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20 November 2019 - QBCC Licence Update - please see new update here

On August 30, AILA met with the Queensland Government team tasked with implementing the recommendations of the national Shergold Weir Building confidence report.
The Shergold Weir report was prepared in response to a number of high profile building failures, and aims at improving standards in the industry and regulation of building industry professionals.  

After this meeting, we issued a letter back to the Ministers office summarizing the outcomes, and have received a reply from the Minister’s office this week. View our letter to government and their reply .

Key points from our discussions to date and the government’s responses are as follows:

1. Queensland Government has received legal advice that practicing Landscape Architectural firms DO NEED a “QBCC Project Management” licence if they perform site-related contracted administration services.
2. AILA has responded to this by asking for:
a. A grace period to allow practitioners to get the appropriate licence;
b. An advisory note from QBCC explaining what practitioners need to do to get the licence, and who in the firm needs to get the licence;
c. An update to the QBCC licence form to be more appropriate to Landscape Architectural practice (rather than aimed at building contractors);
d. An update to the QBCC regulation to recognize an AILA accredited Landscape Architecture degree as an acceptable degree for landscape architectural contract administration education;
e. Recognition that AILA’s “Registered Landscape Architect” programme covers many of the prerequisites to achieving the licence; and
f. Commit to exploring the option of legislation.

In advance of any further advice from QBCC or the government, AILA strongly recommends all members begin the process to gain the appropriate licencing for their firm – particularly if you work on any projects without a client-side independent project manager, and where your firm is responsible for all aspects of contract administration.

The QBCC Project Management Licence website, includes forms and Q&A sheet (noting it is still focused on building / architectural / engineering project management services):

AILA is continuing to engage with government in this process and we will keep members informed of any updates as soon as they come to hand.

10 December 2019
Submission for the draft master plan for the City Reach Waterfront

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6 December 2019
Submission for the Community consultation for the proposal for five new green bridges across Brisbane

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12 November 2019

Thank you to our AILA GOLD Committee, Gold Coast Members and Advocacy Committee for their contribution and feedback for the AILA submission for the new City of Gold Coast - 'Our City Our Plan' planning amendments. We look forward to being involved further in the consultation process. 

AILA Response to City of Gold Coast 'Our City Our Plan'

22 October 2019 

Landscape Certification in the Brisbane City Council – Changes to the self-certification Process
In response to advocacy from AILA, Brisbane City Council seem to be addressing AILA members' concerns regarding the landscape self-certification process and quality of completed landscapes in the Brisbane City Council area. The changes members have so far identified are:

Changes to Council Conditions
Brisbane City Council are now asking for a copy of detailed landscape plans, prepared by a Registered Landscape Architect (RLA), to be submitted along with their Design Certificate for every project in the self-certification process, and PRIOR to construction starting. Previously, plans were only required to be submitted as built, and there was no requirement for an RLA to be involved.
Brisbane City Council also now require that a RLA do more regular site inspections and to certify the finished project. Again, the previous conditions specified RLA “or suitably qualified person”.
We believe these are positive steps in lifting the standard of landscape across Brisbane and AILA will continue to monitor how these changes impact the industry and membership base in the future. 

16 September 2019
Submission on the consultation document for Design-led City - a Design Strategy for Brisbane
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13 September 2019
Submission for the draft New World City design guide - Subtropical homes for a Brisbane lifestyle

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12 September 2019
Victoria Park Vision
AILA QLD will be responding to Brisbane City Council’s request to help create the draft vision for Victoria Park.
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29 August 2019

Response to State Government’s Model Code for Neighbourhood Design

The Queensland Advocacy and Executive Committees have been very active in the advocacy space recently, as mentioned in last weeks eNews. On Friday, AILA responded to the State Government’s Model Code for Neighbourhood Design to create Healthier and Active Communities. 

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31 March 2019

The Spit Draft Master Plan (March 2019) issue for community response

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) welcomes the opportunity to respond following the issue of The Spit Draft Master Plan for community comment.

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6 February 2019

Queensland Walking Strategy

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019 – 2029. Walkability is increasingly being understood not just as a mode of transport but as crucial to an integrated approach to issues of health, obesity, air quality, and town and city planning. AILA commends the Queensland Government for aiming to improve the walkability across the state.

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22 January 2019

Southport Spit Master Plan

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) welcomes the opportunity to respond to The Southport Spit Master Plan. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) champions quality design for public open spaces, stronger communities and greater environmental stewardship. With our members, we anticipate and develop a leading position on issues of concern in landscape architecture. Alongside government and allied professions, we work to improve the design, planning and management of the natural and built environment.

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1 November 2018

Mt Coo-tha Zip Line Response - November 2018

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the development application number A005011420 for The Mt Coot-tha Zip Line. Click here to view the full response. 

3 October 2018

Brisbane Metro Draft Design Report | Consultation Outcomes - September 2018

On 25 May 2018 AILA Queensland submitted a response to theimplementation of Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Metro – Draft Design Report, which can be viewed here.  The Draft Design Report Consultation Outcomes have now been released to the public, please click here to view the report.  

