QLD An Ecology of Place: Recreating biodiverse landscapes

QLD An Ecology of Place: Recreating biodiverse landscapes
Join us for an engaging biodiversity webinar, discussing An Ecology of Place: Recreating biodiverse landscapes in Queensland and beyond.
In response to AILA's recent Climate and Biodiversity Loss Emergency Declaration this webinar shows how landscape architects and allied professionals can make significant contributions in re-building biodiversity at local and city-wide scales from urban centres to suburban greenspace. The key to building biodiverse landscapes is to understand the criticality of invertebrates in supporting most other lifeforms (including humans, and the plants and animals we find attractive and desirable). Information about food webs, the role insects play in maintaining healthy ecosystems, planting and other design strategies and resources, and much more will be presented and discussed by our experienced panel including Helen Schwencke, Dr Dick Copeman, Gavin Hardy, AILA, Ralph Bailey, FAIA, and comments from Lawrie Smith, FAILA. 
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Thursday 28 May
11:30am - 1:00pm
Contact: Melanie West, M 0417 666 622 E [email protected]
CPD: 3 Formal CPD points

Cost: Members: $10, Non-Members: $20


Helen Schwencke

For over 35 years Helen Schwencke’s passion has been connecting people with nature, especially butterflies, native bees and other small creatures (including growing their food sources to increase urban biodiversity). Trained as a biologist/ecologist, Helen was the founding President of the Butterfly and Other Invertebrates Club in 1994 and has been managing Woodfordia’s Butterfly Project since 2004. Helen is the steward of a 30+ year old, 405sq m inner Brisbane biodiverse 'living laboratory' garden raising fifty species of butterflies alongside many other invertebrate species. Current involvements include butterflies and invertebrate biodiversity and conservation via presentations, community education programs and publications such as Create More Butterflies (co-author and publisher) and Australian Stingless Bees (publisher). She also operates an environmental consultancy Earthling Enterprises (www.earthling.com.au).

Dick Copeman

Dick Copeman started his working life as a medical practitioner and has worked in Aboriginal health, general practice and palliative care. He was a senior lecturer in general practice at the University of Queensland from 1985 to 1991. His interests in nutrition and public health lead him progressively into involvement in health policy, food policy, environmental activism and permaculture. Dick has been involved at Northey Street City Farm since it started in 1994. He has taken on a number of roles there, including education coordinator and farming manager. He initiated Northey Street’s permaculture design certificate courses and also ran courses in accredited permaculture training. His particular interests are in permaculture design, garden ecology, tree and perennial crops, bush regeneration, bush foods and food preparation.

Gavin Hardy

Gavin Hardy is a multi-award winning landscape architect, horticulturist and educator with over 25 years experience. His focus is on connecting modern people with everyday urban nature through design and education processes. He brings practical knowledge in the remediation of damaged urban sites including re-wilding suburbia, and creating garden sanctuaries for people and urban wildlife. Gavin also educates people about ecologically sustainable lifestyles and tutors children in permaculture. He is a board member of Community Gardens Australia, a registered member of AILA and is an associate of the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

Ralph Bailey, FAIA, and Lawrie Smith, FAILA, will also join the panel discussions.

Ralph Bailey, FAIA

Ralph Bailey was a founding partner of Guymer Bailey Architects with Tim Guymer in 1989. Ralph’s extensive design and construction knowledge, and experience is highly valued in his role as a retired Principal Architect and mentor to the Guymer Bailey team. With a passion for sustainable design and creating spaces that foster respect for the environment and the surrounding landscape, Ralph was a pioneer in the area of ecotourism and has a proven track record of designing award-winning architecture and landscape design. 
With a desire to create environments that enliven all of our senses, Ralph has also authored several papers and books on design and landscaping including Gardening with Australian Rainforest Plants, Creating an Australian Rainforest Garden, Perfumed and Aromatic Australian Plants, Growing Australian Bushfoods, Ecotourism and Designing with Australian Hardwoods. He was also asked to produce the Design Manual for the Brisbane City Council’s Nature Reserves.

Lawrie Smith, FAILA
Lawrie established Landplan Studio in Brisbane in 1974. Retired since 2004, Lawrie has maintained an advisory involvement with various botanic gardens for which he was responsible as landscape architect. 
Design with Nature has been the basic philosophy which has distinguished Lawrie’s practice in landscape architecture, spanning over five decades. This conviction is integrated with a strong social and community responsibility to create specialised parkland, gardens, open space developments and major national and international expositions. Lawrie has built his career around a strong personal belief in the unique quality, diversity and value of the Australian environment and flora, building a comprehensive knowledge of the plant communities of the various regions of Australia as well as those of other climatically similar world regions. This extensive plant knowledge is specifically relevant to the many botanic gardens for which he has been responsible.

Thursday 28 May
11:30am - 1:00pm
Contact: Melanie West, M 0417 666 622 E [email protected]
CPD: 3 Formal CPD points
Cost: Members: $10, Non-Members: $20

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28/05/2020 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time

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