14 November 2019
Next Steps for Gender Equity in Landscape Architecture 

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has released a report which outlines how
it will respond togender inequities in the profession.

Titled Gender Equity: Next Steps, the report is built on the work delivered to AILA by Parlour, the
research-based advocacy organisation working to improve gender equity in the built environment
professions, and includes an action plan that was formed by AILA’s Gender Equity Working Group.
Download a copy of the report

“AILA has taken a considered response to the key issues that were presented in the Census Report:
Women’s Participation in Landscape Architecture,” said AILA CEO Tim Arnold.

“We now have a series of recommendations that maps out a path forward.”

“The actions focus on the key themes of part-time work, tackling long hours culture, small business owners, career
progression, addressing the pay gap, connecting women and governance.”

“A coordinated and combined effort is the only way that the Landscape Architecture profession will
become truly equitable. This report is the beginning of that process.”

The report includes 35 recommendations which will be implemented over the next three years.

Landscape architecture practices and other employers of landscape architects can use the
information and the Next Steps report to help assess if they have fair and equitable workplaces, and
to understand changes required.

Individual landscape architects can use the information to help make sense of their individual career
trajectories, to strategize their futures, and to understand how best to support others.
AILA will work closely with Committees, Chapters and members on implementation and has
committed to providing annual status updates to members.

One of the first actions is the implementation of a Gender Equity Policy which is intended to be used
by AILA and then shared as a template for employers of landscape architects to consider adopting.
The draft Gender Equity Policy is now open for comment. Feedback can be provided by an online
until 6 December 2019.