LA in the Media - Issue 111


PHOTO: Malop Street Green Spine (Outlines Landscape Architecture)

02 March 2020 [Landscape Australia] 

Council's green spine modification could cost it award 
The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects will consider whether a Landscape Architecture Award given in recognition of a green spine project in 2019 continues to be appropriate in light of the council’s decision to modify the project. Read more. 

03 March 2020 [Mirage News]
Transmission line to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more reliable power supply
Investing in green infrastructure is critical to protecting the environment, improving people’s lives and creating sustainable economic growth.. Read more

08 March 2020 [Cairns Post]
Time Is Now: Why this is such an important issue for Australia 
The bushfires that devastated our country this summer made headlines across the world. Read more

09 March 2020 [Cairns Post]
The big impact of a small number- what 2C of warming actually looks like
On its own, the number two doesn’t seem overly significant or much to worry about, but in the context of degrees, it could change every aspect of life. Read more

09 March 2020 []
The not-so-obvious things ordinary Aussies can do to combat climate change 
When it comes to things we can do to help combat climate change, most of us are aware of the obvious things like not using single-use plastics and taking public transport where possible. Read more.

10 March 2020[The Conversation] 
We're innovative when housing bushfire victims. Why not all the homeless
With more than 3,500 homes destroyed by disastrous bushfires, the willingness of government and community to work together to find ways to house people has been heartwarming. Read more. 

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