National President's Message - 15 August 2016

Friends and colleagues,

I am always inspired when I meet landscape architects that are passionate and interested in the world regardless of which end of their career they are at.

I was extremely fortunate to have a celebratory drink and chat with AILA Fellow Bruce McKenzie following our historic and successful EGM last month, and we agreed the profession is looking bright and AILA is ‘doing very well’ advocating across a range of spectrums.

So in this newsletter I would like to focus on the many initiatives underway by your AILA.

Our 50th birthday parties are happening simultaneously around the country on Thursday 25th of August so make sure you participate and celebrate with your local chapter!

AILA is producing at short documentary film to tell the story of the making of the landscape architecture profession in Australia. The film will showcase interviews with several key members and explore the trials and triumphs of AILA from its inception to now.

AILA’s new accreditation framework in full swing, and as we approach the 12 month mark, five visits were completed in this first year of the new framework. Feedback indicated the current system and policy has been largely well received by both the Universities and also those involved with LA education.

Earlier this year two NART Teams assembled to visit the University of Melbourne (March 2016) and Deakin University (July 2016) – I am very pleased to share the news that the National Education Committee has confirmed that both of these programs will be granted a continuation of their accreditation. Congratulations!

The University of Melbourne’s Master of Landscape Architecture 300-point stream and 200-point stream is now accredited, with the next review in 5 years’ time – see here for course details.

The S703 Master of Landscape Architecture at Deakin University is now accredited, with the next review in 5 years’ time – see here for course details.

A huge thanks to our dedicated members who were involved in both of these accreditation visits – Shannon, Tony, Candy, Josh, Pam, Gweneth, Andrew, Julie, Joe and Walter. As members of the National Accreditation Review Team (NART), they made themselves available for a 2-day intensive visit, along with pre-reading and post-reporting. Info on the NART and AILA’s role in accreditation can be found here.

Entries for AnthropoScene Film Competition closed last week and we have received an incredible 141 entries from around the world. It’s great to see so many people participating and getting involved! Six finalists will be selected by the international jury to have their short filmed aired at the Festival Party & Outdoor Film Screening at this year’s festival.

There will also be two major public activations happening as part of the Festival in Canberra. PLAY in Haig Park and #backyardexperiment in Garema Place.

PLAY will be a partnership between AILA and Archikidz to design and install temporary interventions and immersive installations in Haig Park. There will be activities and workshops for kids that focus on empowering the next generation of thinkers and city-makers.

#backyardexperiment is an observational study of public life. Cameras will be set up to watch and understand how people use a space in three different scenarios; existing, with the addition of moveable chairs and vibrant elements, and with pop-up activations including coffee and gelato stands.

There are lots of exciting pop up/fringe events happening in conjunction with the Festival and registrations are still coming in fast so make sure you purchase your ticket before they sell out.

Lastly, we are currently open for our August round of registration applications. If you are a graduate with at least two years’ experience and wish to apply for registration now is the time! Applications close on Wednesday 31 August so apply here today or contact if you’d like to discuss your options.

As always, please drop me a line if I can be of assistance or advice, or contact the National Office. I always appreciate feedback and contact, and please continue to tweet and FB your views to @AILA_National and @DJB_LA.

Have a good week!

Daniel Bennett

Registered Landscape Architect

National President

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