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Building Industry Fairness Reforms - Progress Payments, Adjudication and Subcontractors’ Charges

On 10 November 2017, the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (BIF Act) introduced a suite of reforms to ensure Queenslander's who work in our building and construction industry are paid for the work they do. On 11 September 2018, amendments to clarify some of the provisions under these reforms commenced. Reforms relating to progress payments, adjudication and subcontractors’ charges will commence on 17 December 2018.

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Taneile Nixon & Alexandria Woodward, AILA Qld Qfresh Co-Chairs - 17 December 2018

What a cracker of a year its been, and the Karl Langer Awards Night and Christmas Party was a spectacular way to end a busy year, catching up with friends and colleagues.

Congratulations to all the nominees this year, Kelvin Chua, Sara Eckermann, Lennon Lau, Amie Mason, Skye Reid, Alice Sweeney, Jared Thorp and Caroline Jiaxin Li. The nominees all demonstrated an eagerness for the profession and their contribution to the future of AILA will no doubt be notable.

Presented with the tough task of selecting a winner from the talent this year was our jury panel; Deb Robins, Tessa Leggo and Nader Ibrahim. It was with great excitement that Jury Chair Deb, on behalf of AILA was proud to announce the 2018 Karl Langer Award Winner - Jared Thorp. For the panel Jared’s presentation and work was a standout on the day, and the unanimous decision was quickly made given his enthusiasm and aspiration for what the future of Landscape Architecture holds. We offer our greatest congratulations to Jared, and can’t wait to see him excel in the future!

2018 for QFresh was busy to say the least, delivering a range of events for our members and even hosting one at the International Festival of Landscape Architecture for our nation-wide AILA Fresh friends. We thank the committee for the efforts in preparing and hosting these events with a special mention to our sponsors for their continued support, RPS, Vee Design, Tract, Dunn & Moran, O2LA and JFP. We look forward to a relaxing break and to come back energised for our first event of 2019, Perfecting the Pitch!


Alex and Taneile


Suzie Rawlinson, Chair AILA Qld Regional Landscapes Group - 30 November 2018

2018 has been a fantastic year for the AILA Queensland Regional Landscapes Working Group.The launch event for the Guidance Note for Landscape and Visual Assessment(GNLVA) was held at Mode on 13th September and represents the culmination of over four years of hard work by our group. We are grateful to all those AILA members who attended to support us and learn more about the guideline and for all the positive feedback received. To view click here. We feel that this is a significant milestone that will help ensure that landscape and visual amenity issues are adequately addressed in future assessments in Queensland and helps position AILA as a leading authority on these issues.

The Regional Landscapes Group is one of the longest-serving AILA committees…so long in fact that nobody can remember what year it formed, although everyone agrees it was already going by 2000! The focus of our activities changes in response to current key issues. We have coordinated responses to both of the most recent South East Queensland Regional Plans, the Queensland Wind Farm State Code and the Renewable Energy Panel consultation. We also provide support to the AILA Queensland Advocacy Committee where required on submissions related to development issues. One of our key areas of focus next year will be promoting the GNLVA, particularly to local councils throughout Queensland to raise the bar for landscape assessment standards in the State. Current topics of interest also include the role of renewable energy projects (wind and solar farms) in the changing Queensland landscape, valuing and protecting landscape character as development pressure intensifies and ensuring adequate greenspace provision for our growing population. We are a member-led group, who normally meet once a month on a Tuesday.We currently have around ten active members. So, if you have a burning concern about a landscape-planning related issue get in touch or – better still – join us! Contact Georgina Scriha for details about how to join.



Tobias Volbert, AILA QLD Small Business Network - 21 November 2018

The AILA Small Business Network continues to support single to small practices in Brisbane.

We had a great SBN catch up at the fantastic AILA Conference at the Gold coast.

Latest Collaboration Idea is to include the AILA Book Club meetings with our SBN meetings. The first session with be on Charles Massy book, “Call of the Reed Warbler” who spoke at the Festival of Landscape Architecture about his work in regenerative agriculture. The next Book Club meeting will be held on 17 January with more details available in December. What a great opportunity to read this book over the holidays.

We are also continuing to work with AILDM members to put Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers together to share knowledge and skills.


