Adventurescape Playground


Recipient: PLAN E

Client: Satterley Property Group (SPG)

Project team: 

  • John Tuzee
  • Michael Pearce
  • Christo Van Zyl

Project address: Austin Lakes Estate, South Yunderup WA 6208

Adventurescape Playground is set within a new master-planned residential development, Austin Lakes estate, which is located in the Peel Region, close to Mandurah, Western Australia. The playground has been built by the estate developer, Satterley Property Group (SPG), as the first phase of a multi-age play and recreation precinct which will include the Adventurescape Playground, a community focussed skate park and multi-court facility, and an oval. These facilities are centred around a large open lawn area and pavilion that allows for large family and community gatherings, and will cater for future community markets. The pavilion is located adjacent a lake with a small beach area that encourages interaction with the water.

The idea for the multi-age recreation precinct was proposed by SPG in response to local community feedback on the lack of facilities, especially for young children, in the new estate. Recognising that the fledgling community would grow and mature, SPG were keen to establish facilities not just for the young children in the community, but for all ages, and to make it friendly and appealing to carers and guardians, as well as the older residents. The multi-age concept was particularly relevant given the proximity of the nearby Austin Cove Baptist College, a private primary and secondary school, located adjacent the park. Prior to finalising designs for the recreation precinct, a community meeting was held to gauge community reaction and seek feedback on the proposals. Representatives from the local shire and the Baptist College also attended, and both were very supportive of the proposals. A further community and stakeholder meeting was held to present the concept plans and seek feedback.

Adventurescape draws its inspiration from the historical agricultural references of the area. The theme has been transformed into a fun light-hearted farm themed playground that excites the imagination of children.

The park includes a range of fun and challenging elements such as a 35 metre flying fox, rope climbing challenge, and a giant pig incorporating a part climbing frame and slide. Along with mazes, swings and a 8.5metre windmill climbing frame, the Playground invites self development and interaction through team building, imagination and challenges. Continuing the farm theme, a range of life size animals and farm machinery sculptures are located within the playground site which enables exploration and self discovery. The playground surrounds feature a large open lawn, which encourages more team based activities and a safe family environment with good overall surveillance. A range of amenities, including picnic shelters, barbecues and toilets, enable a day-long event for the whole family.

Sustainability and long term maintenance has been a key consideration in the design of the park, with the use of robust and durable materials and construction techniques, including steel, timber and brick. Planting within and around the playground features native south west WA species, many endemic to the area.

Since opening in January 2016, this Playground has become a destination for the greater Perth region, with families travelling over one hour to have an enjoyable family day out.