Paul Carter

Paul Carter is a writer and artist and Professor of Design (Urbanism), RMIT University, Melbourne. He has written extensively about the cultural production of colonial space (The Road to Botany Bay: an essay in spatial history, 1987,Ground Truthing: explorations of a creative region, 2010) and the conditions of a postcolonial sociability (Meeting Place: the human encounter and the challenge of coexistence, 2013). Through his design studio Material Thinking, he has contributed to the discourse (Places Made after their Stories: design and the art of choreotopography, 2015) and design of a number of significant public spaces in Australia (including a current project at Yagan Square, Perth, WA). Material Thinking’s most recent public artwork is Rival Channels, located at 180 Ann Street, Brisbane. In 2013 he published his first poetry collection, Ecstacies and Elegies.