Tobias Volbert


Andrew Prowse, North Queensland Co-Chair - 7 November 2018


I recently attended the Australian Institute of Horticulture Awards Night on the Gold Coast (27th October). Among the awardees was Landscape Architect Stuart Pittendrigh of NSW, who received Fellowship (Stuart received the AIH Horticulturist of the Year Award in 2015 for his work on the Barangaroo headland in Sydney). The AIH Awards Weekend and the conference preceding it by Therapeutic Horticulture Australia where both listed on our AILA QLD events calendar. Therapeutic Horticulture Australia is a new organisation barely a year old and their 3 days of conference and workshops on the Gold Coast was well received by delegates. Last month certainly saw landscape & horticulture hit the Gold Coast !!

During the coming year we will be keeping AILA members posted of what events these organisations are having for both interest and CPD points - we are promoting closer ties between AILA and other institutes and organisations to promote both our AILA events and theirs - especially helpful for those in regional areas seeking CPD. Next year both AIH & THA are planning their annual event in Perth mid-September to coincide with the wild flower season there.

Cairns & Townsville are looking at having a Xmas get together next month, with the venue and date to be confirmed - please keep an eye on the weekly newsletters as well as the events page on the AILA website. 

We are also in the process of planning next year's events - if any NQ/FNQ Members have anything they would like to see, please email the Queensland Chapter with suggestions.


Andrew Prowse

Alice Hawker, AILA GOLD Chair - 22 October 2018

Hello everyone,

While I wasn’t able to attend the Festival of Landscape Architecture on the Gold Coast, from what I’ve heard it has been a great success, everyone seems to have enjoyed and got great value out of it.

Here are some of the comments from my colleagues who were fortunate enough to attend it:

  • The actions and attitude of the Uni students who did the presentation on the Brisbane River freeway were inspirational for the future – imagine the discussions that could be had if we all put into action what we thought.
  • Richard Weller’s presentation and work on ‘Atlas of the End of the World’ – interesting thinking of global design and contribution that design can make to global problems.


  • The discussion on work place flexibility – good to hear someone implementing it so successfully
  • Loved the aboriginal dancing. The conversation with aboriginal people and the complex interplay of politics, land title, disenfranchised mobs and the beauty and richness of Country.
  • The idea of using videography for projects rather than just still imagery
  • ….‘’The life between buildings is more important than the building itself’’….
  • Profound nature and ability of the musical performance to capture and express the Landscape
  • Seeing and hearing from people with incredible projects on the fringes of the profession is proof of the potential of Landscape Architecture!
  • The poetry and the Ophelia offal tray from Uni of Newcastle trip crew certainly made an impression
  • Embrace any form of involvement no matter how small, even if it just means attending. We sometimes get hung up on ownership rather than just being involved.
  • Why restrict a memorial or playground to a ‘structure or structures’ when the place or park can become the whole structure or play element?
  • We all need to embrace social media and technology to stay on the front foot
  • If you have an idea, go for it – don’t sit around waiting for someone to do it for you. If in doubt get help. someone’s always willing
  • How do you find the balance between the grind of the typical day’s work within business constraints while finding time and enthusiasm to explore other avenues?

A big congratulations to TCL and everyone who helped organise such a successful event! I hope that you also enjoyed the Festival and are feeling inspired to keep co-creating our beautiful Landscape.

Best Regards,

Alice Hawker






Jamie Franklin, AILA SUN Chair - 8 October 2018

For those of us who are involved in managing landscape construction contracts, we have an upcoming presentation that will inform you of the latest legislation and potential impacts.

AILA SUN members have organised Brendan Bathersby, Partner at Garland Waddington Solicitors to provide a brief overview of the Building Industry Fairness Act (BIFA) and how it relates to Landscape Construction Projects.

The BIFA is due to replace BCIPA at the end of this 2018 and will impact on payment timeframes, payment claims, create project bank accounts and potentially necessitate amendments to standard contract terms.If you are involved in preparing or administering landscape construction contracts, processing payment claims, or engaging subcontractors, this information session will inform you about the new legislative requirements and what steps your practice should be taking to be prepared for the implementation of the new Act.

Please join us in Maroochydore for a 12.30pm start on 17th October 2018 and visit the AILA event page to register.

David Roberts, AILA Qld Advocacy Committee Chair - 24 September 2018


Hello Everyone,

As the current Chair of AILA Advocacy Group QLD, it is great to be part of this group that consists of several much-valued and experienced landscape architects who are willing spend their time spreading the word with stakeholders and agencies about our important profession.

