About the program

Be a Landscape Architect is a coordinated program with the aim of profiling career options in the landscape architecture. 

We’re building a volunteer workforce to visit schools and the program will be supported by a digital marketing campaign. 

Become a Career Ambassador 

We need help getting the word out about how great a career in landscape architecture can be! 

To do this, we’re asking AILA members to become a Be a Landscape Architect Career Ambassador. 

What’s involved? 

You can do as little or as much as you like as a Career Ambassador – there is no minimum time commitment but we hope that every Ambassador can visit one school or career expo each year. Any extra profile for the profession that we can generate is still a great outcome. 

The role of the Career Ambassador is to:

1. Contact high schools in your local area. This might be a principal or a career advisor to request to address students in years 10 to 12 to tell them about landscape architecture. Some schools offer career expos so the first step could be to ask about that. 
2. Present or attend Career Days/Expos. We’ve developed some resources to help you do this, including a template PowerPoint presentation (see below). 
3. Offer Work Experience. This isn’t an essential part of being a Career Ambassador so don’t worry if this isn’t possible. Contacting a career advisor and letting them know you can take on work experience students is a perfect way of profiling the profession
4. Support your local AILA State Chapter at major Career Expos – AILA will attend career expos in the major capital cities and we will need people to spend time on the stall talking to potential landscape architects. Your practice might also like to sponsor a booth to help us get to more expos in a year. Contact [email protected] if you’re interested in sponsoring a booth.
5. Share our social content on your account – this is the perfect way to help us spread the word far and wide.

How to get involved 

If you match any of the following criteria then you will qualify to be a Career Ambassador.

- You can relate to high school students 
- You’re passionate about landscape architecture and you can confidentially talk about the profession in a positive way
- You have the time to make contact with at least one school each year.

If this sounds like you, register your interest in being a Career Ambassador by emailing [email protected] 

We will then send you an information pack and offer a short briefing to help get you started. 


We’ve created a suite of resources to help you be the best possible Career Ambassador

- Template introduction letter to a school
- Template presentation - coming soon!

Both of these resources can be adapted to make them your own. The key is to direct students and interested people to our subscription platform and social media accounts:

- Subscription platform: www.bealandscapearchitect.com.au
- Instagram  
- Facebook

We also have a Work Experience Practice Note to guide you through the basic requirements of what is involved. 

Previous copies of Landscape Architecture Australia magazine are available to assist presentations upon request to [email protected]

Print material

Contact your local AILA Chapter to access some printed material. Sometimes we run out of stock or there isn’t enough time to send you the material, so we’ve provided all of the resources here for you to download and print from your office:

- Where to study poster
- Be a Landscape Architect postcard
- Landscape Architecture Information booklet - coming soon!

Got a question? Email [email protected] or call 02 6248 9970