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Statement from the AILA

Marion Blackwell AM, BSc, FAILA (Hon)

Marion is well known to the AILA senior membership nationally and regarded as a person who through her work on conservation and the environment provides outstanding national guidance to the profession of Landscape Architecture, other related professions and the wider community.

While much of her activity has largely been based in Western Australia, her influence is definitely national.

Marion is known as a person who has made an enormous commitment to a range of issues well beyond the normal.  She is held in very high regard nationally and is well known for her commitments to Western Australian and national cultural, conservation and environmental issues as well as being a person who has contributed willingly to national debates and served on local and national committees.

There is absolutely no doubt that the profession as represented through the AILA endorses a very high level of recognition of Mrs Marion Blackwell for her past and present outstanding and meritorious service to the professions, to the community and to the national as a whole.

January 2011


Marion is an environmental scientist and landscape designer and was a founding director of Blackwell & Associates. She has an exceptional knowledge of plant materials, both indigenous and exotic, unparalleled in any other landscape architect in WA.

Some of the projects which Marion has worked on with Blackwell & Associates are:

  • Greening Of Jigalong;
  • Waddi Farms Landscape Master Plan (Badgingarra);
  • Derby Main Street Landscape Improvements;
  • North West Shelf Gas Project EIS/ERMP;
  • Burrup Peninsula Vegetation Monitoring;
  • Voyager Estate Winery;
  • Cable Beach Intercontinental Resort;
  • Aboriginal Cultural Centre In Carnarvon.

Professional Affiliations

Positions held:

  • Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, conferred in 1981
  • President of the West Australian Wildflower Society 26/11/1985 – 8/11/1988
  • WA delegate to ASGAP (Associated Societies for Growing Australian Plants) 1960-2004
  • Inaugural Member of the Ecological Society of Australia
  • Inaugural Member of the Australian Systematic Botany Society
  • Horticultural Adviser to the Western Australian Horticultural Council
  • Member of the Western Australian Wildlife Authority - Flora Committee from formation untill it ceased in 1985
  • Member of the Recreation Sub-committee of the Youth, Sport & Recreation Committee; 1983-1984 Advisory to the Minister
  • Member of the National Parks and Nature Conservation Authority (NPNCA) from its inauguration in March 1985 – November 2000 when the Authority was replaced by Conservation Commission.  Marion was Deputy Chairperson of the Authority for the last 5 years
  • Member of Technical Advisory Group on the Register of Significant Trees - National Trust of Australia
  • Member of the Endangered Flora Consultative committee from formation until 27/3/1996 when it was superseded
  • Member and inaugural chairperson of the advisory committee to the Federal Minister for the environment for the Australian National Botanical Gardens
  • Member of the Environmental Protection Authority 7/6/1995 – 10/1/1997 and 6/5/1997 – 5/5/1998
  • Member EWAN (Environmental Weed Action Network)
  • Member of ACTEPA (Advisory Council to the EPA)
  • Member of Western Australian Flora Industry Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Bold Park Heritage Trail Committee August 2001 - 2004
  • Member of the Environmental Weed Strategy Committee
  • Member of the Forest Monitoring and Research Committee 1977
  • Member NPNCA/CALM sub-committee on proposed Metropolitan Regional planning Scheme Amendments
  • Appointed judge of Forest Ikon competition by RFA/NPNCA
  • Member Red Tingle Consultative Committee 1996/1998
  • Jilbardie Mine Sub Committee
  • Kalbarri National Park Management Plan Advisory Committee 9/4/1999 – Year 2000
  • NW Cape Technical Advisory Committee (Minister for Planning)
  • SEWG Member of the State Environmental Weed Group
  • Member of the State Weed Strategy Referee Group
  • Deputy to Chair NPNCA on the SSC (State Salinity Council Panel) for its duration
  • Judge for the Top Tourist Town Awards WA
  • Member of WAFIAC (the WA Flora Industry Advisory Committee) (NPNCA delegate) January 1999. Reappointed November 1999, November 2000 and November 2001
  • Member of the Publishing Committee (WSWA/Kings Park/Herbarium) for the 'Flora Catalogue'
  • Member of the WSWA (Wildflower Society of WA) Regional Executive Committee 26/11/1965 – Present
  • Recipient of the Australian Plan Award in 1993
  • Wisdom Interview 2003
  • Champion Award – Year of the Built Environment 2004
  • Vice President of SGAP 2004 - Present



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