The AILA National advocacy goal is “to ensure landscape architecture gains and retains a position of primary focus for policy makers, agencies, allied professions and the greater community.”

The AILA Advocacy Group QLD has recently been making some progress in several areas which is positive, and we look forward to future opportunities as they arise.

Several topics on the radar now are:

- Certification and how this impacts our profession and quality of work. It was good to recently get a voice into Brisbane City Council and discuss various issues surrounding Certification and we thank Brisbane City Council for this opportunity. There has been some progress but there is still a lot to achieve in this area, so watch this space.

- Major projects around South East Queensland are in various stages of design including The Gold Coast Spit, Toondah Harbour, Brisbane Metro, The Zip Line as well as The Mill. These projects are significant changes for South East Queensland and as landscape architects, we have a responsibility as professionals to communicate our concerns to key players in State and Local Government. Advocacy work around this is underway.

- Other topics on the board include networking with other landscape architects throughout the State, particularly the regional areas and finding out from these members what advocacy work is going to assist them in getting their voices heard.

The aim is to get our voice heard more throughout Queensland as in the past in comparison to other States, we have been a relatively quiet profession and with the significant amount of development occurring in various areas of this State – we all want to ensure we are contributing to create quality places in the communities that we all live.

As the AILA Advocacy Group QLD, we welcome any suggestions for future opportunities to connect with key contacts in State and Local Governments to get more exposure for our important profession.

If you are passionate about your profession and desire to see progress, no doubt you can contribute to the area of advocacy. Email your thoughts through to AILA QLD as we would love to hear from you.


Thanks everyone for your effort so far.


David Roberts




David Hatherly, AILA Qld Profession Advisory Committee Chair - 10 September 2018

Well not long to go until the Festival of Landscape Architecture on the Gold Coast, kicking off with the National Awards on Thursday 11th  October. I am looking forward to an informative few days and a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. There are still tickets available for the festival, so if you have not already booked, now is the time.

The festival will also be a great opportunity to meet our new National Board, following the AGM on 12 October 2018. Well done to all candidates who nominated and congratulations to those who were successful, including our own Shaun Walsh and Katharina Nieberler-Walker. There are a number of fresh faces on the new National Board and we look forward to them providing AILA with strong strategic direction over the coming years.

We also have some great events coming up this month such as the Official Launch: Guidance Note for Landscape and Visual Assessment this Thursday and Conversations with Elders on 27 September. Click here to see a full list of Queensland events. We hope to see you there!

Finally a big congratulations to the QFresh team and everyone involved in organising the recent studio tour. It was great to see inside the studios of Cusp, Place Design Group and Vee Design and here a little more about their culture and their projects. The event was a sell-out and I believe planning has already begun on the next one, so stay tunes.


David Hatherly


Candy Rosmarin, AILA Qld Executive Committee Secretary - 24 August 2018

Last week the Queensland Executive Committee met with the national board. First up Qfresh presented an update on what they had been involved in for the year. It would be an understatement to say that the National board was impressed with the many initiatives from Qfresh that they could share with the other states.

The National board updated the Qld Executive Committee with the work that was happening at a national level which included work on gender equity in landscape architecture, AILA’s reconciliation action plan, the new jobs page and the launch of the website showcasing the works of landscape architects.

The national board was very interested in how the Queensland members would be best served. It was a very productive meeting with much information sharing.

With a few more events planned, all efforts are being focused on the upcoming conference being held in Queensland. Certainly no one can argue that the Gold Coast will be an enticing venue for visitors from other states. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Kind regards,

Candy Rosmarin


Georgina Scriha, AILA Qld Chapter Manager - 13 August 2018

It's been great talking to members at recent events in Queensland including the Awards Showcase/ACM and After Dark CPD event. As the Executive starts to plan for the 2019 year it's great to hear member feedback on what they value in their AILA membership and what they would like to see more of. I'm always happy to hear your thoughts on what issues are affecting your work and what role you would like to see AILA take in tackling these. So get in touch and share your thoughts and ideas.


Andrew Prowse & Tim Connor, North Queensland Co-Chairs - 30 July 2018

To start Andrew and I would like to firstly thank Renee Jezard for the effort she has undertaken in the past several years in undertaking the role as AILA NQ’s chairperson.

I am a Townsville based Landscape Architect with over ten years’ experience in private practice. Having grown up in Townsville, I am in the privileged position of designing for my home town.

