LA in the Media - Issue 91

Ian Oelrichs, former national president of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. Image: Sydney Morning Herald

9 March 2019 [MyStyleNews]

Melbourne Design Week’s explosive ideas for 21st-century urban living

With its imposing two-metre-high bluestone perimeter walls, Jack's Magazine on the Maribyrnong River resembles Pentridge Prison. But Pentridge's walls were designed to keep people in. Read more.

8 March 2019 [Foreground]

Venus and the Pleiades: A reflection on women in landscape architecture

Almost seven years ago, landscape architect Hilary Hamnett reflected on her career and the influential yet understated history of some key women in the profession. Delivered as part of Adelaide’s ‘Women with a Plan’ forum, Hamnett offers a deeply felt message for International Women’s Day. Read more.

7 March 2019 [RMIT]
Women leading the way in architecture

Clare Cousins, National President of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), Amy Muir, Victorian Chapter President of the AIA and RMIT Architecture tutor, and Jill Garner, Victorian Government Architect are all award-winning practitioners and key voices in debates around the direction of our cities and the health of our built environment. Read more.

6 March 2019 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Ian Oelrichs, landscape architect made world a better looking place

Whenever Ian Oelrichs' young sons were asked what their dad did for a job they were stumped for an answer. The former managing director of planning and site design giant EDAW Australia and national president of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects “just made up his career as he went along”, according to his wife, Claire. Read more.

6 March 2019 []
5 of Melbourne’s environmentally conscious new-development highlights
As Melbourne's population continues to skyrocket, Australia’s top architects are coming up with environmentally conscious solutions to meet demand, while maintaining the city’s famously high standard of living. Read more.

4 March 2019 [HASSELL]
HASSELL Travelling Scholarship awarded to Jared Thorp

HASSELL has announced Jared Thorp, graduate of the Queensland University of Technology’s Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture), as the winner of the 2019 HASSELL Travelling Scholarship – Robin Edmond Award. Read more.

1 March 2019 [The Real Estate Conversation]

Equestrian oasis in the heart of Sydney

With approx. 5 acres of near level lawns, award-winning gardens, and world class equine facilities, this Duffys Forest property offers one of Sydney’s finest lifestyle estates. Read more.

26 February 2019 [The Fifth Estate]

Playtime returns to its roots with Gosford’s new “wild play” park

There’s unlikely to be any brightly-coloured plastic slippery dips at the new nature-inspired park to be built on the Leagues Club Field site in the NSW city of Gosford. Read more.

25 February 2019 [NT News]
Lot Fourteen will have its own retail street, as the transformation of the former RAH site heats up

Lot Fourteen will have its own “retail street” to support economic activity on the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site. Read more.

22 February 2019 [Architecture & Design]
Redesigning a much-loved community space

The architects’ relationship with the Eltham North community began 25 years ago, when they designed the original playground that tragically burned down in 2017. This project is a contemporary reinvention of the original playground that retains the ability to serve as a place for the whole community to gather. Read more.

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