LA in the Media - Issue 97


RMIT students and staff at Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation during the 2018 trip to Barkandji Country. 
Image: Jock Gilbert


3 June 2019 [Ellaslist]

The Best Playgrounds Around Melbourne

A good-old fashioned day at the playground- nothing helps a kid burn off energy quite like climbing cool structures, zipping down super slides and getting silly on swings. Read more.


30 May 2019 [RMIT]

Engaging with Indigenous communities a life-changing experience

Recent Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design alumni Louella Exton participated in the Return to Country of Mungo Man in 2017. Earlier this month, Exton was awarded the Patricia Guthrie Memorial Award for her efforts in advocating RMIT’s participation in the Return To Country event on the edge of Lake Mungo. Read more.


30 May 2019 []

Volunteers keep Canberra ‘looking great’

The Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate (TCCS) used Volunteers Week last week to acknowledge the efforts of volunteers who help keep Canberra’s public places maintained and “looking great”. Read more.


30 May 2019 [The Wire]


The lived environment tells us many stories about a place. It creates a feel for its history and culture. For this reason, Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri Landscape Architect, Paul Herzich, works with communities, councils and businesses across South Australia to develop art that tells stories of the local traditional owners. Read more.


30 May 2019 [ODS]

A Sea of Imagination

Overflowing with activities for all ages, Newport Waterside is now home to a state-of-the-art inclusive playground created with Urban Play that encourages the whole family to get outside, soak up the sun and play! Read more.


30 May 2019 [The Fifth Estate]

How to love our open green space and help them grow

Everybody likes green space – residents and local councils in particular, but also developers who know it adds commercial value. However, not many people in the community know how to make a case for better green space nor who to approach to make this happen. Read more.


28 May 2019 [Foreground]

WaterLore: what might drylands teach us about living with less water?

Images are powerful. They are capable of telling complex stories. Even if not exactly universal, images can communicate across cultural boundaries, opening dialogues and enriching understandings and interpretations of the world around us. Read more


27 May 2019 [Architecture & Design]

Architects and engineers say they expect pay rises

The latest edition of the Hays Salary Guide indicates that there will be pay increases in the building, construction, engineering and property industries; however, the increases will be significantly lower than expectations. Read more.



Architecture for Indigenous healthcare in the regions

Timothy O'Rourke reports on a current study investigating Indigenous perceptions and experiences of healthcare design in order to increase the efficacy of cross-cultural design in healthcare architects. Read more.


26 May 2019 [Illawarra Mercury]

Yowie Man: Cycling Canberra's ultimate ghost road

Passing within metres of our premiere sports stadium, running beneath one of our major hospitals and winding through a secret spooky swamp, Old Weetangera Road has to be Canberra's ultimate ghost road. Read more.


23 May 2019 [The Fifth Estate]

Election over: Now here’s what we need to deliver greener, healthier, more liveable cities

Greener, liveable and healthier cities isn’t a panacea for societal ails, but it very well might be the closest thing we’ve got. Read more.


23 May 2019 []

Future focus: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects call for new Living Infrastructure Strategy

In a bid to green our cities, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has proposed a 2019 Living Infrastructure Strategy and call for the support of the federal government and councils to build healthier, more sustainable communities. Read more.


21 May 2019 [Herald Sun]

Eltham North Adventure Playground wins best play space award

Eltham North Adventure Playground has been named the best new play space in Victoria and Tasmania, just 15 months after the original site was destroyed by fire. Read more.


20 May 2019 [Build Australia]

Entries in 2019 AILA VIC Landscape Architecture Awards revealed

It’s clear that many cities across the globe are stepping up to meet the challenge of climate change, and landscape architecture is well placed to be the driving force behind this transformation. Read more


20 May 2019 [Green Magazine]

Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture Victorian Awards entries

The great cities of the world are stepping up to meet the challenge of climate change, and landscape architecture is well placed to be the driving force behind this transformation. Read more.


19 May 2019 [The Age]

Call for Sydney to be managed as an 'urban forest'

Sydney needs an ambitious tree-planting program in suburban areas to boost human health and provide wildlife habitat, as part of a shift to manage cities as “urban forests”, planning experts say. Read more.


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