Andrew is a Cairns based Landscape Architect, moving to the tropics in 1990 after several years in local government in Sydney.

We both step into the role with some challenges to address. Firstly, our role covers a large geographical area. With the assistance of AILA we are looking at the best ways we can bring members from across our region together. With Andrew being based in Cairns and myself in Townsville the co-chair system is in place to assist with this coverage.

With a small membership based in North Queensland we would like to explore options for AILA NQ to team up with like minded organisations/memberships for co-sponsored events so that we can make the most of such events.

As well, Andrew and I are looking at how we best improve coordination and access to AILA and its benefits. This will include leveraging digital platforms already available to AILA members.

AILA will shortly be setting up a “meet and greet” session so that we can introduce ourselves to members across North Queensland. Keep an eye on future newsletters for further information.

If you are a member in North Queensland and wish to contact us with your ideas for the balance of 2018 (or next year) contact the AILA team and they will connect you with Andrew or myself.

Many thanks,

Tim Connor


Suzie Rawlinson, AILA Qld Regional Landscapes Group - 16 July 2018

As the chair of the AILA Queensland Regional Landscapes Working Group, it’s great to have the opportunity to let you all know a bit more about our group and our recent activities. Our group aims to advance the profession of Landscape Architecture by promoting best practice in landscape planning and management. To this end, the focus of our group in recent years has been the preparation of a Guidance Note for Landscape and Visual Assessment (GNLVA). The GNLVA has recently been endorsed by the AILA Queensland executive and was released to the membership in June. To view click here. The group have put considerable effort into developing the guidance note and it’s been excellent to receive so much positive feedback.

We hope the GNLVA will be a valuable resource for all QLD members, and see potential for it to be adopted and evolved to become an Australian-wide guideline once reviewed by the National Practice Committee and discussed with other state Chapter Presidents. This would be welcomed by those of us who work across Australia and would embrace a single source of guidance for terminology and quality.

We are planning a members event to launch the GNLVA in September and hope to see many of you there. We are also preparing a business plan of sorts for the guidance note, including a ‘road show’ to promote the use of the GNLVA to policy and decision makers at local and state government level with the aim of entrenching it in policy.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in our group, we welcome new members. We would also welcome any suggestions for future projects which support our work in promoting best practice in landscape planning and management throughout Queensland.

Kind regards,

Suzie Rawlinson


Paul Stein, AILA QLD Small Business Network Co-Chair - 2 July 2018

The AILA Small Business Network continues to develop educational seminars for single to small practices in Brisbane. Collaboration with AILDM puts Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers together to share knowledge and skills, and brings likeminded people together as a sounding board for ideas and problems. Our network of Landscape Architects can use this forum as a formal or (more importantly) informal means to meet and socialize.

Below is an outline of upcoming events, with more to be included from the AILDM seminar schedule.

- Combined AILDM RT events (drive membership & collaboration)
- July 2018: Horticultural info session
- September 2018: Collaborate with AILDM for Hidden Garden Festival
- October 2018: planned SBN conference satellite event
- December 2018; Social drinks / industry discussion
- March 2019; Social drinks / industry discussion

Kind regards,

Paul Stein


Georgina Scriha, AILA Qld Chapter Manager - 18 June 2018


We're excited! Only two more sleeps until we celebrate the entries and winners at the 2018 Queensland Landscape Architecture Awards. This year's entries feature projects of all sizes across regional and metropolitan Queensland. The awards are an opportunity to recognise the leadership, collaboration and innovation landscape architects bring to quality outcomes. It is also a chance to highlight the importance of strategy, design and the investment in quality to enhance liveability and enrich local environments. This year’s Awards Dinner will be held at Cloudland, Fortitude Valley and will showcase the 51 submissions entered. Although registrations have now closed for the event, keep an eye on social media for the announcement of the winners! If you haven't already, make sure you follow us on Instagram for award announcements.

Thanks to our Major State Partners and National Corporate Partners for helping to make this a night to remember!

2018 Awards entries





Alice Hawker - Chair, AILA Qld Regional Group 4 June 2018

Perhaps a good place to start would be to introduce myself as the chair of AILA Gold Coast Regional Group. I have been in this role since 2015 and I thoroughly appreciate the joys and challenges that this position provides, but most of all I am grateful for the people I got to meet along the way. I am passionate about the natural and built environment and enjoy observing the way people interact with the spaces they inhabit.

