LA in the Media - Issue 113


Cycling is emerging as the best way to get around during the pandemic. Image: Mitchell Luo

9 April 2020 [Landscape Australia]
Jocelyn Chiew appointed director City Design at City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne has appointed Jocelyn Chiew as its new director City Design and City Design Studio. Read more. 

9 April 2020 [Foreground]
Trans-species health: An aesthetic responsibility
Our human-centred societies have led to human-induced climate change, endangering the health of the planet. Claire Martin argues it’s time for designers to start looking outwards, to take a trans-species approach. Read more. 

6 April 2020 [Landscape Australia]
AILA reveals results of first COVID-19 survey
The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has released the results of its first “member health check” survey of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australian landscape architecture practices. Read more. 

2 April 2020 [Outdoor Design Source]
Street Furniture Australia invited nine women who work in landscaping, each at different stages of life and career, to an International Women’s Day round table and lunch to discuss this year’s theme, #EachForEqual. Read more. 

2 April 2020 [RACV]
Why we need to make Melbourne a greener city
Make Melbourne green again. Here's why we need more urban parks and gardens. Read more. 

31 March 2020 [Foreground]
As COVID-19 bites, this ‘freedom machine’ is enjoying a resurgence
With cities escalating their COVID-19 responses and closing down parks, gyms and recreation centres, one form of mobility is coming into its own: cycling. Read more. 

30 March 2020 [World Landscape Architecture]
Parks are key to maintaining mental health
Parks and open space provide a public amenity for all and the access to open space is key to the physical and mental health of citizens, especially true during a health crisis when people are feeling anxiety and stress. Read more. 

30 March 2020 [World Landscape Architecture]
Governments need to create environmental public works programs to give people new hope
In my first article in this series about COVID-19 (Is density to blame?), I outlined that this is my attempt to try to absorb and process what is occurring across the globe. Read more. 

30 March 2020 [Homes to Love]
13 compact landscape design ideas for small gardens
These petite projects showcase the potential of small-scale spaces. Read more

27 March 2020 [World Landscape Architecture]
Working from Home with children
After I recently published the Work from Home tips, I received a few requests for tips for those working from home with children. There are many landscape architects who have families with varying situations such as a single parent, a partner working in essential services, two working parents and so on. Read more

26 March 20250 [Terra Daily]
Scientists identify best trees for fighting roadside pollution

A pair of scientists in Britain have developed a new framework for selecting the best trees for fighting roadside air pollution. Read more

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