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2016 AILA Victorian Landscape Architecture Awards

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The AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards provides a key vehicle for the promotion of the achievements and work of landscape architects in Australia.

In 2014 & 2015, AILA undertook a significant review of its awards categories, objectives and criteria, as well as other aspects of the overall program - to ensure that the program celebrates the depth of practice and contribution of the profession to society. The new program, termed “The AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards”, has been developed after extensive research, multiple consultation rounds, and much discussion with members across many platforms around the country.

The main document to help you understand the new program is the Entry Guide. The second document is the Victoria submission requirements. Additionally to this, we have provided the Jurors Guide, which elaborates further on the judging process, however is specifically written for prospective jurors. Finally, the project description form (word format) that is required as part of your submission.

1. AILA National Landscape Architecture Entry Guide

2. Chapter Recommendations for Submission Victoria

3. AILA National Landscape Architecture Jury Guide

4. Online Entry Form

5. Project Description Form 

NOTE: State based specific entry guidelines no longer exist. All entries must now address the National Landscape Architecture Entry Guide along with specific State based requirements outlined in the Victoria submission guide and requirements document.

To find out more about compiling your entry including a video from the Chair of the National Awards Review Taskforce as well as case study example of entries please read the National Awards page or scroll down. Click here to visit the National Awards page. These examples will assist not only members considering entering in the 2016 awards, but also those 2015 State winners who will need to re-submit their projects in the new submission format.

In brief, the structure of the program is;

  • The AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards has two stages, both occurring annually.
  • The first is a chapter/state program, followed by the second being the national program.
  • The state awards are held in the first half of the year, and the national awards are held in the second half of the year.
  • Those projects awarded an Award of Excellence and a Landscape Architecture Award at state level proceed automatically through to the national awards later that same year- no separate re-submission or fee is required.
  • All entries are to be entered directly into their state awards, there are no direct entries to national awards EXCEPT those to the international category.
  • Projects must be entered in the state where the project is located
  • The Jury will be selected before the entries are called for, and publicised at the time of calling for awards.
  • Projects can be entered in as many categories as the entrant wishes. A fee is required for each category entered.
  • Projects are eligible to be entered into the awards for an unlimited period and can be entered in multiple years if unsuccessful.

In brief, the new fees are;

In 2016, AILA is offering your first entry FREE. We want to encourage all our members to participate in this brand new and improved awards program, and to celebrate our 50th birthday. Free entry applies to the first entry submitted per practice (per state) where a member is employed.

The entry fee to the AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards is now set at $299 +GST, which applies to any subsequent entries made in 2016. The increase in fee allows for automatic resubmission into National Awards (for those eligible), and no further payment is required for those entrants progressing to National awards.

Please note - You must use the below promo code at the time of entry to ensure your first entry is free.

promo code is; firstawardsentry2016

NOTE: All Victorian 2015 Awards winners will be contacted directly by the AILA Canberra Office in regards to submitting for the 2016 AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards they are not required to submit for the 2016 AILA Victoria Landscape Architecture Awards.

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