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About the AILA Jobs page

The AILA Jobs Page is now THE place to look for Landscape Archirecture and Urban Design jobs.

It is also The Place to place advertisements for vacancies.

The AILA Jobs page is accessed by potential applicants national and internationally.

The AILA Jobs Page has about 5,000 real hits  per month.  It is a very busy set of pages!


Costs for Registered members

Free to AILA Registered Landscape Architects.

Free to firms or practices employing an AILA registered landscape architect in the local office.
Registered members should ensure that their employers are aware that practices that advertise (for free) are benefitting from registration of their AILA registered employees.

Free to Government/University departments directly employing a AILA Registered Landscape Architect.
This applies to the particular department/section - not the whole University of other government sections/departments. If in doubt - contact the national office.

Firms with multiple offices: the advert is free for the office placing the advert  - fees usually apply if placed for other branches of your firm where there is no direct employment of an AILA Registered Landscape Architect.

The free placement applies to the department employing the registered landscape architect - fees usually apply if placing for other offices or departments within the government agency or university.


Costs for agencies and non-members: $330.00 including GST.

Employment agencies placing adverts for landscape architects (members) are required to pay a fee per vacancy advertised. Multiple placements/jobs by outside agencies - require multiple fees - please email through advert(s) for quote.

Placement Agencies please note: If you are placing an advert for a registered landscape architect or their firm, the fee applies. The free placement only applies if the registered landscape architect (or their practice) places the advertisement directly.

Overseas non-members: Practices/organisation outside Australia with no AILA member on staff, need to make contact with the National Office to arrange payment in advance (email/fax/credit card) of the advertisement being uploaded to the web site.

The Overseas price is AU$330. (this fee does not include any GST)
(the $30 covers those wonderful bank conversion fees etc)

we will send/email an invoice after the advert has been placed



AILA reserves the right not to place advertisements - this may apply to members and non-members.


Ads stay on the site for one month and new listings are included in the regular (usually weekly) AILA emailed communique.

Please note: Once uploaded, jobs are not relisted within the same month - that is we do not relist the same job just to have it move to the top.  After the month is up, yes all jobs can be relisted once we receive the request to do so - but not booked in advance.

Jobs are usually uploaded within 48 hours - but it depends on the National Office workloads. Sometimes almost straight away!

Please check details above >> including notes for overseas pricing

All responsibility for accuracy of information remains with the person/organisation submitting the information.

We do not supply proofs nor do we notify about the listing - so once received and agreed, the advert will be uploaded.

Contact with the National Office if inaccurate or misleading information is listed.

AILA reserves the right to edit and alter information placed on these pages.

AILA reserves the right to refuse or to remove advertisements.

Firms with graduates or student employees only - ie with no registered member - need to pay for placement of the advertisement.


Supplying information for AILA web site job vacancies.

Send through the required text, in Microsoft word format, together with a logo, as a medium resolution/sized jpeg.

Do not supply text within an email: we require an attached word document

You may also supply a PDF - provided it is not too big. (if the PDF is too big - it may not be placed - so check first)

The job adverts are placed on the web site, usually same day/next days after we receive the text, depending on the current workloads and whether we are available.

If there is a link to be placed back to your web site, that is done at the same time, so please supply the web address.

A notice about the new job adverts on the AILA national website is then used in the national office communiqué, which usually (not always) goes out to all members with email about once a week.

Normally, the advert remains on the web site for a month.

Closing Dates: The advert will remain on the site for a month, please ensure that you include any closing dates within the advertisement and that it is clearly indicated.

We do not remove adverts on closing dates - they remain on the site for a month.

Adverts can be re-run or updated on request (at an additional costs for non-members) once it has been listed for the full month.

Practices, Local Councils and Government Agencies employing registered members qualify for the free membership service - provided the registered landscape architect is within that office - not in another department or another office.

Non-members are charged for the service.

This job placement service is essentially a member service.

It is supplied at minimal cost.

We do not normally notify you once the advert has been placed nor do we provide proofs of the advert before it is uploaded.

We also reserve the right to not engage in endless emails about conditions already explained on this page.



All responsibility for accuracy of information remains with the person/organisation submitting the information. Contact with the National Office if inaccurate or misleading information is listed.

AILA reserves the right to edit and alter information placed on these pages.

<>AILA also reserves the right to refuse advertisements.

AILA removes advertisements usually after three or four weeks.

We do allow for some minor amendments after the advert is uploaded.

If a paid advertisement is required to be run again the fee applies.

Once a job is placed, AILA will usually include a notice of this placement in the regular national email communiqué which goes directly to all members with email.

What do you send?

basically you send the text and a logo and we do the rest - we format it for one of our template pages for the web site.

The text for the advert should be an attached word document.

If required, please email a copy of your logo (jpeg medium resolution)- or let us know where it is on your web site so that we could take a copy.

If you have posted the vacancy on your own web site, please supply direct URL link information.

To submit vacancy notices, please email the National Office

admin"AT" (replace the "AT" with @)





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