LA in the Media - Issue 131

28 February 2021 [MPAVILION]
MTALKS Seeding Ecosystem Corridors and Nodes
Featuring: Jasmine Ong, AILA National Director
The Biodiversity Emergency is intricately entangled in the Climate Emergency, and the built environment has significantly contributed to and exacerbated both crises. READ MORE →

20 December 2020 [Sydney Morning Herald]
Good news for gardeners: minimal effort can grow a long way

Landscape architect Michael Wright doesn't believe in doing things the hard way. He describes his gardening philosophy as one of “resisting taking action”. He is not the sort to expressly make compost, let alone to pinch out laterals on his tomatoes. He is not big on tree pruning and has no truck with excessive manicuring. “I ask myself, what little can I do?” Wright says. READ MORE →


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