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A press release from our State Supporting Partner - Benara Nurseries

Western Sydney University Evaluation of Australian Nursery Tree Stock.

The research team from Western Sydney University leading the project Evaluation of nursery tree stock balance parameters (NY15001) have visited over 23 production nurseries around Australia, and measured upwards of 13,000 trees over the past 12 months. Their research will help to ensure buyers such as local councils, town planners and developers can purchase trees of consistent, nationally recognised quality that are durable and resilient in Australia's climate. The current standard (Tree stock for landscape use AS2303:2015) took some time and saw some issues of contention, the primary issue being around the use of tree stock balance assessment. This concept and process was influenced by the previously published “Specifying Trees - A guide to assessment of tree quality” (R. Clark, 2003) also commonly known as NATSPEC. At the drafting of the standards there remained some doubts as to the validity of tree stock balance assessment, as there was limited validation of its worth as demonstrated through independent scientific assessment.

The Case Study titled “Data to bolster Nursery Standards for assessing quality tree stock” deals with findings to date and Initial indications from the data obtained during this study would suggest that size index as determined by the tree stock balance assessment is not reflective of good quality trees grown around Australia, considering the influence of climate, species and production practices. This research conducted by WSU will be released to industry after the conclusion of the project in April.

An application to vary the Industry standard known as AS2303 2015 Tree Stock for Landscape Use will be made in early 2017 pending the outcomes and release of the research.

View the video featuring field researcher Dr Court Campany for more information.

Sheldon Gault

Business Development Manager


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