ACT President Message- 18 February 2020
AILA ACT Chapter Message

2020, has a great ring to it. I know from a past working life that this year was oft nominated as the target and deadline for actions and results by politicians, planning and design professionals and the ‘spin gurus’! 2020 is easy to remember, will create a few interesting dates like 20/2/2020 and of course we all have 2020 vision in hindsight!
Actually, for AILA ACT 2020 is already proving to be year of events, action, energy and planning!  So far the list of extra curricular activities i.e. those in addition to the monthly chapter meetings are:
• ACT Awards, we will be inviting submissions, outlining the program and announcing the Awards Jury in the next week or so
• Margaret Hendry Forum will be in late March or early April, we are approaching some exceptional women in politics, health and Landscape Architecture to discuss the following quote from Robert Kennedy Jnr
Our landscapes connect us to our history; they are the source of our character as a people, as well as our health, our safety, and our prosperity.
• Our National Sponsors, Glascott and Andreasons are again keen to put on a professional development event. ‘Cool Streets’ sponsored by Andreasons has been well received by other chapters.
Then there are few planning and design issues arising:
• As I write this I am sure our Chapter President is finalising our submission on the draft amendment to the Territory Plan dealing with living infrastructure
• The Territory Plan is going to be reviewed this year (I was promised by those who know)
• Light Rail stage 2 is going to be on the drawing board – guess it is computer screens now.

And if you are still a bit concerned there may not be enough to keep you busy…….we have interviews for RLA’s coming up, I am developing a program of events with AILA Fresh, the various National Committees would welcome your input and we will soon need to convene an Advisory Board for the course at UC (with a view to meeting in early May!)

Kind Regards,

Gay Williamson