Gender Equity Working Group Update

The Gender Equity Working Group has been developing a program of action to improve gender equity in landscape architecture. Our work is based on the recommendations by Parlour and Monash University XYX Lab which followed on from the AILA Census Report, and focuses on the themes of supporting part-time work, tackling long hours cultures, supporting career progression, addressing the gender pay gap and supporting small practices. In the coming weeks we will release the AILA Gender Equity - Next Steps report which will outline our detailed action plan.   

Some of the high priority initiatives are:

  • Developing a Gender Equity Policy for AILA including encouraging gender balance in AILA leadership, committees, juries, and event speakers;
  • Ensuring AILA members are aware of their rights and obligations, particularly regarding part-time work, working hours and equal pay;
  • Ensuring part-time workers, those taking career breaks and small business owners are well supported by AILA through accessible CPD programs, networking opportunities and reduced membership fees;
  • Encouraging and supporting practices to conduct their own pay equity audits;
  • Investigating a mentoring program and the provision of resources and support to improve negotiation skills and career progression;
  • Encouraging universities to address pay equity and related issues in professional practice courses.

In addition to these, we are working towards several longer-term goals and initiatives. These will be detailed in the Next Steps report.

We hope the benefits of our work will go beyond gender equity by encouraging greater diversity and improved workplace cultures within the profession of landscape architecture.