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Gardens Landscape Architecture Award: The New Backyard - Lexington, Akira, St Julien and Oxley & Stirlingl

Recipient: RPS

As densification of Australian cities increases and more people become apartment-dwellers, the role of the typical Australian backyard needs to evolve. A once totally private space, the idea of the backyard now needs to embrace shared space, where many people can be together but experiencing some of the same quality of privacy afforded by the traditional backyard. The New Backyard is a vibrant example of how shared rooftop gardens can help to increase inner urban greenspace and improve the wellbeing of residents. A work of consummate skill, it is hoped that this project will be a catalyst to increase a greater connection to natural elements in future multi-unit residential development and shine a light on how effective rooftop gardens can be in a sub-tropical climate.

Regional Achievement Award

Scenic Rim - Tamborine Mountain Village Greens - John Mongard Landscape Architects

The Regional Achievement Award recognises the importance and value of a community’s involvement in the engagement of public consultation and the landscape architecture role in facilitating a process to achieve an informed and successful site specific outcome. For both the local community and visitors to the area, the landscape and urban design intervention is a result of the local community involvement and input. The result creates a sense of local identity, ownership and above all, a memorable experience for both the local community and visitors to this historical and scenic area. Considering the challenges pertaining to small regional communities, the designers were able to contemporise the sleepy township to create a sense of identity through landscape definition whilst retaining old historical values. The award recognises the value of engaging with local communities – ‘living’ with the people and ‘experiencing’ the local lifestyle as a tool for an informed site specific outcome.

Central Queensland - Rockhampton Riverside - Urbis Pty Ltd

The new riverside precinct adds another layer to the already rich and historic center of the Rockhampton community. In its urbanity, the development can be seen as a direct response and reflection of a new generation of users and visitors to the area. The waterfront development will engage and attract a new landmark experience to the historic center by bridging the gap between the city and the river. The activation of the natural river system with renewed and manageable recreational spaces will revive a corridor that was once passive and disengaging. The Jury recognises the significance of the waterfront investment and the long term value it will bring to this regional community. The management and consideration of the environmental (flooding) constraint is to be commended.

Darling Downs - Oakey Creek Linear Corridor - FRED St Pty Ltd

The Regional Achievement Awards recognises the numerous challenges faced by small communities in the use and activation of their open spaces. The Jury commends the landscape architect for being at the forefront of this project to create a long term visioning document for a functioning open space system. The project aims to not only connect the small rural community, but also to define and breathe new life into an existing natural asset as a key activity spine. The master plan, with its distribution of functioning open space parklands and improved connectivity, enables further opportunities and development along the Oakey Creek corridor. Ongoing work along the corridor will not only improve the natural system but also support positive interactions for all community residents and visitors.