Exploring Landscape Architecture

In this series of six videos, we explore the landscape architecture profession, answering questions about the role of the landscape architect and examining the many ways landscape architects contribute to our society. Starting with the basics, we look at the daily ins and outs of professional life – what does a landscape architect actually do? We then delve into some of the inspiring ways the profession can influence our world through strengthening our communities, shaping our towns and cities, improving the health of individuals, places and the environment, and contributing to government policy making and implementation. Landscape architecture is an incredibly diverse profession that can make a significant and lasting impact – learn more from some of our members by watching the videos below.

What is a Landscape Architect?

Committed to designing and creating a better environment, landscape architects shape the world around us. They conceive, reimagine and transform the outside world from streetscapes to parks and playgrounds, transport solutions to tourism strategies, private backyards to new suburbs and even cities. Read more. 

How do Landscape Architects Improve Communities?

Committed to designing and creating a better Australia, landscape architects have the skills and expertise to solve macro issues with innovative integrated solutions. Landscape architects contribute leadership, creativity and innovation as they collaborate to achieve better health, environmental, social and economic outcomes. Read more.

How do LAs Shape Our Cities, Towns and Regions?

Being able to recognise the significant qualities of a site and work with its grain and natural resources can lead to a plan which ensures that a new development responds intelligently to the underlying landscape and environmental systems. Rivers and water networks, local climate, geology, landform and habitats all need to be considered. Read more. 

How do Landscape Architects Influence the Health of our Cities and People?

In every neighbourhood, landscape architects are often found working on projects which are community driven and contribute directly to local health and wellbeing. In contemporary western societies chronic disease has now overtaken infectious disease as a major cause of death. Read more.

How do Landscape Architects improve the environment?

Faced with growing social, political and economic concern over the use of natural resources, and the potential effects of a changing climate, there has never been a more important time to ensure that the sustainable use of natural resources is the backbone of design. Read more. 

How do Landscape Architects Improve Government Policy and Thinking?

Government planning policy stresses the importance of high quality and inclusive design. The way places are planned, designed and managed has a major impact on the communities they serve and landscape architects have much to contribute in this space. Read more.