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Applications due 26 February, 2014

About Urban Design

Urban Design has emerged as an area of design practice shared between, and at the nexus of, the professions of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Architecture and is concerned with the visioning and implementation of sustainable urban public spaces and settlements.

Urban Design in Landscape Architecture involves a key project role in a multi-layered environment that brings together issues of urban planning, transportation, built form, social equity, development economics and engineering to create a socially and physically sustainable vision for a place, ensures it is deliverable, and then implements the vision. This involves Place Making, including the connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature, and the built fabric.

The Landscape Architect working as an Urban Designer could be involved in the following types of projects: framework plans; master planning (landscape/site planning), design guidelines; and design for implementation of urban public space.

Landscape architects working in urban design apply their expertise to producing design solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of people living in urban environments.

As Urban Designers, they conduct consultations, carry out urban design studies, appraisals and reviews, develop master plans and design statements, and provide expert advice relating to the planning process.
Successful urban design requires a consultative and inclusive approach along with close collaboration with other professionals.

Urban Design Areas of Specialism

A Registered Landscape Architect working across Urban Design would be required to deal with a complex set of urban design and development processes.

The areas of specialism include an understanding of the planning system, urbanism, sustainability, sustainable communities, development economics, context appraisal, movement analysis, infrastructure, regeneration strategy, conservation, landscape design, site planning, masterplanning, public and stakeholder collaboration, implementation, project funding, project management, graphic communication, negotiation, and how to formulate design policy and write guidance.

An AILA Registered Landscape Architect/ Urban Designer must practice a high level of oral, graphic and writing communications, as well as have the commitment to working across professional boundaries.

About Applicants

AILA Registered Landscape Architects (AILA RLA) may apply to be assessed for the supplementary status of AILA Registered Landscape Architect/ Urban Designer.  Once Registered as an Urban Designer, the Registered member will be required to fulfil their annual reporting requirements as required as an AILA Registered Landscape Architect.

Once Registered as an Urban Designer, the Registered Landscape Architect will pay the same annual fees as other registered members. That is, there will be no increase in annual fees for those AILA RLAs with the extra status of AILA Registered Landscape Architect/ Urban Designer beyond the normal increases to AILA annual fees.

If the applicant is not able to be recognised first as an AILA Registered Landscape Architect, then the option of gaining the status of an AILA Registered Landscape Architect/ Urban Designer is not available to the applicant.

Experience as an Urban Designer

All applicants will be considered on a case by case basis.

Having gained the recognition as an AILA Registered Landscape Architect, the minimum period for full time practice in Urban Design should be three years. 

If Urban Design makes up part of the Registered Landscape practice, then the equivalent to three years full time practice as an Urban Designer will need to be identified within the application.

For any period shorter than three years, the applicant would have to provide extra evidence for the application to be considered under exceptional circumstances.

The Urban Design University Qualifications

Applicants with Urban Design qualifications are required to complete the assessment tables.

While they are also required to provide a CV to demonstrate that they practice in Urban Design, this evidence need not be extensive as an applicant without the Urban Design qualification.

This body of evidence is still required as the AILA does not yet offer AILA professional accreditation to any Urban Design programs.

This means that the AILA has currently no standards in place whereby the qualification may be taken as an unchallenged basis for recognition as an Urban Designer.

Therefore the AILA assessment panel needs to make an assessment of the applicant’s expertise and experience following the attainment of the Urban Design qualification.

Outline of the Assessment Criteria

Please see the application form for more details

Remember the first criteria to be applied is that the applicant is an AILA registered Landscape Architect - therefore the following criteria are used on the basis that the applicant has already been recognised as a Design Professional. Their expertise in Design (Landscape Architecture) is not assessed again but taken as being the underpinning professional expertise to their practice in Urban Design.

The criteria for an AILA Registered Landscape Architect/Urban Designer:

Criterion One: Management
Does the RLA direct the Urban Design process?

Criterion Two: Research
Does the RLA conduct Urban Design studies & appraisals?

Criterion Three: Policy
Does the RLA provide Urban Design policy and guidance?

Criterion Four: Master Plan
Does the RLA undertake Masterplanning?

Criterion Five: Advisory
Does the RLA provide Urban Design advice?


Submission Forms and Guides

AILA policies - including Urban Design

Definitions an descriptions of practice areas

questions about AIA and PIA and Urban Design

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