Silva Benedito

Sílvia Benedito is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architectureat the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Sensory Media Platform at the GSD. Benedito'sresearch and practice are focused on the role of atmosphere—the meteorological envelope and space for sensory acquisition—in the built environment. Interested in the production and reception of atmosphere, Benedito’s research simultaneously examines the making of micro-climates for human comfort, and the representation of atmosphere through time-based media such as film and video.

Benedito received a degree in Architecture from the University of Coimbra, a degree in Music from the Conservatory of Coimbra, and a master’s degree in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. A former Senior Associate at James Corner Field Operations (NYC), where she led many public and private urban design and small-scale public projects, Benedito is the co-principal of OFICINAA,an architecture, landscape and urban design practice based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Ingolstadt, Germany.