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NT Talk: LA's for Better Futures

NT Talk: LA's for Better Futures
Join a few of the AILA's National Councillors as we discuss the role Landscape Architects can play to achieve better outcomes for communities and clients. 

: Thursday 9th July 2015
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Venue: Paspalis Conference Centre, 48-50 Smith Street Darwin
Cost: Free – nibbles and drinks included following the talks
To register: email your full name and email address to by 1 July 2015

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Shaun Walsh, Manager of South Bank and Roma Street Parklands - Brisbane, QLD

The parks are a key attractor for visitors and residents in Brisbane, and as well as being home to the iconic “beach” host over 600 events per year for over 10 million visitors.  In his presentation the audience will learn how the precinct is managed and how it interrelates to integrated approach to public open space management in Brisbane:
- Location and description of South Bank and Roma Street Parklands
- Outline of key attractions, events and projects at the Parklands
- Outline of the parklands management arrangements with the Qld government, including brief explanation of the KPIs and Standard of Service relevant to these parks
- Brief description of the CPTS organisational structure and their responsibilities in managing the parks Benefits of an integrated open space management approach with other parks managed by Brisbane City Council
- Key opportunities and challenges moving forward

Greg GrabaschPrincipal Director of UDLA - Perth WA

Greg is principal of UDLA, a small urban design and landscape architecture practice situated in Fremantle and Broome WA.  Through his career Greg has been involved in a large variety of urban and rural design projects, ranging from broad land use and master planning studies through to community and culturally inclusive place design.

The Studio’s design philosophy hinges on the understanding that the health of a community has a symbiotic relationship with how empowered participates are engaged with their environment, or have a say in changing their existing condition into a preferred one.

With learnings from the desert being applied to our suburbs, Greg’s discussion will take the audience through the journey of the ‘participatory design’ process and its proven potential to provide community capacity building outcomes.

  Andrew TurnbullDirector of Scott Carver - Sydney NSW 

Andrew is a leading Landscape Architect working widely throughout Australia and internationally for nearly 30 years. A guest lecturer at the Tsinghua University - Beijing coastal and waterfront development he offers a strategic approach founded in a philosophy of "place capital" - connecting commerce to people. Great places extend beyond a design response - they are a "stage" for social behavior, celebration and discovery that create an emotional response. It is personal. The success of a place can be measured in its vitality and place attachment - its connection with the user. The lecture will present a proposition for creating dynamic and rewarding places.

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9/07/2015 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Paspalis Conference Centre, Darwin AUSTRALIA NT 0801

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