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Edna Walling® National Award for Residential Designed Landscapes

The AILA's Edna Walling National Awards for Residential Designed Landscapes recognises excellence by Landscape Architects in residential projects.

The award was introduced in 2008.

Judging criteria

The main criteria to be used is based on the AWARD for DESIGN in landscape architecture, with the extra criteria that the work has to be residential.

The main criteria for judging include:

  • Design excellence and functional quality:
    • Innovative design or demonstration of new direction in profession.
    • Consistent and complete expression of concept.
    • Appropriateness to function.
    • Response to brief - please include details of the brief and any other relevant details.
    • For multi-discipline/collaborative projects: The role of landscape architect
    • The budget for landscape architecture work/part of the project.
    • Sensitivity to cultural, historical, physical and natural context.
    • Quality of detailing in built work.
  • Relevance to the profession of landscape architecture, the public and the education of future practitioners:
    • Expands the scope of the profession in formative, forward-looking and thought-provoking ways.
    • Makes a contemporary contribution. Addresses environmental responsibility and sustainability issues.
    • Value for money (ie was the budget well used).
  • Residential: (must be one of these)
    • Single small or large domestic - residential.
    • Domestic (ie private) spaces as part of a small or large residential estate.

The National Jury may award the National Edna Walling National Merit Awards or The Edna Walling National Award for Excellence.

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