Salt Water Coast Crocodile Playground


Recipient: Tract Consulting

Client: AVIO

Project team: 

  • Nigel Parker
  • Victoria Sharp
  • Suzy Boyd

Project address: Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook VIC 3030

The Saltwater Playground is nestled between a series of hillocks, mounds and barrows that act as seating areas, wind breaks and play opportunities; particularly as great embankments for huge slides. The landforms also help to create a defined play area which contains a number of play elements designed to excite all children. These include custom designed forts, sand buckets, pulleys, bells and rope bridges – not to mention the ubiquitous swings.

The centre piece of the playground is 50m long watercourse that weaves through the playground. The font and spring of the watercourse is a commissioned crocodile created from worked bronze plate and stainless steel. It is a whimsical and fun element. Water cascades from the crocodile’s mouth into the waiting play trough below before proceeding down a variety of treatments such as rapids or moulded concrete sections

It’s conceptual development drew on the Roald Dahl children’s story “The Enormous Crocodile” where a crocodile lives in a playground pretending to be a friendly see saw before quickly gobbling children for dinner. No one is sure if the ‘Saltwater Crocodile’ is friendly or not so users BEWARE!

The watercourse is accessible by all with around 60% of its perimeter flush with adjacent surface, while raised areas of the watercourse are situated in hardstand areas enabling wheel chairs or those with mobility impairment easy access.

The playground is situated adjacent a series of wetlands and associated planting and trees weave through the space providing natural play opportunities. Narrow paths lead through the gardens and when the planting is fully developed these will have a maze like feel.

The playground is at the heart of the community, adjacent to the community centre and has proved popular with not only the immediate residential area but with the wider Werribee. The Herald Sun recently voted it in the top 5 of Melbourne’s playgrounds and this publicity has only increased its use.