LA in the Media - Issue 115

    Planning Minister Rob Stokes says the volume of people taking to open-air exercise has highlighted the lack of appropriate space.
Credit: Steven Siewert

7 May 2020 [The Riotact]
Call for more attention to streetscapes and green spaces post-COVID-19
A community council is calling on the ACT Government to commit to ongoing investment in streetscapes and green spaces across Canberra, with the COVID-19 shutdown highlighting just how important they are to the community’s health and wellbeing. Read more. 

7 May 2020 [Australian News Daily Bulletin] 
Why it doesn't make economic sense to ignore climate change in our recovery from the pandemic
It will be tempting for some to overlook the climate change challenge in the rush to restart the economy after the pandemic. Read more. 

7 May 2020 [WAtoday]
More cycleways, streets to shut, footpaths widened under NSW's COVID-19 plan
Local councils will be encouraged to widen walkways, close roads and create new cycle paths under a new state government scheme designed to accommodate greater use of public outdoor space. Read more. 

6 May 2020 [World Landscape Architecture]
How will our cities change after COVID-19?
There are many things that pre-COVID-19 that we took as “normal” such as going into the office every day, travelling on public transport, eating lunch out and shopping late. Read more. 

6 May 2020 [The Conversation]
The PM wants to fast-track mega-projects for pandemic recovery. Here’s why that’s a bad idea
Our governments are committing taxpayers to further debt as part of a planned recovery from the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Infrastructure spending is great for economic stimulus, but it has to be the right kind of infrastructure. Read more. 

5 May 2020 [ABC]
What will our cities and urban spaces look like after COVID-19?
There can be no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has had a startling effect on the way we move in public spaces-those images of major metropolises like London and New York denuded of crowds have been startling. Read more. 

2 May 2020 [The Sydney Morning Herald]
Rush to parks, cycleways during shutdown reveals Sydney's great divide
Stitching together a patchwork of small parks, cycleways and pedestrian paths will help close the divide between the Sydney suburbs lacking green space and those with large parklands, experts say. Read more. 

30 April 2020 [Landscape Australia]
Park at Queen’s Wharf Brisbane underway
The cement base has been poured for a new 6,500 square metre park that will extend out over the Brisbane River at the mammoth Queen’s Wharf development in Brisbane. Read more. 

29 April 2020 [World Landscape Architect]
Shortlist announced for the 2020 WLA Awards
The 2020 WLA Awards received over 230 entries from across the world including the USA, China, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Netherlands and many more. Read more. 

29 April 2020 [Urban Forum]
Increasing the resilience of outer urban areas
First the drought, then bushfires and then flash floods: a chain of extreme events hit Australia hard in recent months. Read more. 

28 April 2020 [Architecture AU]
NSW government to fast track 24 major projects
Twenty-four major projects in New South Wales will have their fate decided within four weeks after the state government announced it would fast-track its assessment process to boost the economy amid the COVID-19 crisis. Read more. 

27 April 2020 [Australian News Daily Bulletin]
Drought, fire and flood: how outer urban areas can manage the emergency while reducing future risks
First the drought, then bushfires and then flash floods: a chain of extreme events hit Australia hard in recent months. The coronavirus pandemic has only temporarily shifted our attention towards a new emergency, adding yet another risk. Read more. 

26 April 2020 [Landscape Australia]
Maintaining gestures: Rosny Park
Three decades after the completion of Hobart’s Rosny Park development, its landscape illustrates how projects evolve in response to maintenance regimes and changing values. Read more. 

26 April 2020 [Landscape Australia]
Design for nature 
In an era of ecological collapse, a series of projects in the United States is placing nature centre stage. Read more. 

21 April 2020 [Water Sensitive Cities]
Inner West Council releases guidelines for green roofs, walls and facades

City cooling is one of the most important issues on the water sensitive cities agenda. Read more. 

9 April 2020 [Government News]
Urban planning in a post-pandemic world

Urban living in a post-pandemic world will be more local, compact, pedestrian-friendly and connected, according to a leading urban planner. Read more. 

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