LA in the Media - Issue 128

25 November 2020 [Architecture & Design] 
Rooftop gardens: taking green spaces to new heights
Rooftop gardens or sky gardens are becoming an increasingly common fixture on the roofs of buildings around the world. While they might seem like just a luxury on the surface, these sky-high landscapes are more essential to the community than what first meets the eye. Read more.

November 2020 [Illawarra Mercury] 
An exciting merger for more benefits
An exciting development for Ochre Landscape Architects and its long-term future is joining the dsb Landscape Architects organisation on September 18, 2020. Read more.

25 November 2020 [The Hotel Conversation] 
High-end luxury resort opportunity in North-West Tasmania - LSV Hotels
An opportunity to come on as a joint venture partner for high-end luxury resort on the North-West region of Tasmania is now available via Expressions of Interest by Private Negotiation. Read more.

24 November 2020 [MSN] 
Jaw-dropping megaprojects that could have changed the world

Sir Christopher Wren's Master Plan, London, UK. Inspired by the splendid boulevards and buildings of Paris, genius architect Sir Christopher Wren conceived a grand, orderly and symmetrical redevelopment plan for London following the Great Fire of 1666. But it wasn't meant to be. Read more.

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