18 June 2018

Guidance Note for Landscape and Visual Assessment (GNLVA)

Landscape and Visual Assessment (LVA) is an essential tool of reconciling development with landscape and scenic values and promoting better outcomes for our communities.

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27 April 2018

Proposed Rooftop Uses Amendment

As we see increasing constriction at the ground level in achieving good soft landscape and urban design outcomes, we have an opportunity to try and regain some of this balance through the advent of green roof gardens and soft landscape outcomes on buildings. These kind of building uses align closely with the Planning Scheme’s Strategic Framework to enhance the Sunshine Coast’s natural advantage.

Read full AILA response here

10 April 2018

Major Consultation Event for The Spit Master Plan

Held on 28 & 29 April, this event will take the form of a workshop to enable key stakeholders to put forward their vision for the future of The Spit and contribute to setting the direction of the master planning process. This will be the first of a series of four workshops to be held over the next 12 months. AILA Representative, Alice Hawker will be in attendance. 

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19 December 2017

AILA QLD Response: Sunshine Coast Council Street Tree Master Plan

The AILA commends Sunshine Coast Council on the development of their comprehensive and well considered Draft Street Tree Master Plan. The level of detail and information available provides a broad background coupled with specific examples which underpin the recommendations and policy directions of the document. Consideration of the impacts of climate change on the selection of tree species and necessity for mitigating tree planting highlights the long term and strategic nature of this plan. The plan also addresses current and topical impacts on the development of street trees and Council is to be congratulated for coming up with some workable solutions to improve the delivery and quality of street trees to the Sunshine Coast.

Click here to read the full response!

28 February 2017 (added 27 June 2017)

Building Construction and Maintenance Category Industry Reference Group (BCM IRG) - Report from first meeting of the group

The BCM Group provides feedback to the state and local government on procurement matters.
Member organisations include: state govt. directors from HPW, and industry organisations: Aust Institute of Architects, Construction Skills Queensland, Consult Aust., Engineers Australia, Facility Management Assoc., HIA, Master Builders Qld, Master Electricians Aust., Master Plumbers Assoc Qld., National Fire Industry Assoc., Qld Major Contractors Assoc., Sustainable Built Environment Nat. Research Centre, Air Conditioning & Mech Contractors Assoc.

The BCM IRG first ascertained the key priorities for the industry and professional member groups. Matters that arose for the IRG to address included: communication between government and industry; the need for a systematic process in contract procurement; how is value for money assessed in contract determination; the need to identify blockages in the processess and key changes required; consistency of contracts from govt. Also in the first meeting, the available data held by govt. and its effectiveness was discussed and through a case study.

AILA members are welcome to send any notes or issues re government - industry procurement / tendering /contract matters which could be raised with the IRG.

Following the first two meetings the Group reached agreement that there are areas regarding procurement which would benefit from a detailed review. Hence, the BCM is now organising facilitated Focus Groups on particular topics of interest to the Group, including: "Defining Value for Money" and "Building Consultancy Contracts". This opportunity to explore a range of issues in more depth will lead to findings which will be documented and compiled into a report on recommended action.

Catherine Brouwer (in attendance)

March 2017

SEQ Regional Plan

AILA Response submission submitted

Thank you to our Regional Landscapes Group for the preparation of the AILA response to the SEQ Regional Plan.  AILA's response was based the response on the themes in the regional plan: Live; Grow and Prosper; Connect and Sustain.  The document was peer reviewed by Catherin Bull FAILA before going out to the AILA membership for comment.

Read the AILA response here. 

November 2016

SEQ Regional Plan

AILA Response submission update

Preparations for AILA’s response to the SEQ Regional Plan are well underway. A roundtable discussion was held on 14 November with members Suzie Rawlinson, Wendy Davies, Alayna Renata, Steve Dunn, Nathalie Ward, Tony Prineas, Alan Chenoweth and Chris Madigan volunteering to work on the submission. The group has agreed to the approach for compiling AILA’s response based on the themes in the regional plan: Live; Grow and Prosper; Connect and Sustain. The Committee will reconvene in December for further discussion with a draft response ready for the end of January. This will then be circulated to members for comment before the feedback deadline in March.

August 2016

South East Queensland Regional Plan (2009-2031) Review

Further Response by AILA Queensland prepared by the Qld Regional Landscapes Committee
Position Paper – SEQ Scenic Amenity Guideline (2009)

Please read our Position Paper here.

Please read AILA's response here

December 2015

AILA Qld submitted a response to the Draft Windfarm State Code in November 2015.

The Windfarm State Code has now been adopted and became effective on 22 July 2016. Please see here

The AILA Qld Regional Landscapes Group was successful in their submission leading to some significant improvements to the Code and its associated guidelines.


November 2015

Witton Barracks Site and the announcement that it is secured as a future community facility.  Click Here to view letter sent to Councillor Julian Simmonds, Councillor for Walter Taylor Ward

September 2015

Queens's Wharf Brisbane

AILA QLD welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane PDA, please click here view the cover letter and AILA QLD comments.

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