DATE : Saturday 12 October 2019
TIME : 1:00 pm until 1:30 pm
LOCATION : Main Stage, Federation Square, Melbourne VIC
EVENT : Biodiversity Die-In Activation

AILA calls on Government to accelerate its work to protect our native species and their habitats

The International Festival of Landscape Architecture will pause its program this weekend for a die-in activation, with an estimated 500 people expected to participate in standing against the impacts of urban development on biodiversity in Australia.

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) have declared a global climate and biodiversity emergency, and are inviting the Landscape Architecture industry and the general public to stand with them in calling on the Government to accelerate its work to ensure the protection of our native species and their habitats.

Australia is home to up to 700,000 species, and of these species just 84 percent of plants, 83 percent of mammals and 45 percent of birds are only found in Australia. Australia’s urban areas contain disproportionately more threatened species than non-urban areas. In fact, recent research shows that 30 percent of Australia's EPBC-listed threatened species, or a total of 370 species, come from our cities and towns.

AILA Director Claire Martin said these findings highlight and reinforce the global significance of planning, designing, procuring and managing urban landscapes to conserve and enhance biodiversity.

“Urban development and human activity has resulted in changes to the landscape and these species’ natural habitat, putting many of these unique species at huge risk of extinction,” Ms Martin said.

“Extinction of many of these animals and plants is the sad reality we are facing today, but for the species whose survival is threatened, management and conservation measures need to be set in place to avoid further loss.”

The die-in activation coincides with the Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion, which will see members of the public gather in cities across to world to protest over the Government’s inaction on the Climate and Ecological Crisis. AILA’s Biodiversity die-in is a peaceful public activation.

Photo, video and interview opportunity

Photo and video opportunities of the biodiversity die-in will be available, and interview opportunities with Claire Martin can also be arranged.

Please contact Gina Calder on (07) 3221 6711 or to confirm your attendance by COB Friday 11 October.

For further information contact:
Gina Calder, BBS Communications Group, 0424 260 796