Demeio Park

Project Name: DEMEIO PARK

Recipient: Logan City Council

Client: Division 5 Councilor Graham Able

Project team: 

  • Heather Lindsay
  • Carla Priestley
  • Tracy Bignell
  • Travis Black
  • Emma Crick
  • T & H Levai
  • Candy Rosmarin

Project address: 116-124 Demeio Road, Marsden QLD 4132

  • Demeio Park is located in Marsden, a rapidly expanding area in Logan with a need for open spaces.
  • With a project brief focused on the delivery of new and adventurous play equipment the designers were conscious of creating a space that would provide recreation opportunities for a large cross section of the population.
  • Demeio Park is low lying park, located on the banks of Scrubby Creek which opens into a large waterbody, and is subject to flooding.
  • Demeio Park is a staged project still to be completed as funding becomes available.

The concept plan addresses the following key components;

  • Creating an inclusive space;
  • Creating identity;
  • Reflecting the site history;
  • Sustainability;
  • Acknowledging and working with the water in a safe way;

Demeio Parks provides options for various play. While the tower structure challenges users, the smaller equipment is suitable for the younger kids. Birds nest swings and flying fox provide alternate options. Rubber softfall and the concrete path provide easy access for wheel chairs. A basketball court keeps teenagers happy and the large kick about oval, the centerpiece of the park, is available for sports for all ages and group sizes, while the tiled area provides a stage for dance groups and parties.

The pathway and strategically located shelters along the water provide areas to sit and enjoy the natural peaceful qualities of the site.

The revegetation of the waterbody edge has provided views to the water, encouraged the return of fauna and created an area to be enjoyed by all.

Located in the south east of the site, mounds and a grove of fig trees provide areas to picnic and look over the creek or onto the oval.

From the outset it was a client and community requirement that we create an iconic park for the area. The 9.4 m tall play structure and shade sails not only create and provide hours of play opportunities they also stand as beacons on the site.

The large meeting square [performance area] is located on the site of the existing house with the tile layout reflective of the house plan.

The relationship with the adjoining property and the farming history is represented in the choice of fencing and planting which suggests the crop history of the site.

The designers were very conscious of the movement of water over the site and the management of water to avoid damage from rising waters was a design consideration. Restoration of the creek bed and the water body bank were identified as key.

Further works are staged for the banks of the creek to create a site with long term sustainable environmental qualities. In stage one the water body bank was revegetated and shelters located to provide visual access, all weeds were cleared and the water body made an integral part of the site. Access to the creek through a lookout and fishing areas in the water body, together with the anticipated wetland will be staged.

All planting of native tubestock and revegetation was done to mitigate against environmental damage.