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February 2021

Infrastructure Victoria
Victoria's 30-year Infrastructure Strategy

Click here to read the AILA submission that provides feedback on the draft Strategy to ensure it works for the community.
Community feedback given will help inform the preparation of the final Strategy with the aim for a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Victoria.
You can read the draft Strategy here.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on the response letter by emailing [email protected]

February 2021

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Planning for Melbourne’s Green Wedges and Agricultural Land

Click here to read the AILA submission in response to the Victorian Government's plan  for Melbourne's green wedges and agricultural land.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on the response letter by emailing [email protected]

October 2020

Local Council Elections 2020 
Postal vote by 23 October.

Click here  to read the collated responses received via the AILA Victoria Local Candidates Survey released on 23 September and 1 October. 
Of the 1,958 candidates surveyed across the 76 Councils, 466 candidates (24 per cent) provided feedback and 67 per cent opened the email.

Individual candidates and their contact details can be viewed on the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

AILA VIC members are welcome to inquire about the Survey by emailing [email protected]


October 2020

Parliament of Victoria - Legislative Assembly Environment and Planning Committee:
Inquiry into environmental infrastructure for growing populations

Click here to read the AILA submission commenting on the Inquiry into Enviromental Infrastructure for Growing Populations submitted 1 October 2020.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this letter by emailing [email protected]

July 2020

North East Link - proposed Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities (Engage Victoria)

Click here to read the AILA submission letter commenting on the draft Planning Scheme Amendment submitted 16 July 2020.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this letter by emailing [email protected]


May 2020

Barwon River Revetment Designs - Ocean Grove (DEWLP)
Click here  to read response letter for the Barwon River Revetment Designs submitted 14 May 2020.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this letter by emailing [email protected]

April 2020

Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods March 2020 Final Consultation Draft (DEWLP)
Click here  to read response letter to the final consultation draft for Apartments Design Guidelines for Victoria submitted 29 April 2020.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this letter by emailing [email protected]

March 2020

Yarra River Strategic Plan (Engage Victoria)
Click here  
to read submission letter submitted 27 March 2020.
Click here to read AILA response to set questions outlined in the response.
Click here to view AILA Presentation presented to the Yarra River Panel on Monday 1 June, 2020.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this letter by emailing [email protected]

November 2019

Draft Melbourne Open Space Strategy (M.O.S.S.)
Click here
to read submission letter submitted 21 November, 2019.

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Waterways of the West Advisory Committee (DELWP)
Click here
to read submission letter submitted 14 November, 2019.

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October 2019

Golf Course Redevelopment Standing Advisory Committee (DELWP)
Click here  
to read submission letter submitted 2 October, 2019.

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September 2019

Land Management Strategy Guiding Principles (PARKS VICTORIA)
Click here
to read submission letter submitted 27 September, 2019.

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September 2019

Building Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods (DELWP)
Click here
to read submission letter submitted 27 September, 2019.
Click here for submission attachment.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this submission by emailing [email protected]

June 2019

North East Link Project Environment Effects Statement 
Click here 
to read submission letter.
Click here 
to see full presentation made on Friday 6 September, 2019.

AILA VIC members are welcome to comment on this issue by emailing [email protected] 

November 2018

E-GUIDE - How to Vote?
Victoria's state election - Saturday 24 November

CLICK HERE to view e-guide.

This information summarises the policies of Victoria's major parties policies on issues relating to landscape architecture and urban design.

4 October 2018

AILA Victoria Pre-Election Statement

Read AILA Victoria's pre-election statement here.

AILA Vic 2017/2018 Highlights 

AILA Vic 2018 ACM Presentation 


2 October 2018

Rivers of the West Act

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects has long advocated for the importance of green infrastructure in our built environment. This was formalised in a National Policy Statement in 2012, Adapting to Climate Change – Green Infrastructure. AILA’s definition of green infrastructure differs slightly from that in the document proposing a Rivers of the West (Green Infrastructure and Caring for Country) Act but this difference is of no consequence. The underlying concept of legislating for the protection and preservation of the rivers and waterways in Melbourne’s west in terms of green infrastructure is one that AILA unequivocally supports.

