AILA National Jury Chair Comments

Our cities and regions are thriving, and landscape architects are an integral part of ensuring design thinking deploys real impact. This years awards continue to demonstrate the breadth of work of landscape architectural practice and research, and the influence the profession has in leading the creation of high performing, meaningful and beautiful spaces that support the health and well-being of our communities. We commend the inspiring leadership shown by landscape architects been able to take big thinking and enact this locally to create change.

Many awarded projects displayed evidence of a research component which provides further rigour to built outcomes. Notably, the jury were impressed that green infrastructure, across the country, is becoming imbedded into projects as the norm. Collectively, the awarded projects provide a clear message of sensitive, thoughtful and ambitious responses to repairing and improving natural systems of unique Australia landscapes at a time of increasing urbanisation and climate variation.

Finally, many of the awarded projects demonstrate clear results with the engagement of local communities with several of the projects exemplifiers of landscape architects working with Aboriginal communities. This is timely, with the appointment of Aboriginal landscape architect Paul Herzich (Kurna/Ngarrindjeri) to the national jury and the adoption of AILAs first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2018, this way of working, cross-culturally, towards the co-production of knowledge must become central to the work that landscape architects do.

The jury commends all the awarded projects for their engaging, forward thinking, challenging and successful demonstration of thinking, leadership and results. Collectively, they demonstrate the profession having a clear agenda to influence the supressing issues that government still struggles to deal with. These projects provide the profession with momentum to continue to advocate for and demand excellence in built environment outcomes for the communities and natural environments that are essential to our identity within this place.

Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard

AILA National Jury Chair

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