Now enough about me, it’s safe to say, 2018 has been an extremely exciting year for our Gold Coast Members with events like the Commonwealth Games and the upcoming International Festival of Landscape Architecture as well as significant projects such as The Spit Masterplan. 

For the last four years, Landscape Architects and allied professionals have been delivering high quality projects to ensure the City was at its best for the Commonwealth Games. The sporting infrastructure and public domain improvement projects have been completed on time and appreciated by locals and visitors. They now provide long lasting benefits to the City and the community.

The Spit Masterplan started in August last year, and it aims to provide a low-rise future for The Spit. The master plan is being led by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning in collaboration with the City of Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority. I have attended a workshop on behalf of AILA alongside members of the community and other stakeholders. If you are passionate about our city and its values, please have look at the website. https://haveyoursay.dilgp.qld.gov.au/the-spit .There will be a number of Stakeholder workshops throughout the next 12 months and if you are interested in contributing with a response to the Masterplan please email AILA QLD at qld@aila.org.au.

Last, but not less importantly, we are so proud to be hosting the 2018 International Festival of Landscape Architecture - The Expanding Field. In my view, Landscape Architecture can be thought of as a 360 degree profession, there are hundreds of different directions one can go while working on this field, it’s a profession that is broad in scope and in scale. It was great to have a sneak peek into the Festival offerings and to catch up with colleagues at the Launch party that took place in Surfers Paradise on the 23 rd of May.

I look forward to seeing you all again at the AILA QLD Landscape Architecture Awards dinner to celebrate each other’s achievements.

Kind Regards,

Alice Hawker






Amalie Wright - AILA Qld Executive 21 May 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone's enjoying the slooooooowwwwwww change from summer into the cooler part of the year. I was in Mackay recently, and while things weren't exactly what you'd call "cool", neither were they painfully hot.

As landscape architects, climate change is something very close to us and the work they do. I attended the NZILA Conference in April, and it was inspiring indeed to hear so many fellow practitioners address this, and many other challenges, in the work they're doing.

Exciting things are also afoot here.

Festival of Landscape Architecture

You will have seen that tickets for 'The Expanding Field', curated by TCL, our now on sale. The Festival will be officially launched this Wednesday evening on the Gold Coast, and it's shaping up to be another cracker of an event. I'm looking forward to hearing from all the speakers already announced, so mark your diaries, get your tickets, and I'll see you in October.

Queensland Awards
Last weekend I had the pleasure and privilege of chairing the jury for this year's awards. With 51 submissions it was always going to be a full day, but it was fascinating to see the work that's been done across the state, and across nearly all of the possible categories. Again, I look forward to seeing you at the awards event at Cloudland.

Queensland Executive
Finally, this is my first opportunity to say a public 'congratulations' to David Uhlmann, who has stepped into his new role as Queensland President with grace and enthusiasm. Our recent Awards Showcase was a great opportunity for many of you to meet David and have a chat. Please continue to do so - as members of the Exec we are working on your behalf, to promote and advocate for landscape architecture.


Kind Regards,



Georgina Scriha, AILA QLD Chapter Manager - 8 May 2018

It was great to see members celebrating the at the Awards Entries Exhibition last week. The event was a fantastic opportunity to feature this year's 51 submissions across 12 categories that will vie for the 2018 Qld Landscape Architecture Awards. Thanks to our Major State Partner, Eureka Landscapes for making this event possible. Tickets are now on sale for the Awards Dinner to be held at Cloudland on 21 June and I look forward to seeing you there! Check out the entries for the 2018 awards below and look as we feature the entries via social media in the leadup to the awards.






David Hatherly, AILA QLD Executive 19 April 2018

It is a hectic time for all our members, most Landscape Architects I speak with talk of how busy they are and how little time they have outside of servicing their project commitments. So I would like to pause and applaud all our member who took the time to submit entries into this year’s 2018 Queensland AILA Awards. We have had a great response with 51 entries received and we look forward to showcasing all the award entrants at an exhibition to be held at the Alliance Hotel on Thursday 3 May.The winners will be announced at our annual awards dinner on 21 June at Cloudland, Fortitude Valley.

