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QLD Landscape Tech:Toolkit for Revegetation & Turf Selection

QLD Landscape Tech:Toolkit for Revegetation & Turf Selection

AILA’s new Landscape Technical CPD sessions provides a forum for presentation and exhibition of industry information in an educational and inspiring format. The sessions offer landscape architects the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and research from Australia’s leading suppliers in one jam-packed session.

Presentation 1: Deliver better design outcomes through the right turf selection and maintenance

Quality public open space is becoming important for the health and wellbeing of our communities as we move towards a hotter, drier climate. We need to be using the best turf varieties available together with best practice turf maintenance to be certain of achieving quality turf outcomes.  Green, well maintained turf in a well-designed POS is a major attraction. But, with the wrong species or variety and poor maintenance, it becomes a distraction.  

This technical session will cover the advantages of using PBR (Plant Breeders Rights) varieties, best practice turf maintenance and case studies. Also find out why Village Green was granted PBR in Europe.

Key learning outcomes:

  • the advantage of using PBR varieties
  • the importance of maintenance to achieve quality turf outcomes
  • the reasons why to specify particular varieties for achieving quality turf outcomes

Presenter: Dave Raison, Industry Development Officer for Turf NSW and Communications Manager for Turf Australia

Presentation 2: Importance of Regular Maintenance during Establishment of Revegetation Projects    

As less land becomes available for development in South East Qld more environmentally sensitive land is required, impacting on our waterways and habitat.  The importance for all parties to ensure sustainable development for our future is to build and maintain landscapes that are in a truly established state when handed back to councils.

This session covers the importance of dealing with the seed bank in a development, selecting the correct growing material and the need to keep good records to help with future planning and learning what worked and what didn’t.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Why the need for consistently regular maintenance on a revegetation project
  • Plant stock selection
  • Record Keeping

Presenter: John White – Business Development Manager. Evolve Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd

: Thursday 7 May 2015

Time: 4:30pm – 7pm

Venue: 12 Bar, Melbourne Hotel, 10 Browning Street, West End – QLD - 4101

Cost: free for AILA members, $40 for non-AILA members

Light refreshments will be served.


7/05/2015 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
12 Bar, Melbourne Hotel, 10 Browning Street WEST END QLD

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