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Landscape Architects: Inspiring Place

Project Location:  A degraded caravan park at Coles Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania adjacent to Freycinet National Park.  

Contributors: Inspiring Place (Jerry de Gryse, Rebecca Doblo, Carl Turk, Romilly Davis)

Client: Federal Hotels and Resorts

Project Brief:  Restore a degraded site and create an uplifting and enriching landscape that supports a boutique, nature-based tourism experience.

Project Summary:  The landscape architecture of Saffire results from a seven-year engagement with the tasks of site planning, environmental management, landscape design and construction of the resort.  Throughout, Inspiring Place provided a voice for the landscape and the experience of the nature of the site, seeking sustainability by ‘keeping healthy sites healthy and healing those that had been injured’.

The resultant landscape is an artful and ecological response that accords with the iconic natural backdrop to the site and the powerful architecture of the resort.  At the core of the Inspiring Place contribution is a deep understanding of the landscape that inspired the client and project team and is now a catalyst for visitor’s curiosity about the landscape.  More specifically Inspiring Place:

  • Specified and contract managed works in support of the healing process including local seed and cutting collection and harvesting of site materials (soil, mulch, woody materials, etc.) for immediate reuse on disturbed sites not needed for development.  Off-site, 500 advanced trees and 3000 shrubs were grown on to larger sizes to compliment over 30,000 tubestock plants and 20 kilograms of native seed eventually used for site landscaping.

  • Prepared required approval documents for fire management, access across Crown land and for Council planning whilst our solutions for protection of existing vegetation, water management, erosion control and the management of soil borne disease fundamentally under-pinned the environmental management plan guiding construction.

  • Enhanced the resolution of: the architectural concept by establishing site levels and contributing to the design and detailing of the internal courtyards and external passages, decks and walking paths; and the civil engineering of the site by detailing water sensitive design features, erosion control measures and assisting in the horizontal and vertical road and parking alignments to minimise cut and fill and disturbance to existing vegetation.

  • Provided landscape design documentation for tender including stone features, plantings (using locally indigenous species), beach access, soft paths and fixed external seats.

  • Assisted the superintendent providing periodic inspection of documented landscape works over 18 months of construction with an on-going role to assist staff with the care of the site.

introduction  / overview / images  / location  / Projects


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