This month the world was focused on Queensland as the Gold Coast played host to the XXI Commonwealth Games. Many of the new and upgraded venues and facilities enjoyed by visitors to the games featured the work of our talented Queensland members, congratulations to all those involved. However as the sun now sets on the Commonwealth Games, our Landscape Architectural community can focus on the next life changing event to be held on the Gold Coast;The 2018 AILA International Festival of Landscape Architecture: The Expanding Field, which will promote the great diversity within landscape architecture practice and promote our critical role in tackling the contemporary challenges of our time. The Gold Coast will be the first regional centre to host the Festival of Landscape Architecture, recognising the importance of our profession in all regional centres of Australia. So please mark the 12th of October through to the 15th of October in your diary as we are looking forward to seeing all our Queensland members there.


David Hatherly



David Uhlmann, AILA QLD President 5 April 2018


Hello AILA Queensland!

I know many of you through 28 years in practice, but a brief introduction is needed now that I have taken on the role of Queensland State President.

I graduated from QUT with GDLA in 1991, and followed up with an Urban Design Grad Dip in 2011.

I have also been a Green Star Accredited professional since 2004 providing sustainability advice on both Buildings and Communities.

I have practiced in Brisbane since graduating, apart from a three-year stint in Sydney in the mid-1990s.

I graduated in the middle of the “recession Australian had to have” in 1991, so after many knock backs due to lack of work and sporadic contract work I decided to take a role as a CAD drafter with Architecture firm Thomson Adsett where I stayed for 7 years – doing everything from Architectural drafting & Landscape Plans to IT and CAD management. In 2000 I moved on to another Architecture firm at PDT – initially as a CAD manager but with the intention of starting an in-house Landscape Architecture service. The LA practice at PDT grew steadily to the point where we did a JV with (then) Vivo design for the award winning Riverside Park at Northshore Hamilton, and followed that with another JV with HASSELL for the new Gold Coast University Hospital.

After my four-year role as discipline lead for GCUH was complete, I decided it was time for a new challenge so started up a new team at multi-disciplinary firm Wolter Consulting in late 2011, where I could better indulge in my passions for the broader practice areas of Landscape Architecture including Urban Design, Master Planning and Precinct Sustainability Consulting.

Outside the office I am married with two boys (4 & 6), living on Brisbane’s southside. In between kids activates and School P&C we love getting away camping near the beach or going on “tree walks” (as described by my 6 year old). I also have a set of golf clubs, cricket bat and bicycle sitting idle in my shed to remind me what I used to have time to do!

I have been reasonably active with AILA for many years, particularly in mentoring RLA applicants and sitting in on the RLA interview panels.

To build on that background, I am excited to now take on the role as AILA Queensland President to represent and advocate for our profession and for AILAs Queensland members.

Feel free to get in contact with me about any issues you think AILA Queensland should be addressing.

I am contactable on DUhlmann@wolterconsulting.com.au, or you can look me up on Linked-In (djuhlmann), Twitter (@DavidUhlmann) or Instagram (djuhlmann)


David Uhlmann


Jamie Franklin, AILA QLD Vice-President - 26 March 2018


Getting the time to put in an award submissions for your company may seem like the last thing you need to do during busy times, plus it costs money too….. Though it can be rewarding in so many other ways.

It can lift the moral in your team as you pitch and motivate them about why a project should be submitted. You might even be kind enough to throw in a ticket for them too to add extra incentive for the extra work required? Everyone loves to go to the AILA awards night, it’s the highlight of the year as an LA… But now you get to celebrate the night out with your client, and firm up that relationship in a social setting with an extra pinch of excitement. Then if you become an award winner, your client and design team really get to celebrate the great achievements of all that hard work, dedication and commitment to high quality outcomes. You never know, winning an award may lead to new clients and that pitch you need for that next big job?

The AILA QLD 2018 Awards are closing this Thursday 29th March, so I encourage you to put in your submissions and win so much more than just an award!


Jamie Franklin


Taneile Nixon & Alexandria Woodward, AILA Qld Qfresh Co-Chairs - 12 March 2018

QFRESH resides in-between; it is the connection between young landscape professionals and experienced members of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. It is where we unite students, graduates and young professionals with each other and the wider AILA community; to assist them in developing business skills and professional contacts as well as equip them to become future leaders of our profession through a series of educational, motivational and networking events.

The committee came together in early February to agree on the vision and events for this year, and we are excited to announce a renewed vision at our (Re)Launch event next week! Set against Southbank Parklands’ stunning subtropical backdrop and the latest installations at Flowstate (a symbol of the potential to come) we invite all Directors, Senior Professionals, Young Professionals, Graduates and Students to come share a drink, mingle and celebrate the future ahead at Flowstate Southbank, next Wednesday 21st of March.

