LA in the Media - Issue 60

West End State School (WESS) Environment Club students joined members of Kurilpa Futures (KF) in a collaboration to ‘green the verge’ in the Hardgrave Rd Greening Project (Image: Westender)

18 September 2017 [Project Connect]

New Boer War Memorial captures the emergence of mateship and heroism amidst the harsh conditions and suffering of war

Designed by GroupGSA in conjunction with public artist Jane Cavanough and Sculptures created by Louis Laumen, the memorial commemorates the nearly 23,000 adventurous young Australian men, 60 nurses and 40,000 horses who answered Britain’s call to fight the South African Boers in 1899 – and forged a new national identity. Read more.

19 September 2017 [Architecture & Design]

Greening the workplace

Huge amounts of time, money and effort have been poured into perfecting green office design, off the back of growing recognition of the positive impact such environments have on workers’ wellbeing. Read more.

18 September 2017 [Australian News Daily Bulletin]

More than just drains: recreating living streams through the suburbs

Lot sizes and backyards are shrinking in Australia at the same time as building density is increasing. So we cannot afford to overlook the potential of existing – but neglected – spaces in our suburbs, like drains. Read more.