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Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Implementation

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Landscape Architects:  Inspiring Place

Project Location: Kangaroo Bay, including the village centre of Bellerive, is a prime foreshore location on the eastern shore of the River Derwent lying in close proximity to Rosny Park, the CBD of the City of Clarence.

Strategy Contributors: Team Leaders - Inspiring Place (John Hepper, Jerry de Gryse, Carl Turk, Romilly Davis, Carrie Southern) assisted by Leigh Woolley (architecture/urban design), David Shrimpton, Arup Engineers (traffic), Urban Enterprise (land use economists), Gandy and Roberts Engineers (engineering), Davis Langdon (quantity surveying)

Urban Design Guidelines and Planning Scheme Amendment: Inspiring Place (John Hepper, Jerry de Gryse: urban design), Leigh Woolley (urban design), Daniel Marr (planning)

Implementation Contributors: Inspiring Place (Carl Turk, Jerry de Gryse), the City of Clarence (engineering and project management), JMG Engineering (bridge design), Sharyn Woods (public artist)

Client: Clarence City Council

Project Brief:  Develop a strategy and contribute to the implementation required to make Kangaroo Bay a focal point for the daily life of the City through the establishment of contemporary land uses, set within a vibrant mix of beautifully designed public space.

Project Summary: The Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy (2006) establishes a vision and mechanisms for the creation of a dynamic mixed-use urban precinct drawing on the Kangaroo Bay Strategic Directions Framework (Inspiring Place 1998).  The 2006 Strategy responds to the physical and cultural qualities of the site, creates links to Bellerive Village and Rosny Park and promotes increased use of the place. 

The Strategy has since motivated urban design guidelines (2008) and land re-zoning (2009) to achieve the possibilities envisaged -Inspiring Place having a key role in these initiatives.  Since then, Inspiring Place has worked closely with Council and its engineering team to deliver the first stages of implementation – each stage inspiring Council’s investment and commitment to the next. 

•  Stage 1 (2009) – A promenade at the Bellerive Yacht Club including a retractable bridge over its slipway – the latter a remarkable achievement negotiated after 20 years of opposition.  The promenade is now a civic ‘park’ inviting daily use by cyclists and pedestrians who enjoy un-interrupted connection along the foreshore and a ready-made events space.  The design is robust, fit for the marine environment, uses recycled materials, and encourages people to stop and engage with the waterfront.  The vocal praise for the quality of the design has meant that the project has lead to Council’s hearty embrace of the project. 

•  Stage 2 (2010-2011) - 250m of shared path and foreshore parkland.  The design is elegant in its curvilinear form, robust in its materials, fit for purpose in its scale and emphasises wholistic sustainability principles through the use of re-cycled materials, low energy lighting, water-sensitive design and provision of social gathering points.

•  Future Stages - Inspiring Place are now assisting Council with: the re-orientation of the sportsgrounds to enable Kanagroo Bay Drive to be realigned, thereby creating the development parcels envisaged by the Strategy:and the design for the continuation of the shared path which is scheduled to be built this financial year.


introduction  / overview / images  / location  / Projects






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