AILA Victoria letter to Environmental Justice Australia 

14 September 2018 

Telstra Billboards

Telstra plans to roll out around 80 new payphone-billboard structures in the CBD.

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) supports the City of Melbourne in its pursuit of halting the roll-out of Telstra billboards.

AILA applauds Council’s sustained investment in street design over many decades to improve the quality of city life. Improvements include widening footpaths, laying bluestone pavement and installing well-designed public furniture. The new Telstra billboards undo these efforts by creating physical and visual clutter, damaging pavements and imposing advertising within the public realm.

AILA Victoria submission

Email to members

10 August 2018

Submission regarding Amendment C308 - Urban design in the central city and Southbank

The AILA Victorian Chapter provides the following submission in response to Amendment C308. Our members include both landscape architects and urban designers who are experienced in the planning and design of the city at large, as well as at the detailed scale of streetscapes, building interfaces and other interstitial spaces. We value the opportunity to provide feedback on this important body of work to improve urban design outcomes in the Central City and Southbank.

Read submission here

13 February 2018

AILA Victoria submitted a statement to be read out in the opening remarks of the Apple in Federation Square Debate on Tuesday 13 February 2018 at Deakin Edge. Click here to read the statement.

AILA encouraged the original project landscape architects based Karres + Brands (Netherlands) to submit a statement. Their considered position was also read in full in the opening remarks and was well-received by the audience. Read their statement here

22 December 2017

AILA Victoria is concerned about the Federation Square decision. Read the media relase here.

AILA, AIA and PIA Victoria have also submitted a joint letter to the Planning Minister Richard Wynne. Read that here

January 2017

AILA Victoria's submission of Draft Integrated Water Management Framework. View here.

December 2016

AILA Victoria's Safe and Accessible Victorian Waterways Discussion Paper. View here.

September 2016

AILA Victoria's response to the Draft Apartment Design Standards. Click here to read.

August, 2016

AILA Victoria's submission for Protecting the Yarra River. Click here

July, 2016 

AILA Victoria's feedback letter to Draft Urban Ecology and Biodiversity Strategy. Read it here.

See AILA Victoria's Melbourne Metro Rail submission here. 

June, 2016

Infrastructure Victoria

Read AILA Victoria's Infrastructure Victoria submission here.

May, 2016

Water for Victoria - AILA Victoria's submission

Read the submission here

Review of the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations

Read the submission here

Western Distributor Project - AILA feedback letter

Click here to read the letter

April, 2016

Update: Prahran Renewal Plan: Phase 3

Dear Felicity,

I am writing to thank you for contributing to the Phase 3 community consultation for the Prahran masterplan and to provide the executive summary of the consultant’s report of the findings.

This summary documents the community and stakeholder feedback and presents the key responses to the themes and priorities in the draft masterplan.

The detailed version of the report, along with the final masterplan with its outline of a long-term vision to renew the Prahran housing estates while retaining the high-rise towers, was submitted for state planning approval early this year.

To access the detailed report and to stay updated on our plans, please visit or the housing office at 259 Malvern Road South Yarra where both versions of the report are available in print.

Click here for the Consultation report executive summary.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Allen
Place Manager
Prahran Renewal

March, 2016

Skyrail Submission

A submission was sent to the Level Crossing Removal Authority on the Level Crossing Removal Project: Caulfield to Dandenong (Sky Rail) to advocate for contextually responsive solutions and integrated outcomes that will deliver a positive legacy for the city. Some of the matters raised included ensuring the provision of high quality public spaces and their long-term maintenance; connections for cyclists and pedestrians; increased permeability between neighbourhoods; and ensuring acontemporary and elegant rail structure that minimises visual bulk. Read AILA’s submission here.

February, 2016

Yarra Riverkeeper Cruise

Click here for media release.

February, 2016

Plan Melbourne Refresh

On 4 December 2015 AILA Victoria committee members attended a consultation workshop on the Plan Melbourne Refresh Discussion Paper.
AILA Victoria representatives at this workshop were Brenton Beggs, Mark Frisby and Felicity McGahan.

