Victoria Park Vision

AILA QLD will be responding to Brisbane City Council’s request to help create the draft vision for Victoria Park.

We will be encouraging Brisbane City Council to ensure the vision for Victoria Park provides leadership in the planning, design and management of this natural landscape for the sake of our community and the future health of the planet.

Self-sustaining landscapes are essential by placing a high value on the protection of living landscapes and taking a thoughtful approach to their change.

We believe the vision for Victoria Park should shape a future that is sustainable, that encourages healthy and diverse natural and built landscapes, and that supports resilient communities.

Some guiding principles of the redevelopment may include:

  • experiential thinking to deliver on a series of positive experiences for people, flora and fauna;
  • retaining and improving the existing park’s landscape values, natural topography, climate, vegetation, views, immediate and greater connectivity to the city, edge conditions and movement networks;
  • greater expression of our cultural values of first second and third nations peoples within the park;
  • revealing the value of the landscape and working collaboratively with the community and professionals to ensure the best outcome possible;
  • commenting on the consultation process. We do not see consultation as an event - rather an ongoing process.

Submissions to contribute to the Victoria Park Vision are required by the 29 September. We encourage all members to contribute now to AILA QLD to ensure your say is included. Email

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