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Catherin Bull AM FAILA


Catherin Bull trained as an Architect at the University of New South Wales and began work with Bruce Mackenzie, regarded as one of the 'pioneers' of Landscape Architecture in Australia. Her architectural training was complemented by a Certificate of Horticulture, a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Melbourne as well as a Doctor of Design from Harvard University. Her academic studies have focused on urban open space systems and the 'planning, design and management of infrastructure for sustainable tourism'.

Early work with Bruce Mackenzie involved a wide range of landscape projects. After leaving Mackenzie's practice she worked in London and later formed her own landscape architecture practice (EBC) with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong along with Robin Edmond and Noel Corkery.

In 1983 Catherin Bull joined the staff of Queensland University of Technology. Academic life spurred her interest in the theory of landscape architecture. In particular, Catherin has focused on how the Australian landscape is interpreted by both designers and lay persons.


Catherin Bull and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch at Cruden Farm. Image: Landscape Australia 2/2003, p44.

In Catherin's 2002, New conversations with an old landscape, she profiles contemporary public landscape projects in Australia which have addressed rather than shied from societies' relationship with ancient Australia. In 2004 she was awarded a National AILA Award in recognication of this work.

Catherin Bull currently holds the Elisabeth Murdoch Chair in Landscape Architecture at the University of Melbourne. Julian Raxworthy, then a lecturer at RMIT, stated her importance to the profession:

'Bull is the academic as far as many landscape practitioners are concerned, and she has been both an active participant in, and a keen observer of, the development of landscape architecture in this country.' (March/April 2003 Architecture Australia).

Catherin Bull has produced an extensive list of articles on theory and practice of the profession and the role of cultural interpretation of the Australian landscape.

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June 9th 2008: Landscape Architect awarded the Member of the Order of Australia



Bull, Catherin (2002). New conversations with an old landscape: landscape architecture in contemporary Australia. Images Publishing Group:Victoria.

Raxworthy, Julien (2003) 'Radar Landscape' in Architecture Australia. March/April.


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