Among other topics there was much to say on the theme of ‘a more resilient Melbourne’ in regards to climate change and how the conversation might be better framed to engage people through the notion of liveability. There was also discussion of strategies to encourage increased uptake of green infrastructure and urban greening principles at both government and private sector levels to further mitigate against the potential impacts of climate change. An AILA submission in response to the paper was submitted on the 18th of December 2015.

Read the submission here

Update 11 February 2016

A letter of acknowledgement of the submission and next steps was received.

Read the letter here

December, 2015

Early December, 2015 AILA Victoria submitted a letter to Ms Meredith Sussex AM, the Chair, Fishermans Bend Advisory Committee with feedback on the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area. You can see our submission here

November, 2015

AILA Victoria recently sent a letter to Hon. R. Wynne, Minister for Planning in relation to the overturn of Moreland City Council’s planning permit approval of ‘The Nightingale’ on the basis of no provision of on-site car parking. Here is our letter

September, 2015

AILA Victoria made a submission to the CEO of Vic Roads regarding AILA's response to the Hoddle Street - Punt Road Corridor Consultation. You can see our submission here.

AILA Victoria recently put together another submission in relation to the Prahran Renewal Project. Our submission can be seen here

August, 2015

AILA's Submission: Infrastructure Australia - The 15 year Infrastructure plan for Australia.

This submission includes recommendations that respond to major opportunities and are cost effective and impactful. We have articulated four key recommendations, including:

- Development of a National Green Infrastructure Strategy
- Minimum SITES Ratings for Federally Funded Projects
- Roll-out of a National Green Infrastructure Training Program
- Development of a Briefing Guide for Integrating Landscape through Infrastructure Development

If you are interested in viewing AILA's submission click here.

July - September 2015

The Better Apartments Discussion Paper

AILA has prepared a submission and is continuing to provide input in response to The Better Apartments discussion paper by the Victorian Government. The paper “weighs up housing needs, market demands and building standards with the aim of improving liveability and affordability” (Richard Wynne, 2015). The intention of the paper is to “kick-start consultation” with the public and industry stakeholders to establish minimum standards for the design and development of apartments.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the submission, in particular to Mark Skiba and David Dreadon for leading AILA’s efforts in this important issue. If you want to view AILA’s submission, click here.


July 2015
PowerCor Draft Guidelines Response from AILA

A submission was put together to respond to Draft Guidelines proposed by PowerCor. Sue Ozanne, from Spiire and part of the Environment Committee, did a fantastic job drafting a response in a short time frame, allowing contributions from others and finalising it. You can read this document here. Thanks Sue, Jon Shinkfield, Meredith Dobbie, Barrie Gallacher and Pru Smith from the Environment Committee for bringing it together.

May 2015

New VicRoads Tree Planting Policy and the MPA Boulevard Strategy

The recently released VicRoads Tree Planting Policy is a welcome change, after many years of lobbying from AILA Victoria, Council Arboriculture Victoria, local councils and other industry bodies. For those who have experienced the pain of attempting to plant street trees along a VicRoads road, you will know the previous policy was risk adverse and vehicle focused. In a sense, we were headed toward a future of few street trees and in many cases, unable to even replace existing street trees.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) has also played a significant role in shaping the new policy to increase tree canopy cover along key roads. A key initiative of the 2014 Plan Melbourne is to prepare a Boulevard Strategy for Melbourne, which the MPA is currently preparing in consultation with key stakeholders. To support this initiative, VicRoads has worked with a representative group of stakeholders to revise their tree planting policy.

The new policy is a more holistic approach with positive pedestrian and environmental outcomes. Essentially, you can now plant trees (over 100mm trunk diameter) on roadsides with speeds of 60km/hr or less. Of course, some ‘conditions apply’ so please familiarise yourself with the new policy as you go forth and plant more trees! Also, keep your eye out for an update on the MPA’s Boulevard Strategy in the next AILA VIC newsletter.

March 2015

Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal.