LA in the Media - Issue 10, 18 - 31 July 2015

Torrens Primary School captains Harper Stanier and Sam Harding (centre) with University of Canberra landscape design students Luke Duggan (left) and Chris Norris (right) with the design for the new courtyard at Torrens Primary School. 666 ABC Canberra: Louise Maher


Tuesday 21 July 2015 [ArchitectureAU]

An arboreal affair: Melbourne’s love letter to trees

A City of Melbourne initiative to assign email addresses to trees has unintentionally resulted in a flood of love letters from around the world. Over 3,000 emails to trees have been received, most from tree-loving locals but some have come from all corners of the globe including Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the USA, and even Moldova. Read more.

Thursday 23 July 2015 [Architecture&Design]

Brisbane isn’t interested in bland, cookie cutter residential buildings

The boutique residential market in Brisbane is on the rise with market-savvy developers looking for ways to capitalise on the current trend for unique, liveable apartments that have a strong sense of character. Read more.

Friday 24 July 2015 [Dezeen]

Bricks, doors and roof tiles recycled by Phooey Architects for Melbourne house extension

The clients requested that recycled materials be used wherever possible. Other Australian buildings taking a similar approach include a warehouse-like residence built from second-hand bricks and a cafe with wall panels made from old doors. Read more.

Tuesday 28 July 2015 [ArchitectureAU]

Fishermans Bend advisory group revealed

Landscape architect Lucinda Hartley from CoDesign Studio and architect Robert McGauran from Melbourne-based MGS Architects are among those selected for the Ministerial Advisory Committee. Other experts on the committee include planning expert Michelle Howard, transport expert Eric Keys and land development expert Tania Quick. Read more.

Wednesday 29 July 2015 [Financial Review]

Understanding the landscape

Landscape architects are often associated with the domestic garden. While setting out garden paths and earmarking trees for a plot might sporadically come across their desks, the scale of their work is usually at least 10-fold larger. Read more.

Wednesday 29 July 2015 [Business Insider]

People are trying to turn one of the world's biggest cities into a national park - and it might just work.

Nearly half of London boasts of green cover. Londoners share space with 13,000 wildlife species, 3,000 parks, and 8.3 million trees. The city was officially declared an urban forest in 2002. Now London could become a national park — sort of. Read more.

Thursday 30 July 2015 [Canberra Times]

Torrens Primary School students enjoy lessons in design to create new courtyard

Students at Torrens Primary School will soon be able to play at school without the worry of tripping over tree roots or sliding in dirt. The school, along with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and University of Canberra architecture students, has designed a new courtyard for the students to use. Read more.

Thursday 30 July 2015 [ABC]
Playground makeover: Schoolchildren team up with landscape architects to create green space

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has teamed up with the University of Canberra (UC) and Torrens Primary School in the ACT to redesign and rebuild a courtyard located in the centre of the school. AILA chief executive officer Shahana McKenzie said it is a pilot project for a national competition that will be launched in September to highlight the benefits of quality green spaces in urban areas, including schools. Read more.