The event is set to be a spectacular night with proceedings starting from 6pm and a performance presented by Flowstate and CIRCA from 7:30pm.

Hope to see you there,

Alex and Taneile.

Our QFresh Committee this year includes; Taneile Nixon, Alex Woodward, Reece Wenzel, Holly Peacock, Owen Café, David Botfa, Jared Hall, Anna Banszel, Tho Pham, Kurt Longland and Julia McCann. Advised by Matthew Moore.




Amalie Wright, AILA Queensland President - 27 February 2018

Hello Everyone,

Today I'd like to let you know that I am stepping down from the role of Queensland President.

It's been an eventful few years both personally and professionally, and I haven't taken this decision lightly. I'll remain involved in the Executive and in other roles, and I look forward to continuing to give back to the profession - and the people - who have given so much to me.

It's been a real pleasure to work with CEOs Shahana McKenzie and now Tim Arnold, State Managers Katie Roberson and now Georgina Scriha, and with my fellow members of the Board and the Queensland Executive, including the current team of Jamie Franklin, Candy Rosmarin, Ian Don and David Hatherly.

My departure creates a wonderful opportunity for someone else. If you're passionate about working for our members and advocating for our profession, please read the call for Expressions of Interest in the newsletter below. Our profession is diverse, and it's important that diverse voices are heard, so please give it some thought.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, otherwise I hope to catch up soon at the next AILA event!

All the best,




Georgina Scriha, AILA Queensland State Manager - 27 February 2018

Seeking Expressions of Interest: AILA Queensland Executive

Do you want to help shape AILA Queensland? AILA is calling for expressions of interest from members to nominate for the position of President of AILA Queensland. This is your opportunity to lead and influence the direction of AILA in Queensland over the current Executive term until mid 2019.

How to submit an EOI

Expressions of interest are due by COB Tuesday 13 March by emailing georgina.scriha@aila.org.au. Please include a copy of your resume. A detailed role description around the President position can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email us at georgina.scriha@aila.org.au



President Message - Amalie Wright, 13 February 2018

Happy New Year Everyone and welcome back to another contributing in all the ways you do to the built and natural landscapes of Queensland.

The first Exec meeting for 2018 was held on Monday and I'd like to take a moment to tell you about a few things to look out for.

Studio Visits

We'd like to come and meet you and chat face-to-face about what AILA is up to and hear your thoughts on what we can do better. We are hoping to start with one a month, with one member of the Executive, plus our State Manager Georgina, coming to visit a practice. We'll start in Brisbane and then broaden our reach. We'd like to think that an informal chat over morning tea will be a good way to get together. We've started to draft a list of studios, but of course feel free to contact Georgina if you'd like to be considered sooner rather than later!

2018 State Awards

Yes, it's nearly that time again and we are thrilled to announce that Suzie Rawlinson has agreed to act as Jury Chair for this year's awards. Suzie has past jury experience and we know that she will bring the required high level of rigour to the process. The rest of the jury will be announced shortly.

Australia by Design: Landscapes

Planning is well underway for the TV series, which is now scheduled to air in Spring. There are still opportunities for commercial partners in Queensland, so if you know anyone from these fields who would like to play a part, and get to site on the Panel on Experts, please let us know and we can start introductions to the production company:


Landscape Construction & Civil Works

Urban Paving

Urban / Community Development & Infrastructure

Urban Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Street Furniture

Landscape Architecture Education

City Council - Urban Development & Planning

State Government - Urban Development & Planning

Project Management

Urban Rehabilitation


Industry suppliers such as Fertilisers, Tools, Machinery

Outdoor / Public Space developers / engineers

The last series attracted 2.5 million viewers, on air and on demand, so it's a great opportunity to showcase our profession.

That's all for now, and I look forward to catching up with you soon.






Georgina Scriha, Qld Chapter Manager - 30 January 2018

If your new year’s resolution is to be more involved in 2018, then I would love to hear from you! The year ahead is a bumper one for AILA in Queensland with many events in the works, committee work underway and the national Festival coming to the Gold Coast in October. Becoming more involved with your industry body can be a great way to build your network, learn something and get CPD points. Commitment can vary depending on how much time you have to give and can be on an adhoc or ongoing basis. If you have an hour a week to spare or an hour a month – then let me know and I can help assist you in finding the best way for you to give back to the profession.

Help me be more involved.





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