: Jenny Cooper

Treasurer: Phil Burton

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