LA in the Media - Issue 109


Image: The Guardian 

14 February 2020 [BROK] 
Australia’s Bushfires: The Crisis Ravaging the Country
The sky is blood red. Sirens are wailing. Buildings are shrouded in a heavy, grey haze. Gas bottles are exploding like bombs. The wind is hot and swirling. The flames are huge and roaring. Faces are covered by P2 masks. Dirt and ash are raining from the sky. The landscape is deserted and charred. Read more. 

10 February 2020 [WLA]
How to create a winning awards submission
There are numerous local, country and international landscape architecture Awards that are currently open for submissions including the annual WLA Awards (closing March 6). This is a guide on how to create the best submission that may win you a landscape architecture awardRead more

6 February 2020  [Architecture Design] 
Australia’s climate change action is green
With Australia having its warmest and driest year, and for the world, its second warmest year on record, experts say inaction on climate change is detrimental to the liveability of our cities. Read more. 

6 February 2020   [Architecture Design] 
National Indigenous landscape architecture award announced
Arcadia Landscape Architecture has announced the National Arcadia Landscape Architecture Award for Indigenous Students (NALAAIS), an expansion of the Arcadia Landscape Architecture Indigenous Scholarship established with the UNSW School of the Built Environment in 2016. Read more.  

4 February 2020  [WLA]
Meet the 2020 WLA Awards Jury
World Landscape Architecture is very proud to have eight jurors join the jury for the 2020 WLA Awards. Read more. 

3 February 2020 [Architecture and Design]
As cities grow, the Internet of Things can help us get on top of the waste crisis
Total global waste is expected to double from nearly 2 billion tonnes in 2016 to an estimated 4 billion tonnes by 2050 as consumer-oriented urban populations grow. Read more. 

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